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33 Honeymoon Places Found
Price:  3,999 to 29,999 INR
Best Time:   September-May
Honeymoon Duration:  2 to 10 days
Activities:  Temple, Resort, Houseboat, Backwater, Beach, Festival, Massage, Forest, History, Shopping, Music, Church

With houseboats floating along the emerald backwaters, Kerala has always been a top priority on the list of the Honeymooners. Being God's own land, this state impresses visitors with some of the most spectacular sights in the world
Price:  28,000 to 75,000 INR
Best Time:   November-February
Honeymoon Duration:  3 to 12 days
Activities:  Massage, Beach, Resort, Spa, Island, Temple, Shopping, Music, Nightlife, Monastery, Park, Festival

Marked by enchanting mysticism, Thailand is an epitome of scenic beauty and charming landscapes. With an amazing nightlife and some of the best beaches, this country has always been an attraction for most honeymooners from Asia
Price:  15,000 to 40,000 INR
Best Time:   June-September
Honeymoon Duration:  4 to 15 days
Activities:  Trekking, Festival, Lake, Cycling, Monastery, Mountain, Valley, Gompa, Palace, Resort, Himalayas, History

Welcoming the honeymooners, Ladakh is the land of mesmerizing spiritual essence. The rugged terrains are a landmark in the enchanting scenic beauty which overwhelms the couples who plan their honeymoon here
Price:  7,000 to 20,000 INR
Best Time:   October-February
Honeymoon Duration:  3 to 15 days
Activities:  Trekking, Paragliding, Parasailing, Carnival, Markets, Resort, Shopping, Cruise, Sand Dunes, Sightseeing, Spa, Backwater, Boathouse, Boating, Fishing, Jet Ski, Sailing, Surfing, Beach, Park, Festival, Music, Church, Massage, Cottage, Fort

The lively and romantic aura of Goa's pristine beaches will melt away your hearts. Mesmerizing beaches fringed with palm tress and the lush green hills in Goa are just what a couple would want on a romantic honeymoon
Price:  45,000 to 80,000 INR
Best Time:   January-December
Honeymoon Duration:  3 to 12 days
Activities:  Park, Shopping, Cruise, Massage, Safari, Night Safari, Zoo, Island, Resort, Malls, Sightseeing, Beach, Art Galleries, Amusement parks, Aquarium, Cable Car Ride, Theme parks, Water parks, Zoos, Gardens, Bungee Jumping, Fine dining, Markets, Casinos, Gambling

The unspoiled beaches and pristine paradise makes Singapore the best island for honeymoon in Asia. With an aesthetic blend of architectural splendor, scenic landscapes and cultural extravaganza, Singapore is always on top priority of Newlywed couples
Price:  45,000 to 65,000 INR
Best Time:   May-September
Honeymoon Duration:  4 to 7 days
Activities:  Shopping, Resort, Island, Music, Beach, Cruise, Temple, Park, History

With some of the world's renowned resorts, Malaysia is one place to offer the most luxurious and rich experience to the Newlywed couples. Being one of the most romantic honeymoon destination in Asia, it is visited by many couples every year.
Price:  9,999 to 70,000 INR
Best Time:   March-June
Honeymoon Duration:  4 to 20 days
Activities:  Music, Temple, Trekking, History, Mountain, Resort, Himalayas, Park, Festival, River, Shopping, National Park

Nepal is a treasure trove of blissful natural charm enticing the newlyweds. Being a favorite dreamland among the honeymooners from Asia, Nepal has always offered the most romantic sceneries to the couples
Price:  7,000 to 30,000 INR
Best Time:   October-March
Honeymoon Duration:  3 to 20 days
Activities:  Music, Temple, History, Fort, Arts, Palace, Festival, Resort, Forest, Park, Wildlife, Safari

Embellished with the majestic glory of forts and spectacular sand dunes, Rajasthan is a perfect honeymoon destination. With many romantic cities and palaces across state, most couples from Asia like to plan their honeymoon here.
Sri Lanka
Price:  14,999 to 49,999 INR
Best Time:   October-April
Honeymoon Duration:  4 to 9 days
Activities:  Beach, History, Resort, Temple, Shopping, Lake, Music, Island, Festival, Cruise, Park, Palace

With a perfect amalgamation of cultural heritage and fascinating beaches, Sri Lanka is one of the most famous Honeymoon getaway locations in Asia. Plan your honeymoon to Sri Lanka and get ready for a luring spa experience which is a retreat in most of the cities here.
Price:  40,000 to 475,000 INR
Best Time:   April-September
Honeymoon Duration:  1 to 25 days
Activities:  Markets, History, Music, Cruise, River, Mountain, Stream, Beach, Park, Festival, Shopping, Forest

Price:  10,000 to 30,000 INR
Best Time:   March-October
Honeymoon Duration:  3 to 12 days
Activities:  Music, Valley, History, Houseboat, Lake, Gardens, Temple, Palace, Festival, River, Arts

Kashmir is a pristine jewel with stunning fairy snow clad mountains and enchanting landscapes. Luring the couples with exquisite houseboats, Kashmir is a perfect getaway for the newlyweds
Price:  12,000 to 40,000 INR
Best Time:   September-March
Honeymoon Duration:  4 to 12 days
Activities:  Island, Resort, Beach, Cruise, Spa, Diving, Safari, Scuba Diving, History, Music, Forest, Fishing

Andaman is a world class eco-tourism destination characterized by rich ethnic diversity, pristine beaches and exotic marine life. Common amongst the Asian couples, this island is a perfect honeymoon getaway.
Price:  52,000 to 85,000 INR
Best Time:   December-January
Honeymoon Duration:  4 to 11 days
Activities:  Resort, Beach, Spa, Island, Shopping, Cruise, Nightlife, Park, Diving, Sightseeing, History, Sailing

Honeymooner's paradise, Mauritius is a miraculously aesthetic spot with turquoise water beaches, exotic sea treasures and enticing landscapes. Common among the Asian couples, this island country is a leisure paradise
Price:  31,000 to 120,000 INR
Best Time:   November-February
Honeymoon Duration:  3 to 12 days
Activities:  Resort, Island, Spa, Beach, Cruise, Diving, Coral Reef, Coral reefs, Scuba Diving, Nightlife, Park, History

If a honeymoon is supposed to be spent in a secluded, intimate and a mesmerizing setting, then Maldives is just the place. It is characterized by crystal clear turquoise waters, azure blue lagoons and underwater treasures
Price:  55,000 to 70,000 INR
Best Time:   October-May
Honeymoon Duration:  7 to 9 days
Activities:  History, River, Cruise, Temple, Music, Resort, Tomb, Arts, Museum, Beach, Valley, Festival

Egypt is an ancient wonder situated amidst the banks of River Nile and myriad of historical monuments. Most Asian couples zero in this destination for a unique honeymoon.
Price:  80,000 to 200,000 INR
Best Time:   October-June
Honeymoon Duration:  6 to 20 days
Activities:  Forest, Stream, Safari, Wildlife, Music, History, Park, River, Mountain, Beach, Markets, National Park

Price:  150,000 to 250,000 INR
Best Time:   September-April
Honeymoon Duration:  4 to 30 days
Activities:  Stream, Beach, History, Shopping, Music, Island, Park, Wildlife, Markets, River, Forest, Mountain

A perfect honeymoon location, Australia has a plethora of destinations for couples and some of the most fascinating landscapes in the world. This is a prime choice for most Asian Honeymooners.
Price:  65,000 to 72,000 INR
Best Time:   April-October
Honeymoon Duration:  5 days
Activities:  Island, Resort, Temple, Markets, History, Shopping, Beach, Nightlife, Music, Massage, Forest, Spa

A romantic getaway, Indonesia is characterized by enticing wildlife, pervading mysticism and pristine landscapes. A destination loved by most of the Asian couples, this is a cozy place to celebrate the initial days of your new life.
Price:  18,000 to 50,000 INR
Best Time:   March-June
Honeymoon Duration:  5 to 12 days
Activities:  Temple, Resort, History, Monastery, Trekking, Festival, Music, River, Forest, Valley, Mountain, Palace

Bhutan is a unique blend of fascinating culture and beguiling mountain valleys known for their natural beauty. With some of the best places to visit and experiences to cherish, Bhutan is a hot spot for Honeymoon among the newlyweds from Asia.
Price:  35,000 to 80,000 INR
Best Time:   September-November
Honeymoon Duration:  5 to 6 days
Activities:  Nightlife, History, Resort, Beach, Church, Massage, River, Shopping, Palace, Island, Festival, Markets

Fantasying a cozy honeymoon where you could witness romantic landscapes and visit temples, then Cambodia is the perfect place. newlyweds from Asia enjoy their initial days here, thus making it a famous honeymoon destination.
Price:  28,000 to 70,000 INR
Best Time:   October-April
Honeymoon Duration:  4 to 7 days
Activities:  Shopping, Festival, Malls, Beach, Park, Island, Safari, Desert Safari, Palace, Massage, Cruise, Resort

A sparkling gem in the desert, Dubai is an amazing landmark in world class shopping extravaganza, unparalleled architectural splendor and alluring landscapes. Most Asian couples who like to spend a luxurious honeymoon often plan it to Dubai
New Zealand
Price:  170,000 to 350,000 INR
Best Time:   September-April
Honeymoon Duration:  6 to 30 days
Activities:  Stream, Church, Island, Beach, History, Shopping, Park, Wildlife, Lake, Resort, Diving, Cruise

A mesmerizing wonderland, New Zealand boasts of a myriad collection of awe-inspiring landscapes, regal wild life and exotic marine life. Explore the honeymoon destinations of New Zealand and make the best memories of your life
Price:  75,000 to 135,000 INR
Best Time:   January-December
Honeymoon Duration:  4 to 8 days
Activities:  Beach, Island, Seaside resorts, Scenic Point, Swimming

Price:  75,000 to 150,000 INR
Best Time:   April-July
Honeymoon Duration:  5 to 10 days
Activities:  Leisure

Rich historical sites, sandy beaches, scenic mountain ranges and valleys that bear impeccable beauty is all that you can find in the romantic country of Turkey. Looking for a place that has everything and every place that you would like to visit? Get ready for the most adventurous, romantic and the best time in Turkey.
Price:  5,500 to 90,000 INR
Best Time:   April-June
Honeymoon Duration:  3 to 12 days
Activities:  Temple, Resort, Music, History, Forest, Hill Station, Valley, Trekking, River, Lake, Festival, Mountain

Himachal Pradesh is endowed with mesmerizing scenic beauty. The magnificent hills and valleys are things to look out for as these add aura of romance in the fresh air
Price:  6,000 to 45,000 INR
Best Time:   October-April
Honeymoon Duration:  3 to 9 days
Activities:  Forest, Temple, Resort, History, Beach, Waterfalls, hill, Festival, Music, River, Hill Station, Waterfall

Sikkim - Gangtok - Darjeeling
Price:  9,000 to 45,000 INR
Best Time:   September-June
Honeymoon Duration:  4 to 15 days
Activities:  Lake, Resort, Trekking, History, Monastery, Temple, Festival, Forest, Valley, River, Himalayas, Mountain

North East is a splendid spot endowed with pervading serenity, lush green landscapes and enticing cultural appeal. All these qualities make it one of the top notch honeymoon destinations for the newlyweds from Asia.
Tamil Nadu
Price:  5,000 to 30,000 INR
Best Time:   April-June
Honeymoon Duration:  2 to 8 days
Activities:  Temple, History, Forest, Arts, Hill Station, Festival, Dam, Park, Resort, River, Wildlife, Waterfalls

Tamil Nadu is one of the most fascinating places for the newlyweds with aesthetic landscapes, rich cultural diversity and Dravidian culture. Being fond of this destination, most Asian couples like to visit it for a perfect start of their new lives.
Price:  40,000 to 100,000 INR
Best Time:   April-September
Honeymoon Duration:  4 to 15 days
Activities:  Beach, Island, Zoos, Festival, Gardens, Palace, Eco tours, National Park, Sightseeing, Temple, Massage, Wildlife Sanctury

With serene surroundings and an aura of romance, Bali is one honeymoon destination that brings love to life. Being a vibrant island with exquisite landscapes and sandy beaches, it is a major attraction among couples from Asia
Price:  40,000 to 249,900 INR
Best Time:   April-September
Honeymoon Duration:  4 to 8 days
Activities:  Leisure

A romantic country of blue waters and composed beaches, Greece has all that a newly wed couple yearns for. With dimly lit evenings and delicious cocktails, couples have the best time of their lives here
Price:  115,500 to 130,000 INR
Best Time:   September-November
Honeymoon Duration:  6 to 7 days
Activities:  Leisure

Serene, exotic and the most romantic destination, France is a hub for honeymooners. Most of the tourists come here with their new partners to spend their time in luxury and romance
Price:  110,000 to 135,000 INR
Best Time:   January-December
Honeymoon Duration:  6 to 7 days
Activities:  Leisure

An exquisite natural scenery, exotic spas, rich cultural heritage and villages with picturesque views make Switzerland one of the most romantic destinations for the couples. Newlyweds are most attracted to this destination as it offers a lot to them during these days.
Price:  100,000 to 115,000 INR
Best Time:   September-October
Honeymoon Duration:  6 to 7 days
Activities:  Leisure

The picturesque and breathtaking beauty of Italy has made it a top notch destination for the honeymooners. The country of incredible landscapes, rich culture, astounding foods and wines make the perfect mix of memories for couples

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