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About Udipi

Nestled amidst Western Ghats on the east and Arabian Sea on the West, Udipi is a land of ethereal beauty. It is also called as 'Parshuram Srishti' and is extremely popular for
its rich cultural inheritance. Udipi is the birth place of Sri Madhavacharya who established Astha Mathas which is one of the main pilgrim sites of the State.
It is presumed that the name is a combination of two Sanskrit words Udu means stars and Pi means stars. Udipi has a lot to offer to tourists in the form of hill chains, never ending beaches,
pure forests, architectural buildings and extremely hospitable people. Spirit worship known as Bhuta kola and Snake worship known as Nagaradhane are the most important cultural traditions in Udupi.
A story does the rounds that the statue of Sri Krishna, installed in Udupi by Sri Madhavacharya, was made by Sri Krishna himself out of Shaligram stone.
Udupi railway station lies on the Konkan Railway line connecting Mangalore to Mumbai. Nearest airport is Mangalore Airport which is well connected with other cities in India. Private and public buses
regularly ply from Udupi to other major metros in the country.
-Malpe beach is around 6 km from Udipi and is an ideal picnic place with its virtuous beach. The inexplicably beautiful golden sand with gracefully swinging palm trees and the clean blue sky with the
ripple of the sea is an ideal place for spending one's vacation.
-There is a famous Chandramoulishwar temple which attracts huge number of devotees from all over. According to the legends, the Moon God was once cursed by Daksh Prajapati and in order to get rid of the curse, the Moon underwent self mortification. God was pleased and he removed the curse of the Moon himself. The place has a famous Shiva temple.  

-Krishna temple: According to the legends, Kanakadasa an ardent believer of Lord Krishna was not allowed in the temple. The Lord pleased with his devotee turned the statue
in order to allow his disciple to regard the Lord's heavenly form through a little window at the back of the matha. This
window is called 'Kanakana Kindi'. It is a famous temple in which offerings start at 5 in the morning and continue the whole day.
-St. Mary's Island is a small and pretty island with natural rock formations and a beautiful sea. The water is crystal clear with golden sand.
-Sri Brahmi Durga Parmeshwari Temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga and attracts devotees in large number from the nearby regions.
-Holy Rosary Church is a famous church located at Udupi with an aesthetic splendour and architectural grace.