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    • Holiday packages
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      Things to do in Odisha

      The eastern state on the Bay of Bengal, known for its tribal culture, off-the-beaten-track tr... Read more

      Places To Visit In Bhubaneswar

      The incredible and ancient city of Bhubaneswar is extremely rich in cultural heritage, nat... Read more

      most famous luxurious hotels

      Bhubaneswar carries the beauty and essence of the ancient land near the sea. Many temples ... Read more

      Bhubaneswar is the capital of Odisha, a state situated in the Eastern part of our country.... Read more

      water parks in Odisha

      Odisha is a year-long destination. Tourists visit the temples and national parks during wi... Read more

      Best places Near Puri

      Puri Jagannath Ratha Yatra is such an extravaganza. The chariot festival of Puri Jagannath... Read more


      Colourful, vibrant and always buzzing, this is how one can aptly describe Odisha. With tou... Read more

      Best churches in Bhubaneswar

      Bhubaneswar is the buzzing capital of Odisha, known for heritage, culture, and amusements.... Read more

      Weekend Getaways From Bhubaneswar

      Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, is a destination that is nestled in the heart of ... Read more

      Best places Near Puri

      Puri is vital to Hindus as a pilgrimage site. The place has a history of plundering and in... Read more

      Picnic Spots Near Puri

      Umpteen beaches reflecting serenity, countless temples encompassing faith, and unmatched t... Read more

      cover - Road Trips From Bhubaneswar_18th Feb

      Bhubaneswar is renowned as the “Temple city of India”, and is the largest city along with ... Read more

      wildlife sanctuaries in Odisha

      Are you a nature lover? Do you want to discover the wild beauty of the forests? If the answer... Read more


      Cover Image Credit: Booking.com

      Puri, an ancient city known for its histo... Read more

      Puri is the earliest abode on Earth of Lord Jagannath or Vishnu, and is located at the coa... Read more


      Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia

      Odisha is not known for hill stations. With... Read more

      Picnic Spots In Odisha cover

      Odisha is blessed with places of immense scenic beauty. From beaches, forests, and nationa... Read more

      Cover image

      Bhubaneshwar is one of the most famous places in Odisha. This place is really famous for t... Read more



      Puri, the soul of Odisha, is a rare gift of god to nature. It is a blessing... Read more

      bhitarkanika national park
      Glamping Festival In Odisha

      After the phenomenal success of 'Eco Retreats' that were organised by the Odisha Government i... Read more

      Best national parks in odisha

      Odisha is a state with pristine beaches, temples, and lakes that enchant everyone. It is o... Read more

      cover - Hill Stations In Odisha_5th Dec

      India is a country that has got it all. From pristine beaches to mesmerizing hills, the co... Read more

      Pata Lake

      Odisha is a tourist’s paradise. With gorgeous temples, museums and monasteries, the state ... Read more

      cover - places to visit in odisha

      Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia

      Odisha, formerly known as Orissa is located... Read more