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Appetite calls and you land up in Milan, where would you go for the perfect meal? Well, the north of Po River has ample butter to scoop you over and loop you in its mouthwatering Milanese delicacies. In Milan, it’s almost always butter with some of that meaty munching. Unlike the rest of Italy, Milan doesn’t dwell in healthy olive oils or spaghetti. They prefer Rice and Butter on Meat— all that is heavenly and neat. When they ask you why you wouldn’t go for a healthy bowl of fish and vegetables, blame it all on the geography—you will be done and fed. As for the weaker hearted, don’t you worry.

We do also have some relishing veggies and savoring sea dishes for you to stomach. So, no excuses. Get over your guilt of gastronomy and let’s try out these 10 mighty Milan restaurants offering their heavenly delights.

Restaurants in Milan that offer flavors from across the world

Whether you want to try the delicious and authentic Risotto with a touch of saffron or meaty juicy dishes of Italy, the below-given restaurants let you taste the flavors of Italy.

1. Ratanà for the delicious Risott


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Risotto, the king of Milanese cuisine, is characterized by its distinctive golden hue with the touch of saffron, the trademark of bourgeois charm. Never to miss “Risotto Alla Milanese” is the one dish that is worth dying for, in case you plan to do that while in Milan.

It’s not a simple soup and there sure are hundreds of varied recipes of it, each with a distinguished taste. But your best bet would be to try it out at At Ratanà where the mythically famous chef Cesare Battisti, locally known as the ‘King of Risotto’ prepares your meal.

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2. Dongiò for the delights of Italy


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Say Calabrian dishes! Let us take you to this traditionally fashioned trattoria in Porta Romana. You might have to squeeze through the crowd of local food connoisseurs but rest assured, it will serve you well. The specialty of the kitchen is the traditional southern home cooking.
Same goes for the signature dish that you simply should not skip: Spaghettoni alla tamarro. Made out of fresh pasta, topped with tomato sauce it’s the n’duja sausage that steals the show. One of a kind, a spicy spreadable sausage paste is like no other. For vegetarians there is always, parmigiana di melanzane. It’s the Italian rendition of the popular Italian-American dish eggplant Parmesan.

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3. Pescaria for the delicious seafood


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Here is something for the faint-hearted, more aptly the fish-hearted. Enter the pristine Pescaria with its all-white interiors decked and decorated with fisherman-basket lampshades. It’s a seafood sandwich shop, could you have guessed! It’s not only the food also the company of the fashionable locals, standing in long queues just to have a bite of the sacred sandwiches.

Have a bite and you would know the secret, Seafood tweaked with an array of surprising ingredients: say pesto and even fried turnip greens and not to forget crunchy artichokes. While in Pescaria, it is an absolute sin to not try their signature octopus sandwich.

4. Manna for the juicy meaty dishes


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It’s now time to try out some of the more guilty pleasures that the Milanese gluttony has to offer. How about a porky Cassouela? A pork and Savoy cabbage stew is the staple for the January. Cassouela is traditionally prepared early in the year, in January, owing to the time of the pig slaughter. Sounds like meat overdose? But it’s not. Interestingly it’s just the hint of the meat, just enough to enhance the flavor but not enough to meat it out all the way over. The meat they use for this preparation is generally not the best cuts. But a simple cabbage stew with just the hint of pork prepared by Matteo Fronduti, chef of the Manna Ristorante, surely is something else.

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5. Masuelli San Marco for the Palate of Polenta

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The tales of Polenta goes all the way back to the 17th century when the dish was first introduced to Italy. It was the time when corn was the staple of peasants’ diet in Northern Italy. But yesterday’s staple has ventured to become today’s delicacy. The simplicity of the recipe is a plus and in good hands it’s perfect. The chef has to be patient enough to stir over and over for hours till it gets all fragrant and perfect, ready to indulge. But the profound taste of Milan’s best polenta can be only found at Masuelli San Marco. It’s a delightfully decorated old-style trattoria which is managed by the elderly legend Pino Masuelli with his enviable stamina.

6. Refettorio Simplicitas for those looking for organic veg food


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The quiet of the Refettorio Simplicitas is an acquired taste. Though it’s not like eating in a silent film but the decibel meter sitting in the center of the hall will improve you to talk softly while you swim into a bowl full of Minestrone. Refettorio Simplicitas, right beside the Teatro alla Scala located in the heart of the city is famous for its one off minestrone. It seems there is no specific recipe for the dish but the delicacy of Refettorio Simplicitas lies in its ingredients, the pure organic vegetables. It’s a variation of a vegetable soup that is made out of leftover veggies and everything one has on hand. The base is of beans, potatoes, onion, carrots and celery.

Refettorio Simplicitas, right by the Teatro alla Scala and one of our favorite options in the heart of the city, makes a lovely minestrone with 100 percent organic vegetables. The place is true to its name: Just as in a monastery’s refettorio (refectory), quiet is highly prized. Although you don’t have to remain completely silent during your meal, a decibel meter sitting in the center of the room implores you to talk softly.

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7. Un Posto a Milano for some unusual dishes


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It’s the simple seasonal menu at Un Posto a Milano that makes all the difference. Food is fresh and elegant. And the feel is enhanced when you dig into its decor of restored 18th-century farmhouse. The delicacy is prepared by the famous Chef Nicola Cavallaro who would source his produce fresh from the local farms. They serve in absolutely earthy crafts dishes that make a statement. Grab a table on the patio outdoor; come summer and if you are up for a winter date garage yourself in the back room with low ceilings and a massive fireplace.

8. Langosteria for a lavish dine experience


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Feeling fishy again? Let’s check out the Langosteria. Rumor has it, they serve city’s best fish and crustaceans. One of the best Milan restaurants, Langosteria is an upscale fine dining experience but you could be spared the stuffy formality. The décor is charming and summery. The sea-inspired decor of Langosteria is especially warm. Via Savona, 10, 20144 Milano MI, Italy, Langosteria

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9. Casa Ramen for the best kind of culinary art


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Casa Ramen, like the name suggests is a unique ramen joint. Hunt all the way down to Isola and wait it the inevitable long queue, it’s absolutely worth it just to have a taste of Ramen at one of the best Milan restaurants. And it’s not just any Ramen; it’s the Italian take on the Japanese dish. Unlike the rest of the Milan, it’s not Sushi for the owner Luca Catalfamo. He prefers ramen. Via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi, 25, 20159 Milano MI, Italy, CASA RAMEN.

10. Giacomo Arengario for the views and the food


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Behold the art deco style of Giacomo Arengario, embedded in the complex of the Museo del Novecento, located in the heart of Milan. The location is absolutely exotic; sitting on one of the upstairs loggias of the museum building. Overlooking the Duomo, the restaurant will offer you one of the most distinctive and spectacular views that Milan has to offer once you look away from your table. Notice the interior, grand as ever, décor that recalls a typically 1930s Milan, in both architectures and patterns.

Here it is, your ten commandments to a gluttonous indulgence. While you map your Milanese meal, melt not. Let the butter take its course. By the time, you focus on finishing your full course. If you’re planning to take a trip to Italy, fret not, we create awesome trips.

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