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    Cover Image

    Kannur, also known as Cannanore is located in the north region of Kerala; it is known for ... Read more

    Dotted with beaches, monuments, temples, ancient forts, and scenic picnic spots Kannur is ... Read more

    Best Hotels in Kannur

    Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

    Kannur, located at the northern side of Keral... Read more

    Places near Kannur

    Are you looking for tourist attractions in Kannur? Here we provide a list of carefully sel... Read more

    Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

    The city Kannur is considered as the crown of the paradise called Kerala. As soon as you e... Read more

    True to its name which means, "The land of Paddy fields", Kannur is one of the most beauti... Read more

    Hills and hearts start with the same letter and perhaps that is why hills are so close to ... Read more


    In God's land, Kerala is a place called Kannur, which is famous for the number of places o... Read more