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    Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The existence of Egypt dates back to 5... Read more

    Summer In Egypt (Cover)

    Planning your summer vacation already? Summer in Egypt is highly hot, and dr... Read more

    Great Sphinx Of Giza

    Egypt, the land of pharaohs and pyramids never fails to amaze its visitors with its rich c... Read more

    mountain view in Egypt
    Tips To Visit Cairo cover

    Holding the heritage of the Pharaonic era to the reminiscents of the Islamic culture, Cair... Read more

    nightlife in egypt cover img

    Being an introvert or an extrovert doesn’t make really a difference when you have a party ... Read more

    The first few things that Egypt brings to one's mind are the old-world charm, majestic kings,... Read more

    Restaurants overlooking pyramids.

    Cairo, the spectacular capital city of Egypt, lies on terrains connecting Africa and Asia. It... Read more

    cover - shivani egypt

    Egypt had long been on Shivani’s mind. The mystical monuments, bizarre pyramids, Arabian t... Read more

    The first birthday after wedding is very special. With that said, there’s nothing quite li... Read more

    Beautiful Pyramids of Egypt

    The pyramids were built by the ancient Egyptians as a tomb to their Pharaohs and their queens. Bu... Read more

    Hiking trail in egypt

    Deserts offer a few of the best sceneries on Earth for adventure trips. Read more

    Egypt Travel Guide

    Luxor, a city in Upper Egypt is characterized as the ‘world’s greatest open-air museum’. This... Read more

    Best Beaches In Egypt

    Egypt is the country that links Africa to Asia. Part of the Arab world, Egypt is home to famo... Read more

    Shopping In Alexandria cover

    A gorgeous inner suburb in the south of Sydney, Alexandria is a little hub of varied experien... Read more


    Every year, millions of tourists visit Egypt to witness the pyramids and other important a... Read more

    Places Near Cairo

    There is no doubt that Cairo is one of the world’s megacities which is known for its rich his... Read more


    Regardless of what Egypt has been going through in the current yea... Read more

    Girl sitting in front of Abu Simbel temples

    Most of us must have heard about the Abu Simbel temple. It is basically a very ancient temple... Read more

    Places To Visit In Alexandria

    Named after Alexander the great, this marvellous and extravagant city of Alexandria was on... Read more

    Things To Do In Giza

    One of tourists' favorites in Egypt, Giza is established on the west bank of glorious river N... Read more

    Egypt In November cover

    Replete with iconic historical sites, scintillating beaches, vibrant wildlife and some of ... Read more

    Alexandria nightlife

    Alexandria is one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt. It stands as the personification ... Read more

    aswan things to do

    Perched on the banks of the shimmering Nile, Aswan has long stayed hidden from the greedy eye... Read more

    girl traveler in front of giza pyramid

    The country of Egypt is quite synonymous with scorching heat despite its beauty and soul-s... Read more