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      Located in Ajmer district in the Indian State of Rajasthan, the city Kishangarh is situated 18 miles north-west of Ajmer and 90 km distant from the royal city of Jaipur. Some of the best places to visit in Kishangarh are Kishangarh Fort, Pitamber Ki Gaal (a picnic spot),

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      Nature has got a lot of adventure on the plate for us, it depends on how much hunger do we have to take it all. From diving into the sea and cenotes to surfing on the beach or hiking and biking It puts a broad smile on our face whenever we talk about exploring. Read more

      What is something that we all desire for a perfect getaway? The luxury of the journey begins from the moment we step into the royal cruises from Melbourne. The perfect setup of a cruise that makes sure that you are not devoid of any facility to give you the feel of a king will most definitely sway you. Read more

      A museum is the pride of its city, displaying all the alluring arts to the rich culture in the form of a sculpture or a painting or anything, it serves multiple purposes. Whether the museum is a science museum or has historic artifacts stored in it. They act as a great learning tool as they possess a lot of knowledge for the visitors to grasp. Read more

      Found in 1839, Austin was named after Stephen F. Hawking who is considered to be the father of Texas. Austin is an inland city that borders the hill country region and is the state capital of Texas. Scroll through and read about all the spellbinding places to visit in Austin and get amazed by the ultimate beauty of the place. Hiking, biking, Read more

      Mexico is a beautiful country in the southern part of North America and is regarded as the fifth largest country in America. Mexico is the place with the largest number of museums in the world. When in Mexico, there is no chance of you getting bored. There are a lot of theatres to engage yourself in the story and watch the amazing acting by some of the most talented actors.

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      Imagine having an exotic wedding with your partner, taking vows for a lifetime with your partner, ‘a thousand years’ playing as background music and holding the hands of your loved one in your dream destination, puts the adrenaline in the back of our throats, doesn't it? So hold your breaths as we are listing the top 6 wedding venues in Costa Rica to get you dreaming. Read more

      Which place pops up in your mind when we talk about the beautiful beaches, the serene river, and the Buddhist Pagodas? It most definitely has to be Vietnam. Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country on the South China sea. Read more

      The city of Los Angeles, generally called by the name L.A is the most populated city in California and the second most populated city in the United States of America. Scroll through and read about 7 amazing places to visit in Los Angeles in September. The glitz and glamour of the city can be seen in many movies and web series. Read more

      It would be a disgrace to the ethnicity of the city if we visit Austin and leave without exploring the churches. The positivity and aura of the church remove all our foul thoughts and makes us feel refreshed. We are listing 10 churches in Austin that you must visit for a wonderful experience. Austin is an inland city that encircles the Hill country region and is also the capital of Texas. It is home to more than 800 churches, some of the churches are seen to be residing in Austin for more than 100 years. It respects the religious views of people. If you are looking for the best time to visit Austin, it starts from the months of September to November or from March to May as the pleasant weather spreads the smile on the face of its travelers. You can also witness the ineffable beauty of the music festival, be a part of Halloween and Austin film festival if you plan to visit Austin during the months of September to November. The weather kicks the fun and therefore it becomes the best time to visit. Make sure that you have already secured your accommodation 2-3 months prior to your visit to ensure the best price.

      Churches In Austin

      So, if you have been tired of exploring the fun places and wandering down the hurly-burly markets of Austin, you can finally find the solace and have the pious opportunity to discover the churches, so be prepared to spend some quiet time in the churches in Austin, Texas.

      1. Gateway Church

      gateway church austin
      Image Source If you are looking for some non-denominational churches in Austin, you should definitely check the Gateway Church. There is a praise band consisting of young amateurs playing who will join you while you connect to the Almighty. They also serve free lemonade and coffee to its visitors. The church will accept you for who you truly are. You may really enjoy the Pastors and Sermons. Address: 7104 McNeil Dr, Austin, TX 78729, USA

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      2. The First Austin

      The First Austin
      Image Source The First Austin is the first and one of the most famous Baptised Churches in Austin, Texas. The major motive of the church is to create a sensation and produce like-minded thinking in people so that they spread out the word help and be a minor part of the major doing by God. There are a lot of activities that will keep the devotion and love alive within you. You can also find a library to sit and read, a music band playing and a theatre. Address: 901 Trinity St, Austin, TX 78701, USA

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      3. The Austin Stone- Downtown

      The Austin Stone
      Image Source This church is best known for the teaching that it provides. The community of the church is very nice but it can get hard at times when the number of people increases and reaches approximately a thousand but the major job of the church is to create a loop and interaction between its members. They have a lot of programs and events, the music is great and will make you feel directly connected to the Savior. Address: 500 E St Johns Ave, Austin, TX 78752, USA

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      4. Grace Covenant Church

      Image Source If you are a believer and want to connect yourself with God, you can not find a church more perfect than this one. The church helps you to nurture and grow your relationship with God. The Pastor does not coat Christianity with sugar instead it presents it in the true form. The church also has a parent room and it also arranges some events for your little kids every Sunday. Address: 9431 Jollyville Rd, Austin, TX 78759, USA

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      5. Hill Country Bible Church

      Hill Country Bible Church
      Image Source Hill Country Bible Church is regarded as one of the most welcoming and warm churches in Austin. The church respects the feeling of its visitor and does not put any pressure for participation, it completely depends on you how much time can you devote to this church. The messages by the Pastors are pleasurable to ears and can definitely make you feel like home. Address: 12124 Ranch Rd 620 N, Austin, TX 78750, USA

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      6. New Life Austin Church

      New Life Austin Church
      Image Source The major motive of New Life Church in Austin is to spread the teachings or revelation of Christ. One must witness the boundless power of Christ and be a part of his work. This is a great place if you want to enhance your relationship with God or others. So make sure to pay a visit before you leave. Address: 3200 Century Park Blvd, Austin, TX 78727, USA

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      7. Vox Veniae

      church gathering vox venie austin
      Image Source Some times, its people who matter more than the place, Vox Veniae is the most extravagant church that you can ever visit. The place is very warm and feels like home. The connection between its members is very strong. You may witness the beauty of the art, music and the teachings of the Bible. You can experience the diversity of the crowd and the friendly nature they possess. You can not miss a chance to be part of something as intriguing as this Church. Address: 3106 E 14th 1/2 St, Austin, TX 78702, USA

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      8. Austin Ridge Bible Church

      Austin Ridge Bible Church
      Image Source There’s absolutely no way that you visit the church and not be surprised by its beauty. The church is quite huge and has a lot of people attending. The music is melodious and is pleasurable to our ears, the worship is phenomenal and it feels like you are directly making a connection with God. The church has a lot of activities and games related to the Almighty. Address: 9300 Bee Caves Rd, Austin, TX 78733

      9. The Vine

      The Vine
      Image Source The Vine is regarded as one of the best churches in Austin. It is a Christ-centered church that spreads message based on the church and has a laid-back atmosphere, they will accept you as you are. The community is very welcoming and you will feel homely with the people around. The Church readers refresh the minds of people with their readings from the Bible. Address: 3700 Convict Hill Rd, Austin, TX 78749, USA

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      10. Riverbend Church

      Riverbend Church
      Image Source The church is beautiful and is spread over a large area, the Church is specifically loved by the children due to the play area that it provides. There are a large Basketball court and many indoor playing. You would surely love this place and would have an urge to visit here again. Address: 4214 N Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin, TX 78746, USA

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      So, if you are looking to connect to God and feel his highness, you should definitely check out the churches in Austin to visit. Experience the pureness and form connections with people who share your interests and beliefs. Plan a trip to the USA and book your tickets right away. For a hassle-free and a relaxed trip book your trip with TravelTriangle and escape in the beauty of Nature. People Also Read

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