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    Bulgaria is very well known for its beautiful porous beaches, which can differ from energetic and sports-expedited beach borders to soothe and luxurious campsites. The Sofia beaches beside the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria can be positioned in the resorts, far away from villages, or within the resorts, undergrounded from each thing but the sea. Doesn’t matter what type of visitor you are: adventure tourist, family tourist, or the typical sand, sun, and sea traveler, you will be delighted to notice that there is a broad assortment of beaches, which can acknowledge to your standards.

    9 Best Sofia beaches, Bulgaria

    A few of the beaches in Sofia Bulgaria offer the legendary conveniences such as sun-beds, parasols, barbeque restaurants, trampolines, bananas riding, bungee jumping, while others provide even more engaging sports such as surfing, parachuting above the sea, kiteboarding or diving.

    • Cacao Beach
    • Golden Sands Beach
    • Albena Beach
    • Dyuni Beach
    • Primorsko Beach
    • Golden Fish Beach
    • The Mouth Beach
    • Shkorpilovtsi Beach
    • Smokini Beach

    1. Cacao Beach In Sunny Beach Resort

    Cacao Beach in Sunny Beach Resort

    Image Source

    Cacao Beach is one of the best beaches in Sofia Bulgaria and must add it on your list! The beach tape of Sunny Beach is around 50 meters wide and more than 8 kilometers long. The sand is light, and at a few of the places, natural dunes have formed naturally — fresh water and smoothly sloping bottom of the sea. Bars, restaurants, and various sports facilities are at the disposal of the visitor. There are numerous possibilities for sports such as water skis, surfing, and parachutes, banana, and hang-gliding, sailing, paddle boats, yachts, scooters, cutters, beach volleyball, sports competitions for professionals and amateurs. Cacao Beach is also renowned for the magnificent DJ summertime parties, that are held each year during the summer season by the sea.

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    2. Golden Sands (Zlatni Pyasatci) Beach

    Golden Sands (Zlatni Pyasatci) Beach

    Image Source

    It is among the most popular beaches near Sofia Bulgaria with its long-drawn and far-flung finely sanded beach band. The title of the resort derived from the glittering golden sand, which blankets the beaches, extending 4 kilometers along the seaside. The beach is barely 17 kilometers away from the most prominent Black Sea town of Varna, and there are frequent buses to it. For its tiny and pure sands and the warm mineral springs, the resort is recognized as “The jewel of the Black Seaside of Bulgaria”. The beach volunteers many possibilities for enjoyment and is classic for family holidays with kids.

    3. Albena Beach

    Albena Beach

    Image Source

    It is a Blue Flag winning retreat, perfect for holidays with family and friends. It is positioned away from the city disturbances and is green and calm. The beach is around 500m far-flung and is fine-grained and pleasant. The bottom of the sea declines gradually like a little drift. It is a delicate spot for people, who are passionate to sunbathing, but attempt to circumvent the heats, as stretched as air heat in the summertime is about 25° Celcius, and there are typical light delightful winds from the seaside. There are various sports cheers: boat-driving banana riding, para-sailing, water skiing, beach volleyball, yachting, jets, surfing, underwater fishing, etc.

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    4. Dyuni Beach

    Dyuni Beach

    Image Source

    It is placed 40 meters south of the town of Bourgas and 7 kilometers to the south of Sozopol. The 4.5 kilometers long and around 100-meter broad beach is capped with natural sand dunes and fine golden sand. The beach is forested and hilly; the sea is calm and competent, with a progressively slanted bottom, allowing even little kids to throw into the water securely. It is among the best beaches in Sofia Bulgaria, its harbor is typically defended against northern winds, turning it a perfect place for all sorts of water sports competitions. From the spring start until the end of autumn the air bears the freakish perfume of both forest and sea. Dyuni Vacation Complex provides some swimming pools and seven tennis courts at the disposal of visitors.

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    5. Primorsko Beach In Primorsko

    Primorsko Beach in Primorsko

    Image Source

    This beach tape offers a glimpse of over 80 summer camps and holiday houses. The 10km porous beach is one of the most long-drawn on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. It is recognized for a spot favored by Bulgaria youths who arrive here and visit in a significant amount of hostels, rest homes, campgrounds, and student dorms. The sand is golden & elegant and the sea has a gritty bottom, warm and shallow. The major point of attraction for tourists is: going on a yacht cruise, a boat cruise, and underwater fishing.

    6. Golden Fish Beach

    Golden Fish Beach

    Image Source

    The beach is placed around 3 kilometers to the north of Sozopol, on the path to Bourgas. It is in actual the part of a camping spot, known as Zlatna Ribka (Golden Fish) and is often toured by surfers. The beach is long and broad sufficient and pretty mild compared to the other beaches nearby. There are charges for getting into the beach, parking fees, camping costs, and charge for tents. Charming place and lots of space across the beach. The neighboring Surf school provides rental of wind-surfs.One or two small eateries nearby provide soups and fast-food. Hot toilettes and showers are accessible at the camping. This beach is frequently for young adventuresses, camp lovers, students.

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    7. The Mouth Beach Near Sinemorets

    The Mouth Beach near Sinemorets

    Image Source

    Sinemorets is a small piece of heaven for those who are passionate about spending their vacation on areas full of waters, located on the Bulgarian south-eastern coast. Sinemorets is a fabulous resort community with a few of the best beaches near Sofia Bulgaria. This beach is cozy, enclosed by rugged hills and encompassed by fresh, green forests. The sand is bright, gorgeous and delicate, the sea water gallantly mild and clean. This beach is positioned in a broad open brook, where Veleka River passes. The beach is surprisingly impressive, but is not suitable for small children, as sometimes the sea becomes deep with huge waves.

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    8. Shkorpilovtsi Beach In Shkorpilovtsi

    Shkorpilovtsi Beach in Shkorpilovtsi

    Image Source

    It reclines around 42 kilometers to the south of Varna and approximately 30 kilometers north of Byala. The gravel tape in Shkorpilovtsi is 13 kilometers long and 100 meters broad, and it is the widest and longest sand strip at the Black Sea side of Bulgaria. It is equally charming to the visitors of any of the resorts there and to the fans of camping. The area is a perfect example of an ecologically clear and lean area with virgin and wild beaches.

    9. Smokini Beach, Near Sozopol

    Smokini Beach, near Sozopol

    Image Source

    It is another beautiful camping spot, placed 5 kilometers to the south of Sozopol Sea resort. If you are seeking for a lively evening, you can move to this campsite. The sand is clean and delicate; the sea water is mild and blue, but not perpetually calm, so beware of underwater currents and waves. This spot is a popular place for various families with motorhomes and caravans. Its Black Sea coast draws from north to south with a broad assortment of beaches, some famous for their parties, some family-friendly, and some entirely wild and isolated.

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    If you are planning for a summer vacation at a surprisingly affordable price and with a lot of things to enjoy. Bulgaria also has lots of gorgeous beaches and resorts along the seaside. The temperature in the summer reaches around 30-degree Celsius with loads of sunlight, so we have listed all the beautiful beaches in Sofia Bulgaria for enjoying an elegant experience! Unless you merely want a drink, you better book your tickets to Bulgaria for a relaxing holiday.

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