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Patong is the beach-region on the west coast of Phuket and has become the main center of attraction in the city of Phuket. Patong is a very popular place for those budding romances, escapades, but most of the business is made from family packages or honeymoon packages, with the setting being the perfect one for such events of benevolence and love.Although there are both reasonably priced hotels and the expensive lot, each Patong Resort Phuket will certainly appeal n a way no other place would. Some of the best holiday resorts are in Patong and Thailand and every Patong Resort Phuket is certainly aplenty. For starters, there is the Amari Phuket Resort, which is reasonably priced for the facilities available there. This resort has a very nice theme that will suit any holiday plan. Some great memories can be made here. Speaking of themes and designs, up next is the Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort. Tailor-made for beach lovers who like spending time by the sea, this could turn out to be the best trip ever. For a true beach-side experience, Impiana Resort Phuket is a customary must-see option.

Special Experiences

Trips abroad are made for a particular reason, it’s to enjoy benefits and avail services and quality that is not seen in our country. So it’s only obvious that the facilities in Patong Resorts are world-class and don’t leave any stone unturned in making sure their customers are satisfied with the service on hand and the views on offer. Resorts by the beach are often picked by families to enjoy nature at its best as well as take some amazing family pictures. Same is the case with honeymoon shoots, as such destinations are preferred over others. Watersport adventures are a big trend here and do not miss out on the favorite adrenalin-rush imbibing sports that will leave one enthralled and have the guests on toes for the same fact that Thailand is simply just an amazing place to visit. None of the Patong Resort Phuket doesn’t fail to live up to the expectations of the customers.


The facilities on offer here are nothing short of extraordinary, with any department for that matter. Because it’s Thailand and the country has developed into one of the most beautiful countries in the world, at least for the ambiance at resorts and other such lavish build-ups, the facilities are unfailing and certainly do their very best to give the experience travelers need to make the trip a true success. The Massages and Spa services in Patong are said to be divine and just excellently well planned and executed, so don’t miss the opportunity to release all the stress and toxins that the muscles have if one has worked very hard in life. Indoor and outdoor jacuzzis are also a craze here, as the climate is just perfect to relax in a large tub full of warm water that sizzles on and gives that feeling of relaxation.

Patong Resort Phuket certainly doesn’t lack any of the facilities that are expected of them, so travelers seldom find complaints and reports of any injustice or bad remarks against the resorts. As one would consume a lot of alcohol on such trips, most resorts give good shuttling services around the city, besides that travel isn’t easy in such places. The resorts should have referrals for car rentals too, so that’s one thing checked off to be at leisure and enjoy the party atmosphere as the nightlife is just scintillating. Making good friends with the staff at every Patong Resort Phuket is something that is recommendable to each traveler, as that would immensely help one with getting around the most famous places to visit around the city.


If the resorts don’t complete their experience with fine dining services, then it will just be a sore blow and a dull experience. To ensure this, each of the Patong Resort Phuket have excellent chefs that work day-in and day-out to ensure fine, world-class service to their customers, who after a long day at the beach, would like some sizzling hot food to go with their alcohol, which is also served in abundance here, with the other facilities of bar by the beach, while pool bars are also available. There are also mini-bars in the hotel room to make sure one is always inebriated and for those who are inebriated and unable to drive, the shuttle service will do just fine. Thai food definitely comes in at the top spot in priorities of the to-do list in Thailand, but for those who are unable to cope with Thai food and just cannot take it, there are other world-class multi-cuisine opportunities that the guests could check out. The chefs here are always working on improving their menu to give their customers a fine Wine n’ Dine experience, which they shall never forget. The customer service here is brilliant, with friendly staff that are always willing to help one out.


Q1. Where to stay in Patong?
A. The three best areas to stay in Krabi would be around Central Patong, Bangla Beach, North of Patong.

Q2. When to venture into Patong?
A. During December – February, one can experience the moderate winter weather and also the beginning of the summer.

Q3. Which hotels are closest to the airport in Thailand?
A. Since it is a part of Phuket, the hotels are very accessible from Phuket Airport, with airport
transit service now available at resorts, it’s an easier task.

Q4. Is it recommendable to eat outside or are the resort restaurants any good?
A. Well, the resorts have good food service that will tantalize their taste buds, so there’s no
issue to worry about that.

Q5.Is there any Airport-transit service available at resorts?
A. Yes, they have excellent services.

Thailand has been ranked as one of the most visited countries in the world. This is due to the fact that there is a large increase in visits here since in the 1980’s, from people of Europa and the USA. It’s become a go-to place for tourism and that is its main hub these days. If anyone is planning a trip, then don’t hesitate to pick Thailand as the next visiting spot. Known for great holiday ambiance, thrilling adventures and even better facilities, the place won’t fail to amaze visitors. There are many world-class resorts and choosing one can always be a hard task on hand. But most of them are great and the choice really depends on the kind of facilities one is looking at.

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