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    Milan, Italie ponts sur le canal Naviglio Grande

    Située au cœur de la Lombardie, dans le nord de l'Italie, la célèbre capitale mondiale de la ... Read more

    Aerial view of Bosco Verticale in Milan

    The vibrant capital of Lombardy, Italy, Milan is a bustling city of fashion, art, and culture... Read more

    mouth watering Italian delicacy

    Appetite calls and you land up in Milan, where would you go for the perfect meal? Well, the north... Read more

    Shopping in Milan is something special. Italy’s fashion capita... Read more

    Milan attractions

    Located at the heart of Lombardy in Northern Italy, the much-famed fashion capital of the ... Read more

    Basilica Di San Lorenzo

    Milan is a place located in the Lombardy region of Italy, which is known worldwide for its... Read more