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Things to Do in Africa

Tour Africa to learn myriad of travel destinations of your choice
Africa Tourism

Rated 3.8/5 (based on 10 reviews)

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Dec - Feb


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Wildlife safari Wildlife Nature

Things to Do in Africa

Africa is the world’s second largest and second-most-populous continent. It is a planet for wildlife, wild lands and rich traditions. From tropical rain forest and glorious tropical coast line of central Africa to the rippling dunes of Namib Desert, from the savannah of the Serengeti to jagged mountains, green tinged highlands and deep- canyons – you can find everything on this big beautiful continent. Table Mountain in Africa is an adrenaline pumping abseiling trip where you can take unparalleled view of the city. Iconic Victoria Falls located in southern Africa located by border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

There are so many adventurous activities like white water rafting or bungee jumping. Uganda and Ethiopia offers First Class River rafting. Namibia is known for its Sand boarding and 4x4 adventures. You can Scuba dive in Red sea or snorkel alongside Madagascar. Africa is home to some pretty awesome beaches like Zanzibar, Lamu, Mauritius etc. with clear turquoise blue waters. These are some adventurous things to do in Africa.

Africa is a wonderful destination for hiking and trekking opportunities. The obvious choices for mountain enthusiasts are Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya and Morocco’s Atlas Mountain. If you don’t feel the urge to conquer mountain but love to walk, excellent hikes include the famous walking safaris in Zambia’s south Luangwa National park. Garden route is also one of top tourist attraction in Africa. It is a 300km stretch of the south western coast of South Africa which extends from Mosel Bay in the Western Cape to Storm River in Eastern Cape.

Jungle safari is one of the main reasons people travel to Africa. East and Southern Africa are most popular safari destinations. Visiting markets and bazaars in Africa is a wonderful way to see local artisans at work while simultaneously getting an authentic insight into city’s culture and food. One of the popular things to do in Africa at night is Night Safari. It is a popular and good way to see various types of animals which are nocturnal and only venture out after hours. Some of the animals you would see usually see out on your night drive include Hippo, rhino, running Zebra, Giraffe, Wild beast or even a lion on the hunt. Don’t miss your opportunity to try delicious African food in between your journey. Enjoy your trip in Africa mixed with adventure, natural beauty, wildlife, shopping, and delicious food.

As per the tourist information of Africa, there are many interesting things to do in Africa. One can trek in South Africa's Drakensberg Mountains, Uganda's Rwenzori Mountains and Ethiopia's Simien Mountains. Uganda and Ethiopia is great for rafting while Senegal is known for surfing. You can also scuba dive in Red Sea or snorkel along whales in Madagascar. Skiing or snowboarding can be carried out in the Morocco's Atlas Mountain peak.


Enjoy a sunny day at the beach today
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Explore the Beaches in Mauritius

The pristine landscape calls for tourists from various parts of the world to come and explore the beaches in Mauritius scattered majestically over a stretch of 330kms. The beauty of the astonishing lagoons accentuated with panoramic coral reef happens to be the most ravishing treat to the onlooker's eyes. Mauritius has also...

Beach Nature Seashore Watersports
	Enjoy the unique watersports in Mauritius
View Details

Try Unique Water Sports in Mauritius

Mauritius has a lot in store to quench the thirst for some thrill and chill down the spine.

  • Scuba Diving

Known as the most crowd-pleasing watersport of the island, scuba diving has everything to satisfy an adventurer’s appetite. Get enchanted with the varied species of marine life and dive into the blue-green wat...

Adventure Watersports Nature
	Watch one of the most beautiful wonders of nature
View Details

Explore Chamarel in Mauritius

The Mauritian Island is famous for luring its visitors to the unbelievable beauty of the Chamarel on its western coast. The enticing charm of the seven colors dyeing the soil is indeed a sight no one wants to miss in the lap of the pious nature. A living silhouette of the rainbow sticking down the feet is what pulls the tou...

Adventure Sightseeing Nature
	Enjoy a great time sampling snacks
View Details

Try Street Food in Mauritius

Enjoy lip-smacking delicacies at every nook and corner of Mauritius. Following is a list of few toothsome dishes which successfully surface the traditional tastes of Mauritius:

  • Dhal Puri/ Dholl Puri

Topping the charts of must-try street foods in Mauritius, Dholl Puri is a dish which can be easily found often in th...

Adventure Local market Local food
	Visit the tea plantations of Mauritius
View Details

Visit Tea Plantations in Mauritius

A day tour amidst the tea plantations in Mauritius can be a unique experience to have on a vacation. Every row of tiny plantlets seems like an array of letters that define the significance of tea production in the secluded island. Several museums have also been established to enlighten the visitors with the age-old traditio...

Tea gardens Nature Sightseeing
	Enjoy your sip of paradise
View Details

Relish Mauritian Rum

Visiting the island of Mauritius has ecstatically topped many bucket lists, but savoring on the Mauritian rum has even outreached some more. Hence, get over the Caribbean and acknowledge the beauty of traditional rum derived from the raw canes in the most eco-friendly way till date. Besides the posh resorts and extravagant ...

Unlimited Fun Local food
	Walk across the beautiful sugarcane fields
View Details

Walk through sugarcane fields in inland Mauritius

Probably the first thing that rules the minds of people while thinking about Mauritius is a walk through sugarcane fields in inland Mauritius. Vast stretches of sugarcane are cultivated on miles of land that provide a spectacular backdrop gasping behind the turquoise colored water and diamond-white sand. Sugarcane cultivati...

Nature Walk Sightseeing Nature

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FAQ's of Africa

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

What is the best time to travel to Africa?

While countries like Morocco or Egypt in northern Africa should be visited in the winter season, southern Africa should be visited in summer—when game viewing is at its best.

Is it safe to travel to Africa?

Avoid traveling to countries with political issues or civilian unrest. Follow news updates and get travel insurance before visiting the continent. 

What are the major travel destinations in Africa?

Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius, and Namibia are popular countries to visit in Africa.

What sort of accommodation options can I expect in Africa?

Depending on your destination, your options may vary. For instance, it’s easier to find a five or four-star resort in a city than in the Sahara Desert. 

Will I have any trouble communicating in English in Africa?

The language difference is hardly an issue in African countries. One may encounter language barriers in remote places like game reserves.