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      Every newly married couple deserves a romantic trip to a location where they can get to know each other better and also plunge into the married life. It is a holiday to celebrate the marriage, and exacting on a destination is a hard task. Read more

      Bali is an emerald island of Indonesia, famed for beautiful beaches, coral reefs, verdant paddy fields, waterfall and vintage temples. Frequented by nature lovers and honeymoon couples; Bali has made its place in the global tourism scenario. To top it up, there a quite a few scenic and serene places around, which makes the destination even more enthralling. Read more

      Baros Island is a resort island under the administrative division of Kaafu Atoll in the archipelago of the Maldives. Although uninhabited, the island has been nicely developed as a resort island by the local Maldivians as a spot for tourism and related trade, which has made the island as one of the top spots of tourism not just in the archipelago, but the also whole Indian Ocean region.

      About Baros Island

      About Baros Island
      Image SourceApart from the joys of discovering the hidden treasures of marine life in the Maldivian archipelago, Baros Island also serves up as a quiet getaway from the razzmatazz of the daily life, especially for the ones caught up in hectic work schedules. The spas and meditation centres dotted around the resort island offer a spiritual experience to get close with nature and experience tranquillity at its best.

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      How To Reach Baros Island

      How To Reach Baros Island
      Image SourceTo reach Baros Island, the nearest well-known point of contact is, indeed, Male. A 25-minute speedboat ferry service runs from the Male International Airport of Male to the island on a periodic basis to ferry tourists to and from the island. Direct flights connect Male to both India and Sri Lanka, with periodic flights running from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Colombo.

      Places To Stay In Baros Island

      Places To Stay In Baros Island
      Image SourceBeing a resort island, Baros Island boasts of a resort hotel of its own – named after the island itself. The resort is a prime example of hospitality and allied services and has given a big lift to the tourism industry in the country by enticing several tourists towards its stay. The Baros resort also offers comfortable travel and stay packages that include sightseeing and nature trails.

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      Things To Do In Baros Island

      Even while being a resort island, there are a lot of activities which can be engaged in during the leisure period. The most popular of them are listed as follows:

      1. Dive Centre: Take A Dive

      Take A Dive
      Image SourceThose who wish to enjoy but don’t have the knowhow need not worry, as there is an introductory dive course in the lagoons of the island, and comes with a professional diving instructor. Furthermore, the diving lessons can be steadily upgraded to achieve the Open Water Diver Certification, which serves as a valid certification for diving anywhere in the world.

      2. Baros Island: Snorkel

      Image SourceThe lagoon at the Baros Island gives an enriching view of the fish and other marine life. The decision to engage in a snorkelling session in Maldives will definitely prove to be an enriching life experience as the site is a natural underwater paradise. The added advantage – the site houses a house coral reef and is a mere 15 metres from the beach.

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      3. Marine Centre: Take a tour

      Marine Centre
      Image SourceThe Resort Island also runs a Marine Centre where tourists can learn a great deal about the marine world and its nuances. A programme exists here where guests can adopt coral reefs and pay for its conservation and care under the Marine Centre’s Coral Planting Project. In exchange or the monetary aid, the guests pledging their support will receive a photograph of the adopted coral on a bi-annual basis.

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      4. Baros Island: Indulge In Water Sports

      Baros Island
      Image SourceBeing a resort island, Baros Island also boasts of a large variety of water sports for the tourists to indulge in some adventure and fun. The facilities include water-skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing and canoeing. The canoeing also involves a glass-bottomed canoe to enable the guests to enjoy the marine life underneath them.

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      Best Restaurants In Baros Island

      Baros Resort serves plenty of gastronomical experience for the tourists. Although there only 4 restaurants on the islands, they serve plenty of delicacies to satisfy the taste buds:

      1. Lime Restaurant

      Lime Restaurant
      Image SourceOffering an informal setting by the seaside, this restaurant serves up sea-based specialities. Also, it packs quite a punch in all-day dining experiences and a-la-carte dishes from around the world. More suited with meaty treats infused with a tropical twist, this restaurant serves seafood, fish, meat and vegetarian dishes, thereby satisfying the palate of each one of the guests.

      2. Lighthouse Restaurant

      Lighthouse Restaurant
      Image SourceThe service at Lighthouse matches the exquisite fine dining experience served up at this restaurant. The restaurant also serves up a premium collection of wines and classic creations, which is not available anywhere else in the whole of the Maldives. The sauces are distinct in their taste, along with a humongous range of salads, antipasti and mezze.

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      All of these experiences definitely qualify as once-in-a-lifetime adventures, and should not be missed. Tourists should definitely take a long-winded trip to Maldives to experience such pleasures in Baros Island. We bet that your time will be well spent. Read more

      Found not very a long way from the charming plunging islands of Koh Tao is an island called Koh Nang Yuan Island. You may have seen photographs of it. The luring sea green/blue waters, the white sand, and the pleasant rocks setting the ideal scene. Because of its nearby area to famous islands like Koh Tao and Koh Samui, a visit to Koh Nang Yuan is part of each explorer's motivation.

      About Koh Nang Yuan Island

      About Koh Nang Yuan Island
      Image SourceKoh Nang Yuan Island, while viewed as one island, is really an arrangement of three islands, or rough outcrops, associated by two pieces of white coral-sand that fill in as shoreline amid low tide, and that vanish under the unmistakable water when it rises. Koh Nang Yuan Island is only a 15 minutes in length tail vessel ride from Koh Tao.

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      Best Time To Visit Koh Nang Yuan Island

      Best Time To Visit Koh Nang Yuan Island
      Image SourceA hot and dry season, a hot and blustery season and a wet season. All through these seasons temperatures remain genuinely steady, at a normal between 25 to 36 degrees Celsius. Amid hot and dry season, the temperature does not tend to drop much amid the night. In hot and breezy season we encounter a slight drop amid the night and in the blustery season.

      How To Reach Koh Nang Yuan Island

      How To Reach Koh Nang Yuan Island
      Image SourceThe quickest association with Koh Nang Yuan Island from Bangkok is through the air to Chumphon Airplane terminal then a rapid sailboat to the island. Chumphon Air terminal is found 30km north of Chumphon town in Pathio Locale (elective spelling Pathiu). It has coordinate different day by day flights associations with Bangkok's Wear Muang Air terminal.

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      Places To Stay At Koh Nang Yuan Island

      Places To Stay At Koh Nang Yuan Island
      Image SourceA mystery holding up to be found and found just a short ways from Koh Tao. Nangyuan has a standout amongst the loveliest shorelines where you can sit and appreciate calm nightfalls on the shoreline, no autos or hustle or clamor. The place epitomises peace and is an ideal place to loosen up, or for the more daring an opportunity to plunge into an energizing new ordeal.

      Things To Do In Koh Nang Yuan Island

      In the event that you are the audacious sort, here you can locate the world's solitary zip line between the islands. Take a look at some of the things to do here:

      1. Koh Nang Yuan: Zipline

      Image SourceYou have the choice of zip lining and additionally a perspective climb, guided swimming of Koh Nang Yuan's renowned reefs, and an opportunity to make the most of its lovely shorelines. Zip lining comprises of two lines that go between the islands. Make sure to double check the safety gear before you go for a spin.

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      2. Koh Nang Yuan: Check out the view

      Check out the view
      Image SourceThis is the primary fascination on the island, so it is very swarmed amid the high season, particularly in August, so you need to consider the most reasonable time to visit. It takes a 15 minutes' stroll to achieve it, yet once you achieve the best the reward of astonishing scenes and the viewpoint of Koh Tao Island in Thailand is completely justified regardless of all the exertion.

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      3. Koh Nang Yuan: Indulge In Water Sports

      Indulge In Water Sports
      Image SourceKoh Nang Yuan Island is the center of many swimming and scuba plunging places, the popular ones are Twin Pinnacles, Green Shake, and Japanese Patio nurseries, in any case, its very own shorelines are now incredible for swimming. Many vessel visit Koh Samui and Koh Tao, taking guests to encounter an experience under its crystalline waters.

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      4. Koh Nang Yuan: Rock Jumping

      Rock Jumping
      Image SourceYou will frequently observe plunge pontoons encompassing Nang Yuan to visit the well-known jump destinations of Twin Pinnacle and Japanese Greenhouses, which lie simply off the island and are shallow enough for swimmers. Apparatus can be leased in the Koh Nang Yuan Island Resort's Jump Shop, or obviously, you are allowed to bring your own.

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      Koh Nang Yuan Island is a bustling island. Visit Thailand in the summers to explore this place in its full splendor. Make sure to stay in the resorts there to receive the warmest hospitality possible. You'll have the time of your life there. Read more