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    Dubai being one of the hottest regions is a favourite tourist destination for most individuals. The city has it all, the beach, the desert, the sightseeing, the shopping and the nightlife. Not only has the city grown drastically in the past few years, it still is growing at a rapid rate.The Dubai Marina refers to an artificial canal city. Due to its proximity to the sea, there are many instances of marine wildlife such as fishes and even sharks entering the canal. The Dubai Marina beach hotel can true enrich one’s holiday in Dubai.
    One can find various budget Dubai Marina beach hotels to suit their needs. From well-known five stars such as intercontinental to budget hotels, there’s something for everyone to suit their needs. One can find apartments on rent as well. Many of the Dubai Marina beach hotels are along the canal and provide a view of the canal from the rooms.

    Special Experiences

    Various Dubai Marina beach hotels are either 1 to 10 minutes walking distance from Marina beach and located along the canal. The hotels such as Marina Beach Resort, have beach fronts that can be accessed from the hotel. The hotels have wellness specialties to suit one’s needs and to ensure an enriching experience. Hotels are near the Dubai Marina Mall, Jumeirah Beach Residence Tram Station, the yacht club, etc. These hotels offer services that one cannot help but indulge. From swimming in the pool to play games and activities with family and friends. The hotels also have a nightlife with a live DJ like Grosvenor house hotel. They organise tours, ATM on the premise, Breakfast served in the rooms, etc. The Address Dubai offers steam and sauna services. Dubai Marina beach hotels offer other relaxing facilities such as head massage, body massage and hair services to rest the soul.


    The Dubai Marina beach hotels offer all the necessary facilities that are expected in any renowned hotel. These services include comfortable rooms, cosy beds, bathrooms, Wifi over the premise, etc. The hotels offer airport shuttles and some like Grosvenor house hotel offer parking. The hotel staff is welcoming and speak in English. There are different room choices one can opt for, from single occupancy to suits. Some Dubai Marina beach hotels have private beach areas, live music, bike rentals, etc. that enrich the holiday experience for tourists. One can go swimming in the gorgeous pools in the hotels such as the Dubai Marine Beach Resort. If one needs help to get around the city or wants to have experiences outside the hotel, the 24 hours help desk are always ready to assist the guests. The Dubai Marina beach hotels offer shuttle services to the airport and have facilities such as kettle, fridges, coffees, etc. in the rooms.


    The Dubai Marina beach hotels have many options to choose from when it comes to dining. The hotels have many restaurants on the premise enriching the dining experience for the guests. The cuisine ranges from Arabic food to international specialities with cooks from all over the world. Various Dubai Marina beach hotels also have different specialty restaurants. The Dubai Marine Beach Resort has 13 restaurants on the site, including a coffee shop and a Japanese restaurant. The restaurants also serve alcohol. Hotels have bars offering nightlife as well as the alcohol to get the feet moving all night long. Dubai Marina beach hotels usually have breakfast included in the room charges, and many serve the food to the room.


    Q1. Are the wellness experiences such as sauna or steam complimentary?

    A. That depends on the package the guest chooses while booking the room. One can select a package with the services. If not then the hotel may charge an additional fee. However one must confirm with the hotel before booking.

    Q2. Do the hotels have their private beaches?

    A. Many of the hotels have access to the beach front while some have a section reserved only for the guests.

    Q3. Do the hotels have childcare facilities?

    A. Hotels have children activity rooms as well as gardens and playgrounds that can be utilised. Many hotels have for kids as well. Some have services such as, but that may be chargeable. One should check with the hotel before making reservations.

    Q4. Do the hotels offer airport facilities?

    A. The hotels offer airport shuttles. One should confirm whether they are chargeable.

    Q5. What transportation the hotels arrange for use in Dubai?

    A. Walking around is not advisable because of the sweltering climate. There are various public transports available such as buses, trams, ferry, and one can book a private taxi. Some hotels have transportation that can be used by the guests. One should check with the hotel.

    The Dubai Marina beach hotels make the holiday a memorable, enriching as well as relaxing experience. It has everything one could wish for from close access to the beach to the mall to a relaxing day at the hotel spa. The hotel experience on Marina beach is genuinely one to make one want never to leave. A vast majority of the hotels are either near the beach or on the promenade ensuring that all rooms have a gorgeous view. Some popular hotels are Dubai Marine Beach Resort, Grosvenor house hotel, The Address Dubai to name a few.

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