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      Do you miss being at home while traveling? It’s indeed a controversial query but no one minds being surrounded by a homely vibe while encountering the exquisite experiences of unexplored boundaries! Read more

      Rajasthan which was one of the first states to open tourism in India has given us yet another good news. Come September 7, all religious places in Rajasthan to reopen for tourists under supervision. These attractions had been closed for months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, strict measures and guidelines are to be followed inside the premises, as advised by the government. Read more

      The results of the Government of India's cleanliness survey have been published where Indore secured the first place for the fourth time. The result was published on Thursday where the second place was secured by Surat in Gujarat. Read more

      Taking leave from work is one of the biggest challenges while we plan a holiday and the endless working hours from home for the past few months are like daily going the extra mile. Read more

      According to the latest media reports, the Ministry of Home Affairs has sent a letter to states and Union Territories to remove restrictions on inter-state movement. Now, e-passes or special permissions will not be required for inter-state movement. Read more

      Famed as the hottest destination, Death Valley recently caught everyone’s attention as it broke the highest temperature ever recorded on the Earth. Our planet is on fire and the United States’s lowest, driest and hottest location is burning at 54 degrees Celsius. Read more

      India is a land of vibrant festivals and each of them is celebrated wonderfully and in a grand way. With so many interesting stories behind these festivals and the rituals that take place, attending the festivals is one of a kind experience. Read more

      Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons When you hear about a roller coaster, you think about a wonderland, the rides and most importantly - the fun. If you have ever been on a cruise, it is likely that you have enjoyed a luxury experience. Read more

      A great piece of news comes straight from the Land of Maple Leaf for all Indians! As countries all around the world are encouraging tourism amidst the pandemic, India isn’t far behind! Recently, India announced air bubbles with 4 countries and Canada is the new addition to it! The India-Canada air bubble agreement is operational now and Read more

      Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia India has set up air bubbles for international travel with the UK, France, Germany, Maldives and many other countries. Within the arrangement, now flights would also be running from India. According to that, Indian airline carrier Vistara to start international flights to the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Read more

      Image Credit: Wikipedia After several months of Covid-related travel restrictions, the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka opens all border roads to Kerala for inter-state commute. Keeping in mind the safety concerns, it is mandatory for the daily commuters to follow the regulations related to COVID-19 norm. Referring to the opening of the border roads, Dakshina Kannada deputy commissioner K V Rajendra announced that the commuters would have to get monthly passes for their daily travel from the local gram panchayat, municipality or town panchayat. The commuters need to record the details at the checkpost on entering and exiting the border. Moreover, they would have to go through a medical check-up as well as screening at the checkpost. Read more

      According to the latest unlock down developments in India, Vaishno Devi Yatra has been reopened after being closed for five months. The yatra was suspended on March 18 due to COVID-19 outspread. Read more

      Here is finally some good news for all the international travelers out there. After a 4-month long interval, International flights from Chennai have resumed, though the travel is limited to countries like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah currently. Read more

      Great news for the Indian travel sector is now coming in phases! In yet another story, India and Maldives announce an air travel bubble, a first within the neighboring countries. Read more

      Majuli, the largest river island in the world is situated on the Brahmaputra River and this first island district of the country has suddenly grabbed the attention of environmentalists and nature preservers. Read more

      The life of the royals has always intrigued people. The enchanting castles spread all over the world fascinate tourists and catching a glimpse of the way the present Kings and Queens spend their days fills people with glee! Recently, Queen Victoria, the present announced that the renowned Windsor Castle’s East Garden is now open for public and we surely can’t keep calm after such great news! Read more

      Famed as the Land of Gods, Uttarakhand is an abode to renowned pilgrimage sites. Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath are the four main sacred sites that have immense importance for all souls that seek salvation. Read more

      Cover Image Credits: Pixabay Italy went through a lot of changes in the past six months that changed the face of Venice in many ways. Some of these changes made the otherwise busy canals of Venice restore its beauty. Apart from that, a new change has been introduced by the Venetian authorities. Read more

      An initiative by the Kashi Vishwanath Temple administration, and backed by PM Narendra Modi, this project is constructed in an area of approximately 5 lakh sq ft and will bring a vast change in the tourism sector of the city. Developed at Man Mahal, Virtual Experiential Museum (VEM) will give travelers a cultural and spiritual tour of the city. Read more

      An IT initiative unveiled by the Indian Government, the ATITHI app is an easy to use online custom declaration filing mobile application for International travelers to file Customs declarations in advance. Available in both iOS and Android platforms, the app can be used to file a declaration of dutiable items and currency with the Indian Customs even before boarding the flight to India. Read more

      March 23rd, 2020: The outbreak of COVID 19 in India has surely taken its toll on the citizens. As the government is doing whatever is in its power to control the outspread of the virus, various corporate and economic sectors are also joining hands to help in whichever way they can. With the hotel industry, food chains, private hospitals, and the IT industry taking the necessary steps to reduce the impact, the war between Corporate vs Covid-19 is on. Read on to know how various sectors of the corporate are putting a leash on this deadly virus. Read more

      March 23, 2020: People all over the world are devastated with the Covid-19 outbreak, and social distancing seems to be the only ray of hope at this critical time. While small acts of humanity are lifting up the spirits of the people in various parts of the world, most of the places in India are now under a complete lockdown which can be a bit too much to handle for some. Read more

      Cover Image Credit: Marvel.com March 20th, 2020: Superheroes may be fictional but the life lessons that they teach us are for real. Be it character building, doing the right thing, standing up for justice, or saving people from every trouble, superheroes have never left any stone unturned to inspire us in ways that are indescribable. Read more

      March 10, 2020: The Covid-19 scare has been on the rise and so has the number of people affected by it across the world. Having said that, off lately people have been a lot more alert than they were in the past, post WHO came up with ways to identify its early symptoms. However, believing prevention is better than cure on any given day, India as a country too stepped up in taking precautionary measures and rolled out helplines that everyone should be aware of, for their own good!

      Read more

      March 17, 2020: In the rise of the pandemic COVID-19 that originated from China, the speculations on countries canceling their global events have been making the rounds day by day. With the most extravagant Tokyo Olympics 2020 right around the corner, Read more