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    resorts near Madurai

    Madurai, the city of ancient culture and ethnic aspects is one of the counter magnetic cit... Read more

    Madurai is also known as the cultural capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The city ... Read more

    Madurai is a quaint city located on the banks of river Vaigai in Tamil Nadu. It is an anci... Read more

    temple dedicated to vishnu

    The temple city and the pilgrim town of Madurai has captivated vis... Read more


    Madurai is one of the most established urban communities in India. Administered by Pandya ... Read more

    Madurai Getaway from Bangalore 19.10.19

    Madurai is a beautiful place with ancient heritage. If you are looking for a religious travel... Read more

    Churches in Madurai

    Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia

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