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    • Holiday packages
    • Real Traveler Stories

      Uttar Pradesh

      The Heartland of India

      Popularly known as “The Heartland of India”, Uttar Pradesh is a historically rich destination... Read more

      Non-veg Restaurants in Allahabad

      Now named Prayagraj, Allahabad is a city sheathed in the pasts of rich history, mythology, an... Read more

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      Dotted with historic temples, landmarks that have glaringly stood the test of time, and a gou... Read more

      cover - Places To Visit In Lucknow_8th June

      What defines the city of Lucknow is its past that converted into a great present - which l... Read more

      A view of Taj Mahal

      Lying in the north-central part of India, Uttar Pradesh basks in its glorious cultural herita... Read more

      Things To Do In Lucknow

      Lucknow is the epitome of Uttar Pradesh’s culture, with its fascinating culinary history, bus... Read more

      resorts in Agra

      Agra is one of the historic cities of India situated on the banks of Yamuna River and is c... Read more

      Upcoming Zoo In Gorakhpur

      As Betty White said “People forget the good that zoos do. If it weren’t for zoos, we would ha... Read more

      cover - Places To Visit In Allahabad_8th June

      Allahabad, now named Prayagraj, is known as the city of offerings and is one of the most reli... Read more


      Vrindavan, a destination that is more than just being any other geographic location, has stol... Read more

      Best Places To Visit In Fatehpur Sikri

      Beyond the beauty of Agra’s Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri is another feather on the cap of the... Read more

      Most Famous Churches In Agra

      Cover Image Credit: Wikipedia

      Agra! The first and most gorgeous thing tha... Read more

      Kanpur, the biggest city of Uttar Pradesh showcases an exquisite blend of culture and colors.... Read more

      Best things to do in sarnath

      Cover Image Credit: pexels.com

      Sarnath in Varanasi is known to be the pla... Read more



      Mathura, the very name conjures images of a traditional city with many anci... Read more

      Best resorts near Mathura

      A sacred and religious spot, this place is famous because Lord Krishna was born here and D... Read more

      Kashi Virtual Tour Museum -cover

      An initiative by the Kashi Vishwanath Temple administration, and backed by PM Narendra Modi, ... Read more

      Cover- Places To Visit In Sarnath

      Buddhism is a philosophy and not a religion. All the practitioners of Buddhism must have hear... Read more

      Best Things To Do In Varanasi

      Varanasi is a very beautiful north Indian city set in the state of Uttar Pradesh. If we lo... Read more

      The glorious history of over 3000 years of the ancient land of Bihar welcomes you to enjoy... Read more

      festival seasons including Janmashtami (The birthday of Lord Krishna), Radha-Ashtami

      Located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Mathura is the city of temples. It is of vital impo... Read more

      bareilly jhumka story cover

      Admit it. The moment you hear “Bareilly”, your mind starts playing Asha Bhosle’s hit number “... Read more


      Rich with remnants of the glorious past of Indian aristocracy and made famous by the tales... Read more

      Post-Covid Travel Guide To Uttar Pradesh

      Uttar Pradesh is a land housing thousands of historical sites including the wonder of Taj Mah... Read more

      Picnic Spots Near Agra

      Agra is a majestic city in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India tha... Read more