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The city of Los Angeles, generally called by the name L.A is the most populated city in California and the second most populated city in the United States of America. Scroll through and read about 7 amazing places to visit in Los Angeles in September. The glitz and glamour of the city can be seen in many movies and web series. Los Angeles is renowned for its Hollywood, entertainment industry and its climate of dry summers and mild wet winters. Los Angeles is situated in the large Basin which has a Pacific ocean on one end and by gigantic mountains on the other. The city of dreams, Los Angeles is home to the people who wish to come on TV. Many of the Hollywood hits and most trending series are being shot in the city.

Los Angeles In September: Places To Visit

Los Angel has a Mediterranean form of climate. A lot of sunshine falls on the heavenly city to fill it with energy and liveliness. The best time to visit Los Angeles is from the months of March to May and from September to November. Los Angeles’ weather in September is the best The pure air and low humidity make it a great time for travelers to visit the city during this time. Here are the 7 places that you can visit in Los Angeles in September 2023.

1. Disneyland


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Imagine all the characters running out from the books, the fairy tales and whatnot surrounding you for real, no matter how old we grow, we always had an urge to meet the fictional characters so now is the time that you do it. Step into the magical land and be a part of the stories that you have been hearing. Wander through the jungles, sail with the water rat. Let all your Disney dreams come true. If you are visiting Los Angeles in September its a brownie point as the weather remains pleasant and you can make the most of this trip.

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2. Aquarium Of The Pacific

Aquarium of the Pacific

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The marine world is so unique, so different that it almost excites us every time to know more about it. It is so intriguing that it almost sways us about the epic creation. Diving and getting to know about underwater life is cool but also has some age barriers, now imagine coming face to face with creatures as dangerous as sharks and many meat feeding creatures inside the water. There is a shark lagoon with more than 150 sharks in it. You can also see cute sea turtles, clownfish, jellyfish.

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3. Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

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Regarded as one of the most huge natural museums in the Western United States. People who find an interest in history will definitely love this place. Although the museum has a number of galleries and covers diversified forms of topics, its collection of dinosaur will leave in a state of aww. The Museum provides a lot of experiences and learnings about the evolution, the drastic change in climate and their migration (if any).

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4. Universal Studio, Hollywood

Universal Studio

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Universal studio is a theme-based park and a film studio in Los Angeles, California. Universal is still one of the oldest and finest Hollywoodstudioso which is still loved by people for its productions. From films like Jurrasic park to series like American dreams, Universal has maintained its dignity for a long time. You can take adventurous rides which are inspired by films and live shows. You can roam around and get to know about the world’s largest production studio. You can splurge on the shops that are present in Universal CityWalk. Dine with your loved ones and cinemas.

You can happily spend one or two days of your trip to L.A. Be prepared that the line for Universal park is going to be long and the place is usually crowded.

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5. Griffith Park & Observatory

Griffith Park

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Griffith Park is the largest state park in California and is situated in the Eastern part of Santa Monica Mountains. The park is said to provide shelter to the animals and birds in Los Angeles Zoo. You can take your time and explore the park peacefully without any haste. The Griffith observatory has different sorts of activities to keep you entertained like a planetarium to observe and increase your knowledge. A Greek theatre, hiking trails if you want to hike it up. It also has a riding center, a golf court, and a tennis court. You can take a closer and more beautiful look at the sun with the help of the solar telescope.

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6. The Getty Center

The Getty Center

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The beautiful red cherry blossom tree, surrounded with greenery situated in the hilltop of Santa Monica mountains, The Getty Center is a large complex sprawled over 110 acres of land. The building is wonderfully designed which goes a lot with the museum. The museum is bliss for artistic people. An artist can smell the alluring designs handing in the form of paintings. There are various sculptures and decorative arts. The museum also embraces the unique photography from the 19th and 20th century. This is a must-visit place for all the art savvy out there. If you are planning to visit Los Angeles, do not forget to visit this place.

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7. Santa Monica

Santa Monica

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Santa Monica is a perfect destination that is elegantly and stylishly fashionable as well as relaxed and easy-going. It has been entertaining people with a diverse form of interests like surfing and skateboarding, it is also regarded as a great place for all the health-fanatics to indulge in the great culture of Yoga. The great Ferris Wheel is a personifier of nature and is something that you should not miss. People go crazy just to have a seat on the Ferris wheel and to enjoy the ride. All the compulsive shoppers can go crazy and can splurge on shopping. There are high brand shops to high-end unique boutiques providing a wide variety of options to its visitors. Enjoy the bike ride along the waterfront or simply wander through the streets and watch people passing by.

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The scenic beauty of many iconic films and one of the most visited cities in the world is Los Angeles, the ineffable beauty is hard to chalk down into words. Make a note of the places to visit in Los Angeles in September. Where the Hollywood resides, the city which nurtures millions of dreams and embraces it should be appreciated as much as it deserves to. Now when you are aware of all the things to do in Los Angeles in September why stay away from the pleasure? Plan a trip to the USA right away.

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