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The Muthappan Temple, also called Parassini Madappura Sree Mutthappan Temple, is beautifully located near the Valapattanam river bank in Kerala. The Hindu temple is dedicated to Sree Muthappan, a God who is part Lord Vishnu and part Lord Shiva. The shrine welcomes people from any background and its unique rituals and customs have never been heard in any temple before. Dogs roam without restrictions, and the rules-free temple welcomes everyone, regardless of religion or caste.

Legend Behind Muthappan Temple’s Location

Muthappan temple is located in a sacred place

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The story of why the temple was built is a fantastic one. There was once a mysterious child who roamed around a region. After which the child disappeared into thin air, a chain of events took place. During the time of events, the locals felt like Sree Muthappan was close to them. This is when they decided to construct a temple to worship the god and Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple came into existence. The temple is called a Malappuram rather than a kshetra because the former is a place of worship, whereas the latter means a holy location.

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Divine Deity At The Parassini Muthappan Temple

Madappura Muthappan, a statue of an incarnation of Lord Vishnu

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Sree Muthappan is the prime deity of the temple, which takes two forms: one of Thiruvappana and the other of Vellatom. He is said to be the embodiment of both forms. Thiruvappana is Lord Vishnu, and Vellatom is Lord Shiva. Muthappan Theyyam is a dance form that has been portrayed throughout his entire life, and this temple showcases this every day. This temple is known all over the world for this art form that is symbolic, culturally deep, and beautiful. The deity is offered food items such as toddy and fish, which is different from all other Hindu temples. The temple has two bronze dog statues at the temple’s entrance. They act as protectors of Sree Muthappan.

Story Of Sree Muthappan

The Parassini Muthappan temple has an interesting backstory

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Sree Muthappan appeared as a baby one day at Ayyankara Devan and Padikutty Anthrajan’s home in North Malabar. He was well taken care of, converted to a Brahmin through upanayanam, and was taught the Epics and Vedas. When he grew up, he showcased supernatural powers. He saw everyone as equal, hunted animals and brought them to his home where it was prohibited. Enraged, his father threw him out of the house. Sree Muthappan then left and decided to help the poor. He fought against injustice and untouchability. He ensured people from low caste could perform rituals at temples he built.

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How To Reach?

Kannur railway station is one way to reach Parassinikadavu Sri Muthappan Temple

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The temple is located in Kannur District in Kerala, which is easily accessible and connected. You can conveniently reach the temple by deboarding at Kannur railway station, which is just 20 km away. The nearest airport is the Kannur International Airport, which is only 35 km away. If you are coming from Calicut International Airport at Kozhikode, then the temple is 136 km away.

Madapurra Muthappan Timings

Parassini Muthappan temple timings are the same every day

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The Madapurra Muthappan temple welcomes visitors from 5:00 AM to 12:00 PM and from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM every day, with the exception of Sundays, when it is open from 5:00 AM to 1:00 PM and from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. It’s important to note that the temple’s schedule may vary during festivals and special occasions, so it’s advisable to reach out to the temple trust for the most up-to-date timings.

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Remarkable Facts Of Muthappan Temple

Muthappan temple has many amazing facts

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  • Anyone of any faith, country, and caste can enter this temple and worship. The temple promotes ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’ which means the whole world is one unified family.
  • Sree Muthappan is considered a rebel God because he drinks palm wine and roasted fish.
  • The God is depicted in hunter’s clothing with a bow and arrow because that is how he left his home after his father threw him out.
  • There is no dress code to enter this temple so you can wear what you feel comfortable.
  • You can interact with God and share your troubles with him. He will then provide an answer.
  • All dogs are welcome in this temple as they are considered sacred.
  • Devotees can perform deeparadhana by lighting a lamp in the temple premises. Sree Muthappan blesses every devotee who does this.

Festival Of Parassinikadavu Sri Muthappan Temple

Puthari thiruvappana is celebrated at Muthappan Temple

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The main festival Puthari Thiruvappana or Muthappan Thiruvappana is held annually at Parassinikadavu Sri Muthappan Temple. The harvest festival involves offering puthari or rice crops to the Madappura. A big feast takes place. The date of the festival is based on the Malayalam calendar. It is always celebrated on the 16th day of the Malayalam month, known as Vrischikam. Usually, the festival’s commencement date is 1st or 2nd December. The Muthuppan Thiruvappana festival lasts for two days. In the evening the Muthappan Vellattam performance takes place. At night, the Kalasam Ezhunnallathu takes place.

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Rituals At The Muthappan Temple

Ritual at Muthappan Madappura.

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Generally, the Sreekovil Nada is open at 4:00 am. A procession with thalavadyas takes place whereby traditional musical instruments are used and a performance occurs. This includes bringing the holy statue, the thiruroopam, to Sreekovil. Sree Muthappan then converses with Madayan and connects with him so that he can do what the god wishes. The deity is offered today. Theyyam is also performed daily, and men wear colourful costumes and masks to represent the clash between good and evil. Good succeeds in defeating evil.


 Pooja bell in mandir

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You can make different types of offerings. The details of each type of offering and their charges are as follows.


This offering is made early in the morning. Its other names are valiyamutappan, cheriya muthappan and vellatom. The ritual celebrates both forms of the Muthappans. The charge for this offering is Rs. 50.

Ottum Vellatam

This ritual is celebrated along with Thiruvappana Adiyanthiram but can be celebrated independently. Steamed grains, arrack, vechooty, neekari, roasted fish, vecharimgat, and toddy are offered. The Madayan dances with the devotees who share their problems while Madayan patiently listens and offers the answers. The fee for this is Rs. 30.

Payamkutti Vellattam

Only Vannans, Adiyans, and Thiyyas can perform this ritual. It involves offering roasted fish, coconut, toddy, and cooked grains. The charge for this offering is Rs. 20.


This ritual involves offering coconut, roasted fish, toddy, and cooked grains to the Muthappan. Vannans, Thiyyas, and Adiyans can perform this ritual only. The fee for this offering is Rs. 10.


This ritual is only done by the person who conducts Thiruvappana, and must be done in Madappuras. He fills up a cask of liquor and offers it to Muthappan. You can observe this ritual and eliminate any issues you experience due to your enemies. The fee for this is Rs. 40.


The ceremony of feeding rice to a child for the first time is called choroon or choroonu in Malayalam. You can make an offering to celebrate this occasion at Rs. 40.

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Amenities At Muthappan Temple

Pooja thali in a mandir.

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If you are a devotee, you can get free accommodation from Parassini Madappura, but it is a good idea to contact them in advance to ensure space is available. There are two halls available, one for men and the other for women. They also provide sleeping mats so the devotees can sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed. You can also choose from other accommodation facilities within 10 km of the temple.

  • Hotel Polariz
  • Well View Residency
  • Hotel Sneha Inn
  • Tamarind KTDC Easy Hotel
  • Chamba Homestay
  • Fairmont Inn
  • Kairali Heritage Resort

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Plan your trip to Kerala now that you know all the important things about the Muthappan Temple. This gem from God’s country will be an unforgettable experience for you and your family. You can go there anytime and stay at the free accommodation provided because the divine energy is always present. Go ahead and plan your trip today!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Muthappan Temple

What is Madappura?

It is the temple or shrine where Sree Muthappan is worshipped. There are many such shrines in Kerala but Parassinikadavu Sri Muthappan Temple is the most popular.

What is the Muthappan temple most famous for

It is famous for its location, unique rituals, welcoming nature, and the dance form Muthappan Theyyam.

When was Sree Muthappan born?

He was born during Kali Yuga.

What is special about Parassinikadavu temple?

Everyone can worship there, there is no dress code, you can interact with God, and dogs are welcome in the temple premises.

Who is Muthappan’s father?

Sree Muthappan’s father’s name is Ayyankara Devan and he was a Brahmin.

Which God’s avatar is Muthappan?

He is said to be an incarnation of two gods; Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

Who is Muthappan’s wife?

There is no record of him being married as he was always busy helping the poor and needy.

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