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About Subramanya

Lapped in the luxurious abundance of scenic beauty bestowed by Mother Nature, the village of Subramanya lies in theSullia Taluk in South Karnataka. The village is located on the banks of the river 'Kumaradhara'. Lord Subramanya Templeis located centrally in the village. The temple is surrounded by benevolent gifts of Nature such as roaring rivers,  lush green pastures and majestic mountains. Trekking and nature walk can be carried out at Subramanya.
Though there are innumerous temples to boast of, the main temple is that of Lord Subramanya accompanied by Snake God Vasuki. The temple is situated against the Kumara Parvatha hills and pilgrims and devotees coming to offer prayers have to cross theriver Kumaradhara and take a holy dip in it as well. As per mythological scriptures,  Lord Kumaraswamy arrived at this place after killing the demon rulers Taraka, Shoorapadmasura and others in a war; and Lord washed his Shakti Ayudha (a battle-axe) in this river. From that moment onwards, the river is known as Kumaradhara.  
Subramanya used to be called Kukke Pattana in the past. Sri Shankaracharya camped here during his Digvijaya(religious expedition) and termed this place as'Bhaje Kukke Lingam' in  'Subrahmanya Bhujangaprayata Stotram'. Consequently, Subramanya is a religious spot as well as an exquisite tourist spot.

Nearest rail head is Subramanya Road railway station which is 7 km from here on the Mangalore to Bangalore rail route. The nearest airport is Mangalore whichis 115 km away and Bangalore is the nearest International Airport which is 340 km away. KSRTC buses ply to and from many neighbouring cities to this area.

Biladwara Cave is a historic cave located on the way from the Lord Subramanya Temple to the Kumaradhara River in this area. As per Hindu Mythology, the Snake God Vasuki was seeking protection from Garuda in this cave and rendered itself self punishment. The cave has a natural entrance and the exit is about 10 m in length. One is permitted to go inside the cave and seek blessings of serpent God. The cave is highly enchanting and marvellous.
Kumara Parvatha is a splendid peak in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka with a height of 4000 ft. Ir provides a captivating sight of lights of SomwarpetTown and offers a picturesque background to the Subramanya Temple. The white stones on top of Kumara Parvatha are believed to be Shaligrams and Shivalingashaving 6 faces and are called Kumaralingas. It is an ideal spot for trekking.
Adi Subramanya is a shrine situated near the Subramanya Temple and houses a group of prehistoric anthills worshipped as Vasuki and Adisesha. The place is extremelybeautiful amidst fascinating scenic beauty. The prasad given is called 'mritika' which is believed to be a cure for skin ailments. As per mythology, Lord Brahma requested Lord Subramanya to make this place his abode. The worship is performed quite elaborately in this temple. This is a must watch for visitors.
Matsya, sacred thirtha, is a place where people take bath in order to dissove their bad karmas. It is located on the river Kumaradhara. A nearby attraction isSomnath Temple which attracts many devotees from all over.
Shringeri Mutt is a sacred city on the banks of river Tunga and is well known for Sri Sarada Samsthanam, founded by Adi Shankaracharya in the 7th century. A famous Vidyashankara Temple is known for its architectural marvel here.
Kukke Shri Subramanya Temple is located on the banks of river Kumaradhara and is dedicated to Lord Subramanya who is the presiding deity of this temple. The deities worshipped here are the serpent Vasuki and Lord Subramanya. A Garuda pillar with silver casing is positioned between the sanctuary and theportico which is constructed lately. It is assumed that the pillar was erected in order to protect people from poison emanating from serpent God Vasuki. Thipooyam is the chief festival in this temple which is attended by devotees from far and wide.
Vedavyasa Samputa Narasimha Temple, founded by Sri Madhavacharya, is situated on south eastern part of the temple of Subramanya.  Narasimha Jayanthi is the main festival here and attracts lots of devotees.

Trekking is one of the attractions here and there are some trekking trails in Kumara Parvata. Trek  atop the Kumara Parvatha which is 4000 ft above sea level  will take through dense green forest as well as some rocky terrain.