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      Perched on the Persian Gulf; Abu Dhabi is a fabulous holiday destination. Sun-kissed beaches, monuments and marvelous architecture, shopping malls and an array of thrilling water sports adorn the place, making it a favorite amongst travelers of all kinds. Read more

      I had 5 days to spend with my family and Dubai was one of the best places we could go for a short and fun holiday. Wanting an escape from my busy schedule, I decided to go ahead with the family vacation plan and was now looking for some assistance when it came to planning our trip on such short notice. My family and I wanted to cover as many attractions as possible and that too in an organized manner. Thankfully, Read more

      Planning a trip to Dubai and wondering what is on the platter for you? Well, worry not! With a combination of Iranian, Lebanese and Arabic food, the Dubai cuisine will only leave you craving for more. Read more

      In a bid to promote the rich Emirati culture, the tourism department of UAE is holding an exclusive Abu Dhabi week in Kochi and Kolkata. Read more

      An ever-evolving metropolis, Dubai is built with superlatives in mind, as the people of United Arab Emirates like things that are the biggest, largest, or tallest! Read more

      Travel to me is all about making friends with the locals and respecting their culture. It means exploring local food, transport, heritage, culture and making the most of everything you witness. It also means to visit place not for the sake of visiting but also exploring and learning from it. Read more

      A man-made marvel that resembles a palm tree, Palm Jumeirah was made by a real estate company from a series of artificial archipelagos. It is home to some of the finest resorts and restaurants in Dubai and has well-developed roads and public transport. There are quite a few attractions to visit and a host of activities that you can partake in while in Palm Jumeirah. Here is a list of places to visit in Palm Jumeirah.

      5 Places To Visit In Palm Jumeirah

      From getting high at the numerous beach clubs, enjoying a seafood platter at a seaside restaurant, splashing at the water parks, swimming with sharks, this place won’t disappoint.
      • Al Ittihad Park
      • Pro Art Gallery
      • The Lost Chambers Aquarium
      • Nasimi Beach
      • Al Sufouh Beach
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      Dubai Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

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      But the list does not end here. Besides spending time at these beautiful places in Palm Jumeirah, there are a host of other activities that you can do in this place that is a haven for vacationers. Giving you an adrenaline rush with a freefall above Palm Jumeirah, to going on exciting wildlife encounters, Palm Jumeirah does not disappoint its visitors. Taxis are available aplenty, and you can also take the monorail to move around. So, get going and spend a luxurious vacation in Dubai

      Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Palm Jumeirah

      Want to know more about this place? See these common queries:

      Q. Who is the owner of Palm Jumeirah?

      A. While the artificial island was developed by the real estate company Nakheel, it is now owned by the government of Dubai.

      Q. When was Palm Jumeirah built?

      A. The construction of the Palm Jumeirah island began in 2001 and was completed in 2007.

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      Dubai, the most ambitious and fast-moving city, that has seen only growth in the past years only demands your attention. Read more

      Dubai is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations and it’s easy to see why. With attractions like Dubai Mall and Wild Wadi Water Park, there’s so much to keep you occupied. Along with the slew of tourist spots, there are numerous resorts in Dubai to choose from. Read more

      Looking for a checklist of places to visit in Dubai at night? The search ends here! Dubai after sundown is a myriad of glittering lights that transform this city to look like fireflies in a jar. The magic of experiencing Dubai after the sun goes down is surreal and sought by many who frequent this city for its nightlife and ultramodern architecture. Read more

      With thousands of hundreds of tourists visiting this Arab city every year, the entertainment city of the world, Dubai, needs no introduction! Ultra modern architecture, exotic and lively nightlife, magnificent bird eye views of the beautiful skylines, Dubai is synonymous with grandeur and a pompous lifestyle. Read more

      Hola shopaholics! Dubai is back with its sizzling annual city-wide summer festival, and you won’t find a better time to visit! Bigger and brighter than before, the Dubai Summer Surprises has kicked off and is offering everyone an extravaganza of sales, retail experiences, entertainment, and events. Read more

      Asha Kumari, along with her husband and kid, went on a family trip to Dubai and together, they had the time of their lives. They wanted to witness Dubai especially during Christmas since the weather at that time there is pleasant and also because it was their son’s holidays. Read more

      Dubai in June, undoubtedly, is hot! But then it’s the same in any other month, give or take a few degrees. The benefit of visiting the king of the Emirates in June is that you won’t find armies of noisy tourists buzzing around, and won't have to stand in long queues at ticket counters of the famous attractions of Dubai. Read more

      Dubai is an excellent choice for a family holiday. It is one world-class city that delivers stellar hospitality, amazing adventures, and a shopping experience like none other. Offering a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, there are a lot of interesting places to visit in Dubai with family. Ranging from natural to man-made, Read more

      A glorious metropolitan city built atop the sandy Arabian Desert on the Persian Gulf, Dubai is a paradise for tourists. It is also known as the City of Superlatives due to its towering skyscrapers, old world charm, beautiful markets, and the extreme temperatures. Read more

      Dubai has become a spectacular tourist spot in recent years owing to its enticing skyline, the extraordinary islands, grand shopping malls, and the finest Dubai beaches. From shopping spots to tourist attractions, Dubai has it all. Read more

      What to do in Dubai for free? Confused, aren’t you? Read more