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      Sri Lanka

      Their romantic vacation was an incredible experience that changed their perception about the emerald island forever. On their 6 day romantic trip to Sri Lanka, Poulami and her husband felt awestruck by Read more

      Kandy, in the heart of Sri Lanka, is one of those places that leave lasting imprints on mind and soul of every passionate traveler. The city is detailed by mild chants of hymns, emblazoned with soothing charm, and nature's magical vibes. Whoever takes a trip to Sri Lanka is left deeply influenced by the refined charm and the best things to do in Kandy that result in a bounty of lasting memories. Read more

      "Our holiday in Sri Lanka proved to be a perfect romantic escapade for us. Serene, picturesque, and incredibly fascinating, Sri Lanka was a once in a lifetime experience!" Read more

      Who knew that just like the popular Bollywood flick ‘Queen’, even I would go on my honeymoon alone. The only difference, that I accepted it all quite sportingly. Read more

      The love for Ramayana and passion for travel is what lures a major section of Indian tourists in Sri Lanka. Read about the devotion and wanderlust that lead Ravi and his family to visit Sri Lanka and Read more

      An island so small, yet so diverse that it almost defies logic. Sandeep travels to Sri Lanka with his wife to find an abundance of Read more

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      Ranjeet wanted his honeymoon to have it all - so he decided to holiday both in Sri Lanka and Maldives. Elaborating on their experiences in both the island nations, he tells us which one was better. Read more

      A drive around the unexplored beauty and wilderness of Sri Lanka unraveled a memorable week spent in Sri Lanka. Read the endearing account of Karthik on a romantic trip to Sri Lanka that left him in complete admiration of the emerald island. Read more

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      With a zeal for adventure and a longing to experience pure natural beauty, Dhananjaya and his amigos booked a 7 nights 8 days package to Sri Lanka that included their accommodation, sightseeing and a driver cum guide. Their blissful encounters with this tropical enchantress changed them from within. Read more

      To everyone who says there is no or little nightlife in Sri Lanka, retort with images of a crazy time at their most happening nightclubs and casinos. An otherwise quiet nation, Sri Lanka has many bars, pubs, and clubs Read more

      Often beauty lies in noticing the smaller things in life that you take for granted. Read Jaswanth’s account of an adventure trip to Sri Lanka with two of his friends as they discover the Read more

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      Dotted with various religious sites and temples, Sri Lanka is popular among the Hindu community, which majorly resides in India. Read more