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      Be it a family holiday or a romantic weekend escape, the impeccable things to do in Mysore and around Mysore make it just the perfect destination for everyone. From witnessing the grandeur of the Mysore Palace to having fun in the 3D Selfie Gallery, the city

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      People who’ve been there and witnessed it, would agree without a second thought that there’s a lot more to experience in the ever-vibrant city of Bangalore beyond its charming weather. And one such occasion is that of the Valentine’s day in Bangalore

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      Craving to feel the sand beneath your feet and the salty air in your hair but don’t wish to advent to the overcrowded beaches and chaotic realms of Goa? Fret no more because a budget vacation to Gokarna presents the ideal confluence of tranquility and magnificence that will rejuvenate both the mind as well as the body.

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      No matter how much we hate fads, pre-wedding photo albums look absolutely mindblowing. Sure a lot of dressing up and weird posing in public places goes into it but with captivating backdrops - courtesy the vibrant pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Bangalore - the final results are totally worth framing.

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      Murudeshwar is a beautiful beachside pilgrim town of the Indian southern state of Karnataka. Murudeshwar, which is the other name of the Hindu God Shiva, truly lives up to its name and has the world’s second tallest statue of Lord Shiva. Read more

      For those who’ve been to the famous Garden City of India, would agree without a doubt that Bangalore has much more to offer beyond its wonderful climate and IT industries.

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      Satiated by having to go different places to experience once-in-a-lifetime adventurous sports, cultural bliss, scenic flora and fauna and some nature walks? Places to visit in Dandeli in North Karnataka call you to offer a perfect mix of water adventure sports, mystic flora and fauna, vibrant traditions and serene nature walks which will give you the ultimate peace of mind, all in one place.

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      Sometimes while traveling, we encounter experiences as we go about exploring the places. Mysore is one such experience of sorts. The best places to visit in Mysore captivate with magnificence and royalty so sparkling that getting lost and finding yourself in the era of kings and palaces would be the only dream and desire on your mind.

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      Coorg is one of the most popular hill stations in India that is otherwise known as Kodagu. This hill station is situated in Karnataka and offers mesmerizingly beautiful scenic beauty of the Western Ghats mountains.

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      The southern states of India are home to some of the most breathtaking temples on the planet. Boasting intricate architecture, a long history, and an undying following of devotees that flock to these temples all year long, Indian temples are also an important part of the tourism culture of our country. One such temple is the Kukke Subrahmanya Temple located in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. The temple is dedicated to Kartikeya, the Lord Of All Serpents, who is worshipped here as Subrahmanya here.

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      Karnataka, a land in the Southern part of India that is blessed impeccably by mother nature, is one of the most popular tourist places in the country. There is no dearth of natural wonders covering the corners of this state. One such marvel nestled amidst the dense vegetation of the state are Jog Falls.

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      The stunning greenery of the coffee plantations of Coorg are an amazing sight along with beautiful waterfalls, undiluted scenery, and huge misty mountains.

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      Nestled amidst the extensive Western Ghats, the hill town of Chikmagalur is one of the best places in Karnataka for a tranquil retreat.

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      With forested hills, caves, mountain trails, Hebbe waterfalls, and sprawling coffee plantations, Chikmagalur is a picture-postcard like destination in Karnataka. People often visit this place for relaxation and invigoration and to enjoy complete solace.

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      If activities like boating, bird watching, jogging tantalize your senses and you are in search for a destination offering the same, then Bangalore welcomes you. Bangalore is blessed with a number of lakes and welcomes everyone seeking a refreshing and memorable vacation.

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      The state of Karnataka is not just only the “IT Capital” of the country but has much more to offer. The state has some of the best destinations within reach and not to forget some of the tasty gastronomic delights to gorge on. Bidar is one of the cleanest cities located in Karnataka, thereby earning the favors of locals and tourists. The history of this city sets it apart from the other popular destinations of the state, and unarguably so. Another most exciting aspect of this city is that it is boasting of many beautiful tourist attractions which can be explored in a couple of days. It is the main reason why Bidar finds the most prominent place in the Indian Archaeological Surgery.

      Apart from historical importance, these attractions grab the attention of many tourists around the world. Putting them together in a list, these places to visit near Bidar are a must-visit for you if you are in Karnataka.

      6 Best Places To Visit Near Bidar For Tourists

      This has made the other popular destinations to be veiled away from the rest of the world. These 8 places to visit around Bidar, have so much to offer for everyone that it will surely make you extend your stay. Whether it is a couple of days or a quick trip, these inspiring locales are the best for the much-awaited next city-break. So let us scan through the whole list and get some quintessential places to land upon.

      1. Velneshwar Beach

      Velneshwar Beach

      This refreshing beach is bound to cast a spell with its sheer elegance. The crystal-clear waters with yellow sandy shores have coconut trees line around its peripherals that create a beautiful picture. The beach itself is secluded from the outside world with two small hills. Due to it being relatively unknown, the water and sand are far from being polluted. A visit to this place will surely incite a strong urge to swim inside every person as the waters are too inviting. Far from the city, it is a beautiful visiting place near Bidar for family and friends.

      ● Things to do in Velneshwar beach: Vist the Anjanwale fort, Vyghrambary temple. Uma Mahesh Mandir.
      ● Best time to visit: October-February.
      ● Weather: 22° C-.35° C
      ● Distance from Bidar: 13 hours from Bidar, 552.5 km.

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      2. Hospet

      Another fabulous spot for kids and adults alike, the city is for history lovers. The famous locale is still basking in ancient glory as there are numerous places to tour around the place. From ancient monuments to temples, the town has so much to offer that it becomes really difficult for one to choose. If you are a history buff then go for the monuments that redefine the bygone era. The architecture of the place has still kept intact the stories that will be fascinating to uncover. Also, don’t forget to spend some time at the Tungabhadra Dam which is also in the list of places to visit near Bidar.

      ● Things to do in Hospet: Visit the Tungabhadra Dam, go sightseeing to Royal Palace, and Hanuman Temple
      ● Best time to visit: September-February.
      ● Weather: 16° C-39° C
      ● Distance from Bidar: 9 hours from Bidar, 412.5 km

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      3. Badami

      it is engrossing rock-cut architecture

      A perfect place to marvel at the ancient architecture of the country. The town boasts of unique yet elegant monuments that will surely make you admire the craftsmanship. Packed with heritages like the cave temples, forts, and lakes the city’s overall grandeur cannot be described in words. The monuments still stand intact and spin a legacy which can be felt only by visiting it. A true example of the Chalukyas magnificence, visit the town to revisit the history of the bygone era. A destination to not be miss by art lovers and history buffs.

      ● Things to do in Badami: Sightseeing and visiting the Bhootnath Temple, Agastya Lake, Cave Temples, Kotlinga temple, and Badami fort, Celebrating Banashankari Temple festival.
      ● Best time to visit: November-March.
      ● Weather: 25.7° C
      ● Distance from Bidar: 8 hours from Bidar, 372.9 km.

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      4. Nanded

      The best way to immerse in the divine aura. Nanded is located in the south-eastern part of Maharashtra and is bordered by states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The beautiful city has such serenity in the air due to its cultural and religious aspects. Also known as the birthplace of famous Maratha poets Vishnupant Shesa, Raghunath Shesa, and Vaman Pandit, the religious outline of the town doesn’t end here. There is also a splendid Gurudwara named Shri Hazur Achbhalnagar Sahib which is of prime importance and a must-visit for everyone. With so many places in its kitty, this place surely makes it to the list of top places to visit near Bidar.

      ● Things to do in Nanded: Vist the Hazur Sahib Gurudwara, Renuka Devi Temple, Go for sightseeing to Kandhar which has beautiful forts.
      ● Best time to visit: All throughout the year.
      ● Weather: 27.2° C
      ● Distance: 4 hours 23minutes hours from Bidar, 162.5 km.

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      5. Hingoli

      Hingoli is one of the most beautiful districts situated on the northern side of the state of Maharashtra. The region has a rich cultural influence owing to the history it shares since ancient times. The overall experience in Hingoli can be a little eccentric. Beautiful temples like the Aundha Nagnath, Mallinath Digambar Jain temple increase the overall exuberance of the place. The Aundha Nagnath is also regarded as one of the twelve jyotirlingas in the country. It is one heck of an experience to travel to this majestic city and imbibe its rich culture.

      ● Things to do in Hingoli: Sightseeing and visit the Aundha Nagnath temple, Mallinath Digambar Jain temple.
      ● Best time to visit: October-March.
      ● Weather: 26.7° C
      ● Distance: 6 hours and 16 minutes from Bidar, 250 km.

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      6. Lonar

      An autumn view of the mesmerising Lonar Lake

      It is one of the places near Bidar, which is brimming with shrines and tourist places. The beauty of the region lies in its history. Historians claim that the crater at the center of Lonar was formed when a meteorite crashed on the surface of the region. Over the years this has amplified the interests of tourists coming down to the place. Apart from the above, one can also find worship centers around the place to make your experience a novel one. With such beautiful locales to uncover this spot is highly recommended and adds to the list of places to visit near Bidar.

      ● Things to do in Lonar: Go for sightseeing to Lonar Crater and Lake, visit temples like Daitya Sudan temple, Motha Maruti temple.
      ● Best time to visit: November-January(During Winters).
      ● Weather:26° C
      ● Distance: 8 hours and 34minutes from Bidar, 351.2 km.

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      The religious, architectural, and historical importance of places to visit near Bidar makes it the best destination for people who love to explore the beauty of ancient architecture. This hilltop region is very well connected and thus tends to meet the needs of tourists and even devotees. If you want to get more from your trip to Karnataka, you can plan your trip during monsoon or winter.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit Near Bidar

      Q. Which is the closest bidar beach?

      A. Chiplun is the right beach, which is available in the Ratnagiri district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is located 411km away from Bidar.

      Q. Are there any waterfalls near Bidar?

      A. Yes, there are lots of waterfalls located close to Bidar. It includes Dhaba Dhabi Water Falls, Sahastrakund Waterfalls, Unkeshwar Hot Springs, and more.

      Q. Which are the famous foods of Bidar?

      A. Even rice is a vital ingredient of all dishes, but you can find out delicious vadas, idlis, and dosas.

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      Drenched in Islamic Indian history - Bidar is a city full of amazing ruins and monuments located in the state of Karnataka. Bidar is a small town that was once the capital of Bahamani Kingdom and has witnessed numerous vicissitudes in its eventful history.

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      Settled in the north-western nook of Karnataka, Belgaum is known as the City of Bamboo or Jaggery. Cradled near the foothills of the Sahyadri hill range, Belgaum is a pleasant city that you may visit to have a serene-filled escape from daily life. The hilly topography, pleasant weather all year round, all make it a visit-worthy destination any time you feel up for a vacation. Not to forget its rich history, which offers you a lot of historical scenes to visit and admire. From palaces, temples, forts, and waterfalls, Belgaum opens up its wonders for one and all to satisfy their wanderlust.

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