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    one-day trips from Trivandrum

    Trivandrum, formerly known as Thiruvananthapuram, is the most populous city and the capital o... Read more

    For Peace Lover Travelers

    Kerala’s capital of Trivandrum has plenty to offer visitors from r... Read more

    Best resorts near trivandrum

    Trivandrum, also known as Thiruvananthapuram, is the capital of the southern Indian state ... Read more

    Kerala Best Time To Visit

    Trivandrum has a great cultural history. It is known for the British colonial architecture... Read more

    Cottages in Trivandrum

    The capital city of Kerala,Trivandrum is the technological hub of the state. It is blessed... Read more

    Parks In Trivandrum

    The time spent with your family and friends can not match any other happiness. No matter how ... Read more

    beaches near Trivandrum

    If you had any doubts about Kerala being ‘God’s Own Country’ then let’s resolve them today... Read more


    Commonly known as Thiruvananthapuram and the capital of the ‘land of Gods’, Trivandrum is ... Read more


    Trivandrum is also known as the “Evergreen city of India.” This city has beautiful beaches... Read more

    Cottages in Trivandrum

    To quench your thirst for being a traveler, sighting all the possible destinations within ... Read more

    Waterfalls Near Trivandrum

    Trivandrum is the capital of the "God's own country", Kerala. It i... Read more


    Apart from being the capital of Kerala, Trivandrum is itself an exciting place as well. Wi... Read more

    cover - churches in trivandrum_1st april

    Trivandrum is a place with numerous natural wonders. There are var... Read more