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Dholavira in Kutch

The excavation site for Harappan Cilvilization, this is as archaeologically good as it gets
Dholavira In Kutch

Rated 4.3/5 (based on 190 reviews)

About Dholavira in Kutch

The Indus Valley civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, as told by our history books. The civilisation was formed around the area fertilised by the Indus River and its tributaries. Archaeologist and historian have had an ongoing love affair with this period in history and periodical finds of sites of this erstwhile civilisation have only fuelled this interest.

One of the five greatest sites

Dholavira is the site of one such finding. Located in the Khadir Bet Island of Kutch, the site was discovered by archaeologist J P Joshi in 1967. The Archaeological survey of India took over the work on the site in 1990. This is considered the second largest dig site for what is also called the Harappan civilisation. Dholavira is also the second site after Lothal, another Harappa site, to have all the marking of the rise and fall of the civilisation from 2900 BC to 1500 BC.

A unique town….

This site is rather unique, as the inhabitants set the town up in the Great Rann of Kutch. The rather modern features such as water conservation, especially in an arid region, and the sign board systems in the Indus script, all talk about the intelligence of the civilisation. The site bears the distinct marking of the rise and fall of the town. Once the decline started, the town seems to have been abandoned. The citizens then returned after a time but only to lead very simple lives,

… Along a beautiful route…

The journey to Dholavira also known as Kotada or large fort is rather beautiful. Spread over a semi-arid land set on an island, it retains a beauty, which is ethereal. Chinkara and nilgai roam the lands in the midst of flamingos and other migratory birds.

.. And an interesting story…

Excavation of the site has led to some very interesting discoveries. Artefacts found have proven that Dholavira was an important trade hub between Gujarat, Sindh, Punjab and the Middle East. Satellite pictures have also shown the making of a giant reservoir, which harvest the rainwater and an intricate water system, which was the artery of the town. There is also evidence of an underground drainage system.

Seals, gold and silver coins, terracotta ornament, pottery and bronze vessels and other finding bear testimony to the grandeur of the time. Indus script inscription tablets, though still not deciphered, also tell the intelligence of the times.

…. With a sad ending!

As for the rise, the fall of the civilisation is also marked. The returning settlers chose a simpler lifestyle and their houses and implements were simpler. A visit to Dholavira is an insight into the civilisation that was. It is an experience to be cherished indeed.


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FAQ's of Kutch

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Can I drink alcohol in Gujarat?

Gujarat is renowned for being a dry state, meaning alcohol is banned in the state. It is not advised for travellers to purchase liquor illegally in Gujarat. However, there are some designated high-end hotels that sell alcohol to permit holders. A permit can be acquired from the officials by showing a valid identity proof. Non-Indians can also purchase a 30-day permit to buy alcohol in Gujarat.

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