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Mount Abu

Packages start from

Rs. 4,000 per person

Best time to visit

January - December

Recommended stay

2 to 4 days

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About Mount Abu

A perfect destination for lovers and worth enjoying for families, Mount Abu has something or the other in stored for everyone. With the picturesque landscapes and the glorious lake, this city is perfect weekend escapade. Pilgrims also visit this city as one can find famous temples like the Dilwara Jain Temple, Adhar Devi and Gaumukh here. The Trevor's Crocodile Park is also a spot that is visited by most tourists. The Nakki lake is the most attractive part of this city as one can enjoy boating and click perfect pictures here. With all this and much more, Mount Abu is one city that calls for National and foreign tourists all over the year.

Places To See

This small village in Rajmachi houses the Achalgarh Fort. It is situated around 11 km away from Mount Abu. The fort has both historic and religious significance. Originally built by kings of the Parmara dynasty, it was later reconstructed at Achalgarh in 1452 AD by the Mewar king, Rana Kumbha.

The Achaleshwar Hamadev Temple
Located in the premises of Achalgarh Fort, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Footprints of the lord are imprinted on a holy rock located in the temple. There is also a huge brass statue of Lord Shiva's bull, Nandi, along with stone structures of three large buffaloes. There are also a few Jain temples within the fort.

The Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University
Mount Abu is the headquarters of Brahma Kumaris, the socio-spiritual educational institution which now has branches across the globe. The university is under the administration of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization. The spiritual university was established in 1936 with an aim of spreading universal peace and brotherhood.
Tip: Courses of meditation, yoga and spirituality are held here and are open to all.

The Adhar Devi Temple
Dedicated to Goddess Durga, the temple enjoys a scenic location on a high peak in Mount Abu. It is in fact, set in a cave and devotees have to climb 365 steps into the mountain, with each step symbolizing a day in a year. The strenuous journey seems to have little impact on the devotees who come in large numbers to pay their obeisance to the goddess.

Dilwara Jain Temples
These temples were built between 11th century and13th century and are one of the major attractions in Mount Abu. Carved out of white marble, these five temples are considered to be the most beautiful Jain temples in the state of Rajasthan. All five temples are unique in themselves and each one is named after a village in the state. The five temples are the Luna Vasahi Temple Vimal Vasahi Temple, the Khartar Vasahi Temple, the Peethalhar Temple, and Shri Mahaveer Swami Temple.

The Guru Dattatreya Temple
This temple is located at the Guru Shikhar Peak. It is dedicated to Guru Dattatreya. There are some other temples located on this mountain including the Mira Temple Shiva Temple, and the Chamundi Temple. The mountain is also a home to the Mount Abu Observatory, which is used for ground-based infrared observations of celestial objects.

Things To Do

Nakki Lake
This lake is a major attraction for both locals and tourists. Located on an elevation of 1200 m, the lake is a serene place set against the backdrop of picturesque hills. The name 'Nakki' traces its origin to a legend according to which the lake was dug by nakhs (nails) by Gods to guard themselves from demons. Another legend has it that the lake was dug in one night by Rasiya Balam, a sculpture of Dilwara Jain Temples.
Tip: A number or rocky mountains surround the lake where you can indulge in a range of adventure activities such as hiking and rock climbing. You can also enjoy boating on the calm and tranquil waters of the lake.

The Sunset Point lies to the south-west of Nakki Lake. The setting of the sun is a delight to watch against the backdrop of the rocky mountains. You can watch the sky take on different hues of orange, yellows and purples as the sun sets into the distant horizon.
Tip: Before or after going to the Sunset Point, you can also visit the nearby Honeymoon Point where shops and vendors sell artefacts, souvenirs such as miniature wooden idols, trinkets and toys, and other sundry items.

Abu Road
Abu Road is a city which is situated south-east of Mount Abu. It is the largest city in the Sirohi district and is set near the Banas River at an average elevation of 263 m. There are several attractions in the city including Ganesh Mandir, Brahma Kumari Ashram, the Chandravati Temple and the Bhadrakali Temple.

Datda Sea World
Considered to be the biggest aquarium in India, Data Sea World is situated on the road leading to Dilwara Temples in Mount Abu. You can view a huge collection of fishes and sea shells as well as a large variety of fishes have been imported from other countries. There is also a museum in the premises, which showcases more than10, 000 shells of different sizes and sizes.

Doodh Baori
Located at the foothills of the Adhar Devi Temple, Doodh Baori is a sacred well and an important religious site in Mount Abu. The name 'Doodh Baori' comes from the fact that the water in the well has a distinct milk-like color. The water is believed to have curative powers.

The Guru Shikhar Peak
This is the highest mount peak in the Aravalli region and is located at a distance of 15 km from Mount Abu, at a height of 1722 meters. From here, you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the entire Aravalli range of mountains.