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      “ Finding yourself in the most amazing ways is what makes you the person you are and traveling and exploring new places plays a major role in developing your personality,” says Sonal, who has been to places all over the world and believes that one should always be exploring new places. Read more

      What really lies above and beyond? Do we really know what’s happening around us? Do we really know the people we meet? These questions constantly poked me in the belly when all of a sudden Read more

      Pretty and cool, waterfalls are one of the most amazing creations of nature but the one that we are talking about is more than special. Why? Well, because unlike others, one can actually climb the Bua Tong Waterfalls in Thailand and take home an experience that is rarest of rare. Read more

      Belonging to the demanding Banking & Finance Industry, I hardly get much of leisure time to travel & explore new places. But, that does not refrain me from letting the travel buff inside me enjoy. So, whenever I get time, I devote it to travel for an invigorating experience. Read more

      An overnight train journey, away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, leads one to Chiang Mai, a beautiful city in northern Thailand. It is a calm city with a laid back ambiance. One can find temples all around here, Read more

      Known for being home to Wat Phra Kaew temple and a vibrant street life, Bangkok won't disappoint you as it offers everything you will ever want on a holiday! Tired of staying at hotels wherever you go on a vacation? If your answer to that is a yes, then all you need is a home away from home, and for those who’re planning a trip to Thailand, the choices don’t get better than this. Read more

      A honeymoon in Phi Phi Island outshines many other honeymoon ideas, especially in Asia. Tailored to welcome lovebirds in style, the island is perfect to enjoy romantic strolls followed by candle-light dinner, diving into the sparkling ocean and explore the underwater world together. Read more

      Travel buffs with curious minds are often guided to a gamut of celebrations and festivals that occur in cities and islands across the world. Each one of them has their share of exuberance and enigma; all having unique attractions that allure tourists from everywhere. One such breathtaking festival is the Phuket Vegetarian Festival which has a lot more to offer than just the vegetarian fare (as the name suggests). Read more

      In the past decade, Thailand has become synonymous with sun, sand, beach, and partying for travelers across the world. Therefore, visiting Thailand in April will give you all that and a lot more. Read more

      Nestled among sky-high cliffs with the clearest water on the planet, Maya Bay beach is a dream come true for every traveler. Who doesn’t want to visit the heavenly place that was portrayed on the big screen in Leonardo Dicaprio’s The Beach? Read more

      Often known as the gateway of exotic islands and splendid temples, Krabi is one of the most beautiful towns in Thailand. Located at the southern part of the country, this part is usually known for its undaunted beauty and isolation from the chaotic settlements. The town is quite popular among the tourists for its natural landscapes and scenic sightseeings. Read more

      Do you want to appreciate and feel the beauty of the best beaches in Pattaya? If so, you need to go beyond the condos, clubs, pubs, and glittering city lights. Located in Chon Buri Province, Pattaya isn’t just about its exotic nightlife, but also about its untouched nature, virgin islands, and serene forests. The resort city shot to fame in early 1980s, but before that it was a little fishing town completely disconnected from the world hiding some of the natural wonders. Read more

      The tropical islands of Phi Phi are a popular holiday destination for party goers and beach animals from around the world. If you are wondering how to reach Phi Phi Islands, Read more

      Located in northern Thailand Phrae is a capital town of Phrae Province. The town stretches over the tambon Nai Wiang district of Mueang Phrae. Phrae is 555 km north of Bangkok. There are lots of things to do in Phrae in Thailand. Read more

      Lopburi, the oldest city in Thailand, is the capital city of Lopburi Province. Today, the city seems relaxed and calm but was intimidating and grand during its heyday. Central Thailand’s Read more

      Better known as the Gem Capital of Thailand, the coastal province of Chanthaburi has much more to offer than the bustling gem markets. Apart from the opulence of stones and gems, nature has gifted this coastal town with picturesque waterfalls that tourists across the globe crave to take a picture of. If neither history nor gem market excite you, Chanthaburi awaits for you with a number of waterfalls that allow you to rejuvenate yourself amidst nature. Here are the top 10 Chanthaburi waterfalls that offer scenic beauty and absolute reinvigoration.

      Top 7 Waterfalls In Chanthaburi

      So, while you’re visiting this gorgeous Thai province, make sure you add more charm to your vacation with these best waterfalls that provide absolute calmness! [ls_content_block id="233122"]

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      If you are in search of a serene vacation instead of visiting the tourist spots, these waterfalls will certainly amaze you with their offerings. A trip to Chanthaburi will never be complete without visiting one of these waterfalls. Moreover, don’t miss the opportunity to get a postcard perfect picture in front of these waterfalls. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Thailand for a mesmerizing vacation in this charming land!

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      Beaches are usually a place of calm and solitude and also a place of total chaos. You can have moments of peace, but if you want to party, again there is no place like beaches Read more

      With its countless temples near the pristine beaches, little villages nearby that you can visit and other attractions, Hua Hin is definitely one of the alluring places to visit in Thailand as well as in Southeast Asia. Read more