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If you had any doubts about Kerala being ‘God’s Own Country’ then let’s resolve them today. One of the most beautiful Indian states with Trivandrum otherwise known as Thiruvananthapuram as its capital is neither overrated nor ever appreciated as it should be. As it is located very near to the coast, it is known for its beautiful sea line which dots the city. When you are in luck and in Trivandrum, apart from visiting the prominent attractions like Padmanabha Swamy Temple, Trivandrum Palace, you can take a vehicle and go by road to many blessed beaches near Trivandrum. There is something very special about the beaches near Trivandrum. They are not like the usual beaches, one gets to spot in all the places of India. Every beach has a different view and vibe to offer.

26 Best Beaches Near Trivandrum

Why search far and wide for the perfect tropical getaway when you can just drive a few kilometers away from Trivandrum and reach some of the most gorgeous shorelines in the state. These beaches near Trivandrum are not just beautiful, gorgeous or stunning but a lot more. From exciting adventures to a laid back vibe these beaches near Trivandrum have a lot to offer.

  • Poovar Beach, Poovar
  • Chowara Beach, Kovalam
  • Varkala Beach, Varkala
  • Nellikunnu Beach, Kasargod
  • Vizhinjam Beach, Kovalam
  • Samudra Beach, Kovalam
  • Hawah Beach, Kovalam
  • Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam
  • Veli Beach, Trivandrum
  • Puthenthope Beach, Trivandrum
  • Shanghumukham Beach, Trivandrum
  • Kappil Beach, Kollam
  • Alleppey Beach, Alleppey
  • Parappally Beach, Kozhikode
  • Thiruchendur Beach, Tuticorin
  • Marari Beach, Mararikkulam
  • Cherai Beach, Ernakulam
  • Chavakkad Beach, Thrissur
  • Nattika Beach, Thrissur
  • Vatanappally Beach, Thrissur
  • Pozhikkara Beach, Kollam
  • Kuzhupilly Beach, Kochi
  • Fort Kochi Beach, Kochi
  • Njarackal Arattuvazhi Beach, Kochi
  • Munambam Beach, Munambam
  • Andhakaranazhi Beach, Alappuzha

1. Poovar Beach, Poovar

Poovar Beach in Poovar

Image Source

Located exactly where River Neyyar joins the Arabian sea, Poovar Beach is one of the most happening islands near Trivandrum. On one side you can go boating in the waters of the river. This is otherwise known as Backwaters. These backwaters are still waters that run across the entire land space. One can reach the seas after taking a boat jetty ride in the waters. This place is located very near to Trivandrum. There are many floating rooms one can find where the backwaters meeting the land space. The backwaters run in the middle and one can find the beach on the right side and there is land on the left side.

Distance From Trivandrum: 32 km

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2. Chowara Beach, Kovalam

Chowara Beach in Kovalam

Image Source

If you wish to spot full green trees like an orchard full of coconut trees near the beachside, then you must visit Chowara Beach near Kovalam. As far as you can see, you can spot tall, green coconut trees bearing all fresh tender coconuts which makes it one of the most beautiful beaches near Trivandrum. One can also buy some coconuts in bulk while returning from the beach. Due to the large availability of coconut, one can find many sweet stalls in the vicinity that sell sweets made of coconut. Never forget to mention, there is an ayurvedic resort near the beach. One can head to the beach after enjoying a nice hot oil massage.

Distance From Trivandrum: 25 km

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3. Varkala Beach, Varkala

Varkala Beach in Varkala

Image Source

Varkala Beach is otherwise known as Papanasam Beach. Papanasam means to wash away one’s sins and you can do so at one of the very gorgeous beaches near Trivandrum. The beach is located in the Varkala municipality of Trivandrum district. This beach is located adjacent to the Varkala cliffs. These cliffs are natural geographical formations. There are many natural spas and other water sprouts that are located on these cliffs. This beach is best suited for all the adventure sports enthusiasts. One can go paragliding, parasailing, horse riding. If you are looking for a very calm atmosphere to induce some creative thinking skills, then Varkala Beach surroundings would provide the right space. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which is located very near to the beach where an annual 10-day festival takes place.

Distance From Trivandrum: 44 km

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4. Nellikunnu Beach, Kasargod

Nellikunnu Beach in Kasargod

Image Source

Nellikunnu Beach is located in the town of Nellikunnu which is about 2 km away from the main district of Kasargod and is one of the famous beaches near Trivandrum. Nellikunnu translates into hills where a lot of gooseberries are grown. This beach has a lot of private players who have built resorts in the beach space. There is a very old mosque in the vicinity which houses one of the oldest saints to have visited and lived in this region. This beach is situated between the Vizhinjam Beach and Chowara Beach. This is the place to sit back and relax with your entire family in the resorts. The place is so calm that one can hear the sound of winds hitting on the trees.

Distance From Trivandrum: 35 km

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5. Vizhinjam Beach, Kovalam

Vizhinjam Beach in Kovalam

Image Source

Vizhinjam is being developed as one of the largest ports in India. The seaport is being transformed into an International Shipping Terminal. This has led to the place of gaining a lot of visitors and making the Vizhinjam Beach into one of the most popular beaches near Trivandrum. The entire place of Vizhinjam, the area surrounding the beach is getting a facelift. A marine aquarium is being developed in a place where rich marine life is housed for the visitors to take a look at. This town is located very near to the famous Kovalam Beach. One can take boat or catamaran rides to immerse oneself in the beauty of the place surrounding the beach. The place surrounding the beach has a household name for hosting some of the oldest traditions of Kerala.

Distance From Trivandrum: 21 km

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6. Samudra Beach, Kovalam

Samudra Beach in Kovalam

Image Source

Samudra Beach is located in the northernmost part of the Kovalam region and is one of the offbeat beaches near Trivandrum. The beach is separated by a series of rocks that form an ideal location for the fishermen to go fishing. This beach is not known to many around and only those who wish to escape from the hush and bush of the city prefer to go to this beach. This beach is also known as a paradise for those who are honeymooning. It is indeed a great sight to watch the waters crashing the rocks. One can go sunbathing, surfing and playing volleyball in the sands of this beach. Taking long walks along the coastline of this beach is one of the best activities to indulge in when you are at Samudra Beach.

Distance From Trivandrum: 17 km

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7. Hawah Beach, Kovalam

Hawah Beach in Kovalam

Image Source

Hawah Beach also known as Eve’s beach is seen as one of the most beautiful beaches near Trivandrum. The beauty of the beach is enhanced by a large number of palm groves that dot the shores of the beach. When you visit the beach in the early morning hours, you can hear the locals sing traditional songs and the sound of the waves alongside it provides amazing acoustics. This beach is the best for viewing sunsets. The sands and the waters of the beach shimmer when the light of the moon falls on the waters of the sea. You need not go to any high-end restaurant to have tasty seafood when you are in Hawah Beach, the shops near the beach sell mouth-watering dishes.

Distance From Trivandrum: 20 km

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8. Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam

Lighthouse Beach in Kovalam

Image Source

Lighthouse Beach is located in the southernmost part of the Kovalam region and is one of the very popular beaches near Trivandrum. The entire stretch of the beach of Kovalam is divided into three parts namely the Hawah Beach, Lighthouse Beach and Samudra Beach. The beach got its name from the lighthouse which stands facing the sea. There is an elevated platform near the shore of the beach from where you can see the entire region of Poovar. The beach is very much beautiful like any other beach in Kovalam. This beach is a treasure trove for those who love taking pictures. While one climbs up the lighthouse, a panoramic view of the entire beach can be viewed. The temperature of the water in the sea is so normal that it is perfect for swimming.

Distance From Trivandrum: 20 km

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9. Veli Beach, Trivandrum

clear emerald waters and a lovely beach

If you are looking at spending some time on the beach and take your kids to a picnic location after getting your feet wet in the waters, one should prefer Veli Beach. The beach meets Veli lake and that forms the intersection of the water body and Arabian sea. After roaming around the beach, one can go for boating in the Veli Lake. You can hire a boat on an hourly basis and boating during the evening hours is one of the best things to do when you are at Veli Beach. There is also a children’s park, which has a lot of rides for the kids to play. There are many sculptors in the park and the kids can climb on these sculptors and have an excellent time.

Distance From Trivandrum: 8 km

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10. Puthenthope Beach, Trivandrum

Puthenthope Beach

Image Credit: Navaneeth Krishnan S for Wikimedia Commons

This beach is situated in between two man-made hills. One of the beaches near Trivandrum which is isolated, this beach promises a peaceful time. It is not known to many but is slowly gaining attention from the people who live in and around Trivandrum and even the travelers. If you are looking forward to spending some time in peace and seclusion, then you must be visiting Puthenthope beach. Moreover, visiting a beach that is in between two man-made hills feels like you are visiting a beach somewhere in Phi Phi islands or the South East Asian part of the world. Imagine having an entire beach to yourself and basking under the shade of the trees and tasting the fresh tender coconut water. These could be some of the best feelings.

Distance From Trivandrum: 16 km

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11. Shanghumukham Beach, Trivandrum

Diveagar beach

Shanghumukham Beach is located away from the main center of the city so it is one of the most peaceful beaches near Trivandrum. It is located near to the airport. The beach has both prominent tourist attractions and hosts some of the main events of Padmanabhaswamy Temple as well. The giant statue of the mermaid about 35 meters long is attracting eyeballs all over the city. There is also a restaurant that is designed in the shape of a starfish. There is an old coffee house near the beach where you can watch the waves as you sip on a hot cup of coffee. There are almost temple-like pillar structures on the sands of the beach. There are very few people who don’t visit this beach on their trip to places near Trivandrum.

Distance From Trivandrum: 10 km

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12. Kappil Beach, Kollam

Kappil Beach in Kollam

Image Source

When you are visiting Varkala Beach if you are ready to take a walk alongside the shore for about 5 km which is developed as an excellent walkway keeping the tourists in mind, you will reach one of the most popularly unpopular beaches near Trivandrum, the Kappil Beach. The road that takes you to the beach, located in the lovely area of Kollam, seems like it has cut the sea into two halves, but the real factor is that the road has the Arabian sea to the left and the Edava Narayana Lake to the right. When you stand on top of the bridge and get a bird’s eye view, you can see the backwaters draining into the Arabian sea. The beach has a lot of rocks lined up near the shore to protect the fisherfolk who live there.

Distance From Trivandrum: 51 km

13. Alleppey Beach, Alleppey

The morning colors of Alleppey Beach

If you’re willing to travel a little further away from Trivandrum, then on a 6 hours drive you’ll get to one of the most popular beaches of Kerala, the Alleppey beach. While the town is more popular for its stunning backwaters, this beach attracts a lot of tourists during peak season. The most attractive feature of this beach is its 137 year old long pier that stretches out onto the city. The beach also has an abandoned lighthouse. All of these little quirks in this beautiful beach makes it one of the most visited beaches near Thiruvananthapuram.

Distance From Trivandrum: 151 km

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14. Parappally Beach, Kozhikode

Parappally Beach, Kozhikode

Image Source

Around 5 hours drive from Trivandrum, this beach is located in the Kozhikode district of Kerala, near Kollam, sandwiched between the Kappad beach and the Irringal fort. Famous as a great surfing spot, the beach has elevated rock formations that offer a spectacular vantage point to witness the gushing waves and watch the sunset over the horizon. It is one of the prettiest beaches near Thiruvananthapuram for beach lovers. Another interesting thing about this beach is the 500-year-old Parappalli mosque which is located close by. An important pilgrimage spot for Muslims, it attracts believers from across the country and abroad.

Distance From Trivandrum: 169.7 km

15. Thiruchendur Beach, Tuticorin

Thiruchendur Beach

Image Source

Located in the Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu, the Thiruchendur beach is famous as a religious place. The Tiruchendur Murugan temple which is one of the 6 places of worship for Lord Murugan is located right on the beach. Hindu pilgrims from all across south India come to visit the temple which makes it one of the most religious beaches near Thiruvananthapuram. Apart from the temple, there are other attractions at the beach such as the rolling dunes and white sands that make it very pretty. You can visit here with your family and friends and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.

Distance From Trivandrum: 171 km

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16. Marari Beach, Mararikkulam

Marari Beach

Another one of the most popular beaches near Thiruvananthapuram is the Marari beach, located not far from Alleppey in Kerala. A great choice for people exploring the natural beauty of Kerala, the Marari beach is around 5 hours drive from the city center of Trivandrum. The serene beach is great for lazing around and having a laid back day. Lively and bustling during holidays and weekends, you can find a lovely spot under the coco and palm trees here for some tranquil time.

Distance From Trivandrum: 169 km

17. Cherai Beach, Ernakulam


Located near the Vypeen Island in Ernakulam is the Cherai Beach, around 6 hours drive from Trivandrum. If you like swimming against the sea waves, this is the best place you can be at. With the backdrop of coconut groves and golden sandy beach, the crashing waves are a delightful sight to catch. You can also see the fishermen using the huge Chinese fishing nets here. During sunset, the whole scene turns into a picture-perfect scenery that you’d love to capture with your camera. The beach has shacks that offer delicious seafood that you must try. The area is now home to many newly built resorts which have given rise to a lot of tourist activity.

Distance From Trivandrum: 238 km

18. Chavakkad Beach, Thrissur

Chavakkad Beach in Coorg

Famous for the confluence of river and sea, Chavakkad Beach in Thrissur is frequented by many tourists who come to see this amazing phenomenon. If you are willing to drive a little further from the city center of Trivandrum, you can reach this gorgeous beach after 7 hours on the road. The beach features a lovely lighthouse which adds to the whole scenery. A vast farm of Ayurvedic herbs called Ramachapadam is located close to the beach where you can buy some herbs for back home. You can also buy fish here at the fish market.

Distance From Trivandrum: 290 km

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19. Nattika Beach, Thrissur

Nattika Beach

Another peaceful beach near Trivandrum in Thrissur is the Nattika Beach. A small fisherman’s village, Nattika, gained fame after being featured in a 60s Malayalam film called ‘Chemmeen’. The beach is very popular in south India and features a number of attractions such as country boat rides, backwater cruise, and cultural performances for the tourists. The place is well-loved by movie buffs who come here to see the same place where one of the classical Malayalam films was shot.

Distance From Trivandrum: 272 km

20. Vatanappally Beach, Thrissur

Image Source

Catch some of the best views of the vast Arabian Sea from the Vatanappally beach located 6 hours drive from Trivandrum. The coastline of the beach is dotted by tall palm and coconut trees which makes it one of the most beautiful places in Kerala. It is a long strip of golden sand that gives a dreamy look to the beach. You can reach this place on your way to Kochi.

Distance From Trivandrum: 276 km

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21. Pozhikkara Beach, Kollam

Pozhikkara Beach

Image Credit: Arunvrparavur for Wikimedia Commons

Pozhikkara is a serene town in Kollam district in Kerala. This town is known for its beauty and is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala called Pozhikkara Beach. Being one of India’s best-kept beaches, Pozhikkara beach attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. Pozhikkara town is a heritage site and this beach adds to its popularity. From taking a relaxing walk to playing games like frisbee, there are a lot of fun activities that you can enjoy at this beach with your family or friends.

Distance From Trivandrum: 65 km

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22. Kuzhupilly Beach, Kochi

Kuzhupilly Beach

Image Credit: tripadvisor.in

Located on Vypin Island in Kerala, Kuzhupilly is one of the most famous beaches near Thiruvananthapuram. This ravishing beach is popular for the fun-packed kite festivals organized all round the year that you can attend. Kuzhupilly Beach lures a lot of kite lovers as well as beach lovers. With splendid views and clear water, this beach near Trivandrum is a great place to relax and unwind on your next weekend.

Distance From Trivandrum: 240 km

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23. Fort Kochi Beach, Kochi

 Fort Kochi beac

Image Credit: Challiyan for Wikimedia Commons

Fort Kochi is a magnificent tourist attraction in Kochi, Kerala. Fort Kochi is located at the Fort Kochi Beach and is the perfect beach for all history enthusiasts. Get ready to know about the ancient history of Fort Kochi and later head to the beach for picturesque views along the white shoreline. You can spot fishing nets on the beach and many fishermen catching fishes. Take a walk barefoot or go learn the art of fishing while you are spending time on Fort Kochi Beach.

Distance From Trivandrum: 220 km

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24. Njarackal Arattuvazhi Beach, Kochi

Njarackal Arattuvazhi Beach

Image Credit: tripadvisor.in

Njarackal is a quaint village in Ernakulam district in Kerala and it is located a distance of 242 kilometers from Trivandrum. Njarackal Arattuvazhi beach is situated in this village and is another one of the most visited beaches near Thiruvananthapuram. Plan your next weekend getaway to this village and spend your days basking in the sun and taking a refreshing dip on the beach. Marvel at the bewitching view of the sunset in the evening while the cool breezes touch your face and relax your mind.

Distance From Trivandrum: 242 km

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25. Munambam Beach, Munambam

Munambam Beach

Image Credit: Bipinkdas for Wikimedia Commons

Munambam Beach is nestled in the Ernakulam district in Kerala and it is one of the major spots for fishing. Munambam Fishing Harbour is located near this beach. This beach is surrounded by trekking points and will make for an amazing picnic spot. Head to this beach with your family or friends and enjoy en evening well-spent playing games and relishing homemade delicacies or snacks. You can reach this beach in around 5 hours and 20 minutes from Trivandrum.

Distance From Trivandrum: 256 km

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26. Andhakaranazhi Beach, Alappuzha

Andhakaranazhi Beach

Image Credit: Rojypala for Wikimedia Commons

Andhakaranazhi Beach is famed for its picture-perfect surroundings and is a great location for all photographers. Embraced by coconut trees and paddy fields, this beach will offer you impressive views that will make for an excellent backdrop for your instaworthy pictures. Situated in the coastal village of Andhakaranazhy, this beach is one of the prettiest beaches near Trivandrum and deserves a spot on your list.

Distance From Trivandrum: 185 km

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So, these are some of the best beaches near Trivandrum. All these beaches can be accessed very easily when one reaches Trivandrum International Airport. Kerala is a land where there is a mountain on one side and the state has a very long which paves the way for such wonderful geographic elements like beaches. These beaches are maintained very well and one can have a great time at these beaches with friends and family. So, plan that long pending trip to Trivandrum and say ‘beach please’.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches Near Trivandrum

Can one wear swimsuits on the beaches near Trivandrum?

One can spot a lot of westerners wearing swimsuits on beaches near Trivandrum. It is however expected of one to wear decent clothes while moving near the places of worship.

What are the things to carry while you are visiting the places near Trivandrum?

You must carry sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, and a towel if you are planning to take a sunbath. A pair of change clothes is a must when you are planning to take a dip in the sea.

Which is the best time to visit the beaches near Trivandrum?

One can visit these beaches at any time of the year. Few people like to visit the beaches on rainy and some in the summer season, it depends on preferences.

Are the beaches near Trivandrum too crowded?

There are some beaches which are very much crowded. There are some beaches which are way too secluded.

Should one pay for entry to the beaches near Trivandrum?

Most of the beaches do not ask visitors to pay. If you are planning to indulge in any sporting activity on the beaches, then you will be asked to pay for it separately.

Is paragliding safe on the beaches near Trivandrum?

Many tourists try paragliding here. It is said that all the equipment is tested before they are into the air.

Are there any places of attraction for elders around the beaches near Trivandrum?

There are many historical monuments and places of worship where the elders can spend some time. There are many places where old people can get some herbal treatment as well.

How can one reach the famous beaches near Trivandrum?

One can reach these beaches by road. There is no option to reach the beaches via rail.

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