Paris or as we call it “the city of love” is the most romantic city in the world. Why? Well, because of its old world nostalgic charm, the romantic legends, and of course, the Eiffel tower. But wait, no great city is complete without its cuisine Read more

Are you thinking of a place where you have the option to munch on mac-no-cheese or meatless-BBQ while exploring the best hideouts around? Think no more! As Veganism gained popularity in the past few years, the life of vegan tourists has become much smoother. Today you can find some vegan-friendly travel destinations—though only a handful—that offer decent food options to their vegan guests. Read more

Rajasthan is a true kaleidoscope of bright colors. Along with heritage, culture, bustling bazaars, and magnificent palaces & forts of Rajasthan, one of the major attractions is the rich & mouth-watering cuisines of Rajasthan. From tangy veggie curries & spicy meats to yummy desserts – food of Rajasthan is for all. Read more

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Mauritius has a rich and diverse culture. And it is only normal for the same to be reflected in its cuisine. The Mauritius food has been richly influenced from the mélange of residents – Creole, French, Chinese, and Indian people. Read more

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