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Simlipal National Park has a unique blend of luxury and environment in its accommodations. These accommodations, situated right at the heart of Odisha, serve as a perfect starting point for exploring the park’s rich biodiversity, including tigers, elephants, and a variety of bird species, among many others.They range from eco-lodges that merge visitors ultimately into natural settings to luxurious resorts which provide all modern-day amenities. To ensure guests responsibly appreciate Simlipal’s beauty, every hotel prioritises tourism. Hotels in Simlipal National Park promise an experience surrounded by the splendour of nature, whether one is exploring with their loved ones or embarking on a solo adventure.

History And Significance Of Simlipal National Park

Simlipal National Park entrance

Image Credit: Toni Wöhrl for Wikimedia Commons

Simlipal National Park, an abode for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, is situated in Odisha, a state in India. This area has largely developed ecotourism through the construction of hotels and hence it has served as a consistent source of earnings for those living in this area. The history of hotels in Simlipal commenced around the mid-1900s when tourists interested in witnessing abundant animal life and scenic beauty started flowing into the place. Initially, the only available accommodation was forest rest houses of the forest department and some average guesthouses. Nevertheless, with increasing travel, private companies came into play, offering more comfortable and diverse hotel options.

These hotels serve beyond mere lodging areas; they provide wildlife safaris and guided tours of local flora and fauna. Most of these hotels use eco-friendly materials and techniques that reduce their environmental footprints. The park retains its aesthetic appeal by promoting sustainable practices while always encouraging responsible tourism. In addition, these hotels boost the local economy by creating jobs for people in that particular locality and supporting other businesses within that region. These often partner with wildlife organisations as part of their conservation efforts.

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Top Hotels In Simlipal National Park

Plan your trip to Simlipal National Park, stay at the best luxury hotel, and unwind after a hectic day in comfortable rooms.

1. Guest House Simlipal Tiger Reserve

A famous hotel in Simlipal National Park to stay.

Image Credit: MayurbhanjOnline for Facebook

The Simlipal Tiger Reserve Guest House is located deep into the heart of nature, within Simlipal National Park, offering an immersive experience. Basic amenities and guided trips are available for guests to explore the rich flora and fauna of this park, making it a perfect place for wildlife enthusiasts. This locality is an ideal starting point for tourists looking forward to a peaceful experience because of its proximity to landmarks such as lush forests and waterfalls.

Location: V9JG+GQ8, Similipal, Odisha 757034
Price: INR 3000 onwards

2. The Forest Rest House In Simlipal

Stay at the budget-friendly rooms of the forest rest house.

Image Credit: Engin_Akyurt for Pixabay

Surrounded by dense vegetation, the rustic Simlipal Forest Rest House is managed by the forest department and provides all basic requirements. For visitors who want peace at an affordable cost, the rest house serves as one of the booths just fine. A peaceful retreat that provides several trekking routes and safari tours can easily be accessed from here; that is why adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts adore it so much.

Location: H7VV+6RV Simlipal National Park, Odisha 757036
Price: INR 3000 onwards

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3. Nivas Aranya Simlipal

View of the mesmerising rooms in the forest from Simlipal National Park

Image Credit: UNFORGETTABLE BARIPADA for Facebook

The luxury eco-resort Aranya Nivas Simlipal was designed to be comfortable and at the same time environmentally friendly. This resort has big rooms, modern amenities, and an on-site restaurant that serves local dishes. It is an excellent choice for a family or group looking for a more luxurious stay without compromising on the area’s natural beauty. The resort also organises guided nature walks and animal safaris.

Location: Similipal Forest Resort, Lulung, Kochilaghaty, Post, Samakhunta Block, Baripada, Odisha 757049
Price: INR 7000 onwards

4. Simlipal Nature Camp

stay at the beautiful Simlipal nature camp.

Image Credit: Cliford Mervil for Pexels

The bamboo huts and tented lodges at Simlipal Nature Camp provide genuine ecotourism experiences. It offers a special opportunity to live in harmony with nature as it is surrounded by dense forests, not far from its central areas. Sustainable development is stressed here through the use of eco-friendly methods and materials. It’s a good option for environment-conscious tourists because there are hiking trips, bird watching, and community involvement activities.

Location: WHV6+FP, Krushnachandrapur, Odisha 757024
Price: INR 7000 onwards

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5. The Ramtirth Resort

Beautiful pictures of rooms at the best hotels in Simlipal National Park.

Image Credit: Pexels for Pixabay

Ramtirtha Tourist Lodge, located near the park entrance, provides cosy accommodation with beautiful views of the surroundings. It also has recreational facilities, a multi-cuisine eatery, and well-appointed guest rooms. This lodge is ideal for people who would prefer easier access to different entry points into the park and places around it.

Location: X364+WMF, Jamda, Odisha 757091
Price: INR 6000 onwards

6. Bheemkund Forest Lodge

Chilika Lagoon Lake in the Bhimkund forest lodge.

Image Credit: Annamos for Pixabay

A serene place that is located just near the Bhimakund waterfall, is the Bheemkund Forest Lodge. The hotel also has comfortable rooms and a restaurant serving regional cuisine. It is also perfect for those who would like to have a quiet vacation in nature as there are possibilities of watching birds, hiking, and exploring the local waterfalls. The resort’s staff also arranges cultural programs and wildlife safaris.

Location: border of Keonjhar and Mayurbhanj districts of Orissa
Price: INR 3000 onwards

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Tips To Keep In Mind

  • To ensure both a safe and pleasurable time, consider these suggested steps while visiting Simlipal National Park or booking accommodation there:
  • Before making reservations for accommodations, check all motels and hotels nearby and assess their features, park accessibility, and ratings from past customers.
  • Limited availability of hotels, especially during peak seasons, necessitates early booking.
  • Also ensure that the hotel helps acquire permits for safari drives and park entry.
  • Choose accommodations that follow sustainable tourism norms.
  • Look out for hotels offering package deals including meals, safaris and guided tours, reducing total costs.
  • Observe the rules given by the management of the hotels and park rangers to cause minimal disturbance to nature.
  • If one wants to respect the communities that live close to or within the park, one must remember their habits and traditions.
  • Consider making donations to conservation initiatives or participating in hotel eco-friendly programs.

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Plan your trip to Odisha so you may stay at these amazing hotels and have once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Take time to discover the park’s abundant fauna and stunning natural surroundings. Reserve your room now to ensure a truly unique experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hotels In Simlipal National Park

What are some of the accommodation options available at Simlipal National Park?

Simlipal National Park has several types of guest houses supported by the government like eco-friendly lodges, leisure guestrooms, and wildlife camps with tents and bamboo huts.

How can I make the reservation for a hotel in Simlipal National Park?

To book accommodations, individuals can visit the official site of the Odisha Tourism Department, get in touch with hotels directly or opt to use numerous travel agencies available online. It is important to make reservations ahead due to limited capacity.

What is the best time to visit Simlipal National Park?

The ideal period for visiting is November through June when the weather would be fine and the nature reserve would be accessible for visitors. From July up to October, the park remains closed during monsoon season as there are heavy rains and concerns about safety.

Are there any eco-hotels around Simlipal National Park?

Some eco-lodges and nature camps are dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism practices. In addition, these accommodations support local communities, promote conservation efforts and use environmentally friendly commodities.

Do the hotels provide safaris and guided tours in Simlipal National Park?

Most of the hotels have guides who conduct tours along with package safaris including hiking trips or jeep safaris thus it is advised that clients verify this service upon booking.

Which facilities are found in hotels located at Simlipal National Park?

Different facilities are provided as per the type of lodging. Natural camping grounds and high-priced hotels, for example, have elements like comfortable quarters, onsite eateries, outdoor activities and visits that are led by specialised personnel whereas simple guest houses or wood rest houses only give the basics.

Do the accommodations at Simlipal National Park follow safety measures?

Yes, it is safe to stay in such hotels since they follow strict safety measures. To guard your safety as well as that of animals you need to stick to rules laid down by the park authorities and hotel management.

Is there any cheap accommodation available in Simlipal National Park?

Yes, there are a few inexpensive accommodations like forest rest homes and government guest houses with minimal amenities at reasonable rates.

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