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Places to Visit in Austria

Castles, palaces, mountains, lakes, art, history, architecture, music and more
Austria Tourism

Rated 3.5/5 (based on 10 reviews)

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Current weather:

Best time to visit:

Mar - Apr, Sep - Nov


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Ideal Duration:

4-5 Days

Starting from

Rs. 56,333

Nature Sightseeing Adventure

Places to Visit in Austria

Nestled within the majestic Alps, Austria is a destination that seems to have come out of a fairytale book what with idyllic mountainous vistas at every corner and gorgeous heritage monuments at every stop. Add to that the vibrant local markets, the fresh mountain air and the lush verdant countryside, and you have got a winner on your hands. There are all kinds of places to visit in Austria, depending on your inclinations and requirements. Starting from quirky modern art galleries to sky-high mountains, from stunning museums to equally stunning palaces resplendent with the aura of the majestic yesteryears, from the home where Mozart was born and learnt music to luxurious ski resorts, from snow covered national parks to impressive medieval castles, Austria has a lot to offer tourists of any age group, from any walk of life, and with a multitude of preferences.

Among some of the most popular Austrian tourist places to visit, the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, which is an 18th century summer palace and gardens. The Habsburg Palace along with its many museums is another must visit when in Vienna, as is the Belvedere Palace with its notable art collection. Other important places to visit in Vienna includes the St. Stephen's Cathedral, Prater Amusement Park, the Kunsthistorisches Museum, the Imperial Crypt, the Tiergarten Schönbrunn Zoo, the Vienna State Opera and a multitude of museums. If you are looking for places to see in Salzburg, then there are several options such as the Hellbrunn Palace that dates back to the 17th century, the Hohensalzburg Castle dating back to the 11th century, the House of Nature science and natural history museum, the beautiful Nonnberg Abbey and the museum that houses the Birthplace of Wolfgang Mozart. As is the norm in Austria, Salzburg is also home to a plethora of interesting museums that can be the perfect place for art and history lovers.

Among the many places to see in Austria, the countryside also warrants a visit thanks to the verdant rolling hills that rub shoulders with the stark beauty of the rugged mountains that surround the small villages. The many lakes, some artificial and some natural, are also a real treat to visit in this otherwise land locked country. Among the various places to see in Austria, the banks of the River Danube are also a popular place to spend some time; the locals treat it as a beach area with sunbathing and beach sports a regular part of it. The Grossglockner High Alpine Road, which is the highest surfaced mountain pass road in the country, is also a must visit. When compiling a list of the best places to visit in Austria, make sure to not miss out on the Krimml Waterfalls, the highest mountainside waterfall of Europe. All of Austria is full of marvelous, almost magical places to visit, and if you are planning a vacation here, try to spend enough time here to really explore the place and get to know it.


	Enjoy a riveting session at the parliament
View Details

Austrian Parliament Building

The Austrian Parliament building is a place where the two house of parliament go on to conduct their sessions. The foundation stone of the building was laid in 1874 and the construction of it was over in 1883. In fact it works out to be one of the largest structures here, spread over 13,500 metres. One of the focal points o...

Sightseeing Historical Sites
An architectural wonder
View Details

Karlskirche in Vienna

Karlskirche happens to be an architectural hybrid and it is connoted as a mixture of Greek along with Roman styles. Towards the starting stage of the 18th century, central Europe was hit by the Black Plague. It was at this point of time that Emperor Charles IV vowed that he went on to build a church that would be dedicated ...

Sightseeing Historical Sites Ancient architecture
Engage in fun filled activities at Spanish riding school
View Details

Spanish Riding School in Vienna

The Spanish riding school as the name connotes, is an age old school for Lipizzaner horses. They go on to showcase their skills in the winter driving school. It is not only an official hub for classical form of dressage, but it is a tourist attraction of Vienna that encourages public performance in combination with public v...

Adventure Sightseeing
A cathedral at its evergreen best
View Details

St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna

St Stephen’s Cathedral is also known by the name of Stephansdom, and is one of the most religious buildings in Vienna. It has been witness to many important events in the history of Austria and is one of the popular symbols of the city. By the starting of the 12th century, Vienna had gone on to become one of the important c...

Sightseeing Historical Sites
Have a glimpse of The Belvedere Palace
View Details

Belvedere Palace in Vienna

The Belvedere Palace incidentally is one of the historical building complexes situated in Vienna, Austria. It is divided into a couple of Baroque palaces which is split into upper and lower Belvedere. The palace complex was a summer residence of the prince Eugene. This palace emerged during the era of hectic construction in...

Sightseeing Nature Historical Sites
The residence of the head of the state
View Details

The Hofburg in Vienna

The former imperial palace in Vienna is referred to as the Hofburg. It had its inception in the 13th century and modifications to it extended to the future generations. The Habsburg dynasty rulers set up base here and in modern times it is the workplace along with the residence of the President of Austria. It is the summer ...

Sightseeing Historical Sites
Some of the most talented actors are here to entertain you
View Details

National Theatre in Vienna

The National Theater also goes by the name of The Burgtheater. It is located outside of the city hall at the famous Ring Boulevard. A tinge of history is attached to the formation of this place. Empress Maria went on to hand over this unusual dance parlour to a theatre owned company referred to as Sellier. In the year 1888,...

Theatre Culture
Enjoy a great day at the opera
View Details

Vienna State Opera House

The Vienna State Opera House happens to be an Opera house that is situated in Austria. Originally it was termed as Vienna court Opera. The work began in this building in 1861 and it went on to finish in 1869. The building was not considered to be very popular for the public and it was termed more of a private residence whic...

Culture Live Shows
Visit the City Hall of Vienna
View Details

Vienna City Hall

As remarked, the height of the tower is a whopping 97.9 m, and no way denying the fact that it is a symbol of Vienna. Vienna city hall is the official residence of the mayor and is the destination where the municipal and local government meet. It is estimated that this building was built between the years 1872 to 1883 and i...

Sightseeing Historical Sites

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FAQ's of Austria

Read on to find out why our customers love us!

What is the weather like in Austria?

Almost all across the year, the weather in Austria remains cool, if not chilly. The highest temperature in cities such as Vienna is around 19°C to 22°C, with lows of –1°C to -5°C during the winter months.

What sort of clothes should I pack for Austria?

Make sure to pack lots of woolens, since it remains cold almost all through the year here. Sturdy walking shoes and antiglare sunglasses are a must, especially if you plan to go skiing or snowboarding.

Do I need to get a separate visa for Austria?

Since Austria is part of the European Union, it can be visited with the common Schengen visa.

Is Austria a safe place to visit?

Austria is as safe a place as the rest of Central Europe is. Make sure to keep track of your wallets and luggage, and refrain from visiting desolate areas as much as possible.