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Thailand is also often called the “Land of Surprise” because of its beautiful and astonishing facts. It features big towns and lavish cities such as Bangkok and Pattaya. Pattaya being the most visited destination in Thailand houses a wide variety of hotels suiting needs to every traveler visiting the city. Also called “Tappaya” in previous times, the city has many beaches and it is one of the major diving suites in Thailand. By visiting this location, one can spend at a good relaxing and quality time in the serene waters. These water bodies are also famed for shipwrecks too. Apart from the islands, Pattaya also provides the best nightlife for all the party animals to forget their worries and get into the joy of the nightlife od Pattaya. The city also has vast golf courses as an added luxury to the travelers. Pattaya is a land of diverse traditions, islands, mountains, and much more. Itt is also a city with diverse hotels too. These hotels provide customers with all the amenities. So, one must make this trip another unforgettable experience by reserving 5 star hotels in Pattaya near walking street.

Special Experiences

There are several special experiences provided by 5 star hotels in Pattaya near walking street. The hotels offer customers and guests with Thai massage sessions, steam baths, sauna baths, and bubble baths. They also have facial treatments and saloons incorporated too. The hotels also provide customers with Jacuzzi experience in their heated pools. These pools come in vast design, depth, and inbuilt music systems. Apart from this main swimming pool in the hotel, there are mini-pools that are 4m in depth located inside the rooms as well. Other special experiences include dining alongside pools and dining under the stars. For instance, the Hilton Hotel at Pattaya is renowned for its beachfront experiences and scenic views that it offers for the tourists.


The 5 star hotels in Pattaya near walking street are also known for a wide range of facilities too. The rooms at the hotels can be changed to a higher level or as the guest prefers. The rooms are provided with entertainment facilities such as television, personal desktop, and music and sound systems. They are also provided with cosmetics which include creams and moisturizes, and bathroom essentials which include robes, towels, slippers, shaving kit, and much more. The hotels also have 24-hour long facilities which include internet connectivity which is wireless fidelity, reception service, transport, dining, swimming pool, healthcare, and telephone. For instance, the Grand Palazzo Hotel is known for its excellent staff and housekeeping service. They also provide a complimentary breakfast with a variety of options. 5 star hotels in Pattaya near walking street also feature a well maintained fitness centre for the guests who don’t want to miss their fintness regime even while traveling.


The food served at the 5 star hotels in Pattaya near walking street is mouthwatering and delicious. The food is prepared by cooking experts who are well-known to give the guests a homely feel as they savour the taste. They do not just mix special ingredients, recipes, but they also make it food with love and discipline which makes the guest’s dining experience the best. The menu is fixed but can be modified as well as per the customers’ requirements. The dining experience comes with starters, main course, dessert, and drinks. There are also separate bars where one can chill and sip on alcohols. The Mytt Beach Hotel is a lovely hotel that is famed for its buffet restaurant that offers loads of dishes.


Q1. Is the western type of food available at hotels in Thailand?
A. Yes, western type of food is available in Thailand.

Q2. Is a visa needed to travel to Thailand?
A. Yes, travelers need a visa to travel to Thailand.

Q3. What are the transport facilities available by 5 star hotels in Pattaya near walking street?
A. The transport available at Pattaya include train, bus, car, and ferry.

Q4. Is Pattaya safe to visit with family?
A. Yes, Pattaya is completely safe to visit with family. However, it is necessary to be aware of the surrounding as small crimes keep occurring.

Q5. What kind of weather is there in Thailand?
A. The weather in Thailand is generally dry with not much rain.

One can shape their mini-vacation into a grand one by accommodating at the 5 star hotels in Pattaya near walking street. These hotels are reputed for their lavish, comfortable, and high-end experiences. The hotels come in various styles and types, hence providing customers with several options to choose from. The hotels also have spectacular staff who hold masters in hotel management. The hotel also has kitchen staff who are culinary art experts. One can get to taste an uncountable number of dishes throughout the stay at various restaurant, the private area dining alongside the pool, and much more. Also get to eat comfort food and sip on cocktails at bars and lunges too. Apart from great tastes, the hotels also have great facilities. The rooms are furnished and fitted with essentials. The customers and guests throughout the stay can avail special experiences such as massage sessions, steam baths, sauna baths, bubble baths, and facials. The 5 star hotels in Pattaya near walking street strive best to provide their guests with the best of their time.

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