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    • Holiday packages
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      In Malay, the term Pasir Ris stands for beach bolt rope. Apart from the scenic beauty of this town in Singapore, visitors can indulge in pony rides, watersports, cycling, inline skating, barbeque rental, and et al. Read more

      Hambantota is a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka. Even though the coastal area was badly hit by the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, this city was rebuilt to grow into the 2nd major Sri Lankan city Read more

      Being a major city of the island nation Sri Lanka’s Uva Province, Badulla has its administrative importance. Read more

      Sri Lanka is popular among the tourists seeking to explore historical ruins, calm beaches, monuments, lush green forests, and flora and fauna. While exploring this country, you must plan a visit to Kalutara. Also known as Kalutota, Kalutara is a major city in the island nation, Sri Lanka. It is popular for producing the Mangosteens, a fruit that had been introduced from Malaysia in the 19th century. Besides thrill-inducing adventure, this place is also famous for serving a variety of food to the visitors. That is perhaps the main reason that tourists like visiting this destination time and again. Most restaurants in Kalutara are well equipped with the latest amenities and facilities. Foodies keep traveling across the city for a great taste of recipes served in the popular restaurants.

      Top 10 Kalutara Restaurants

      Being a popular tourist destination, Sri Lankan restaurants serve all types of cuisines. If you crave for the perfect dining experience offered among the restaurants in Kalutara, explore the below mentioned 10 restaurants: [ls_content_block id="222042"]

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      You can explore an array of restaurants to choose from in Kalutara, Sri Lanka. The above mentioned top-ranking Kalutara restaurants introduce you to the meals which are prepared from the locally grown spices. They guarantee you an authentic Sri Lankan flavor. Make sure to savor these culinary delights on your trip to Sri Lanka .

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      Sri Lanka is blessed with rainforests, arid plains, highlands and sandy beaches. Read more

      The island nation of Sri Lanka has recently emerged into a fast growing Asian tourist destination. Those of you planning a visit to Sri Lanka shouldn’t ignore Hambantota, a relatively unknown destination situated in the southern province of the country. Read more

      Kimberley is almost thrice of England’s size. This ancient landscape, which covers thousands of acres of land, is sadly also the world’s last forms of an independent wildlife land. Be ready to find abundant wildlife, yawning canyons, fresh swimming holes, and several outback stations. Here’s an exhaustive list of things to do in Kimberley .

      Top 13 Things To Do In Kimberley

      Despite being a remote area, it's also a place to find tasty food, friendly locals and romantic beach towns on the globe. We’ve shortlisted top 13 things to do in Kimberley: [ls_content_block id="222116"]

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      Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

      Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice. [metaslider id=57769]
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      We hope this list helps you to find that motivation to take a few weeks off from the dreary office hours. Book a trip to South Africa and check out these famous things to do in Kimberley. Happy sightseeing! People Also Read

      Looking To Book A Holiday Package?

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      Located in the Atlantic coastline, Portugal is a land of historic discoveries, richly influenced by the various civilizations in the past. It has become a platform for the discovery of the new era world. Read more

      Seven hundred or so coral based islands situated deep in the Atlantic, with radiant shorelines and in, stackable blue skies, the Bahamas is lavish and gorgeous. Read more

      A bustling commercial hub”  and “sharp, kind-hearted, and family and fun-loving” are two phrases that pretty much sum up Ahmedabad and an Amdavadi. But the ‘commercial hub’ tag has hardly kept an Ahmedabadi from enjoying the life with family or friends.

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      South Africa is a country blessed with an abundance of natural resources, a benevolent climate, and diversity in human population unseen in most countries of the world.

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      Udaipur, the City of Lakes, has left behind some major cities of the world to bag for itself the third position among the 15 best cities in the world. Following the two Mexican winners Read more

      It's time to talk about coffee and your favorite cozy abode in the buzzing Bangalore city. Once a peaceful and calm suburb, Bangalore is populated with places that brew tasty coffee, but some places just do it better. Here's a list of some of the best cafes in Bangalore where you can hang out with friends for those never-ending conversations or just sit in peace and finish that new novel you've recently grabbed. Read more

      It can be frustrating sometimes to realize how we need a Visa to go almost ANYWHERE. Well, we got news for you: It's NOT TRUE!

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      Verdant Aravalli Mountains, Nakki Lake, zigzag roads, and luxuriant forest trails welcome everyone in Mount Abu, which is Rajasthan’s only hill station. This scenic place has much to offer. From visiting heritage temples and forts to boating, camping, caving and watching wildlife; everything here promises a refreshing experience to your mind and soul. Read more

      Located in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka, Vavuniya is a home to several world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO. The town is located about 215 km from Colombo – capital of Sri Lanka. Vavuniya has witnessed immense turmoil during the internal wars between the Sri Lankan army and the LTTE. Read more

      Owing to its wide valleys, green countryside, snowcapped mountains, fast-flowing mountain streams, and easy-paced life, Bumthang is often referred to as the “Switzerland Read more

      Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu is a place that is enclosed by the magnificent nature around. Tucked in the deep environs of the Ghats, Coimbatore is a place encircled with the best of South India. Ooty, Tiruppur, Palakkad, Pollachi, and Mettupalayam the places encompassing the best tourist places near Coimbatore.

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