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    Shree Jagannath Temple Puri

    The Shree Jagannath Temple Puri in Odisha is one of the most famous and sacr... Read more

    Digabareni Pillar

    Odisha is a state in India, and Puri is one of its famous cities, recognized for its spiritua... Read more

    Bedi Hanuman Temple

    Puri is popular for housing one of the most prestigious and revered temples in the country, t... Read more

    konark sun temple hotels

    Puri, a district in Odisha, holds a lot of significance for Hindus as it is a spiritual haven... Read more

    Lokanatha Temple

    Lokanatha Temple is among the most sacred temples in the divine city of Puri... Read more

    Niladri Beach

    Located in the charming district of Puri, Odisha, Niladri Beach symbolically harmonizes natur... Read more

    Photo by Scott Platt

    Known widely for its peaceful shores and tranquil waters, the Swargadwar Sea BeachRead more