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    Bhutan also popularly called as the Kingdom of Bhutan. It is an inland country situated in th... Read more


    Bhutan is a country of high passes, deep valleys, a delightful history, and rich culture, all... Read more

    Cover img for Photography Places In Bhutan

    Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom, resting in the lap of mighty Himalayan ranges. Known all ove... Read more


    Wildlife sanctuaries are often mistaken for the place where just animals and plants are pr... Read more

    trekkers in bhutan

    Laya Gasa is regarded as the most long-distance trek in Bhutan and the most scenic one as wel... Read more

    Architecture In Bhutan

    Bhutan consists of numerous spectacular religious buildings. The most striking feature of the... Read more

    Best Place In Bhutan

    Owing to its wide valleys, green countryside, snowcapped mountains, fast-flowing mountain str... Read more

    Phobjikha Valley scenic view

    A beautiful bowl-shaped glacial valley located against a background of the Black Mountains, t... Read more

    Mountains in a national park

    The hilly nation Bhutan offers its tourists ample avenues to spend their quality time at. Out... Read more

    When you’re visiting a new place, it is of utmost importance to visit the historically signif... Read more

    Royal Takin Preserve

    Motithang Takin Preserve was primarily a zoo set in the later years turned into the biggest p... Read more

    A lama in Thimphu

    Bhutan is a beautiful country in its own way and attracts a lot of visitors from all the corn... Read more

    bhutan airports

    Travelers from across the globe throng the beautiful country of Bhutan nestled in the Himalaya... Read more

    What differentiates a traveler from any other human being is the zeal to explore a new pla... Read more

    Paro Taktsang Cover

    A gateway to the last Himalayan kingdom, Paro is the little town of Bhutan situated at the ba... Read more

    Mountain Echoes Festival cover img

    As a child, summertime meant the pleasure of reading a book in one long, lazy sitting, prefer... Read more

    Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary

    Wildlife sanctuaries aren’t just places for animals and plants to be preserved. They also hel... Read more

    paro restaurants

    A trip is completely gratifying only when we have had our stomachs full and taste buds conten... Read more

    Guide To Jakar Dzong

    Jakar Dzong in Bhutan is the principle Dzong or a Tibetan/ Bhutanese styled fort... Read more

    Zhemgang in Bhutan was previously known as Shemgang. It is one of the 20 dzongkhags (district... Read more

    Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary in Bhutan is the newest addition to wildlife r... Read more

    cover backpacking bhutan

    Backpacking in Bhutan is in everyone’s bucket list all around the world. If you are a budget ... Read more

    Paro, the picture postcard town of the picturesque country of Bhutan welcomes travelers fr... Read more

    best hotels in Thimphu

    Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan is known to be the largest city located in the country that... Read more

    Will Ensure You Have A Happy Vacation!

    Vacations can either stimulate or relax and if you’re looking for the latter, there’s no bett... Read more