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As beautiful as the islands of Seychelles are, Seychelles food is also equally delectable. Rightly known as Creole or Seychellois cuisine, its flavors have found their inspiration from French, Chinese, and Indian cuisines fused with an interesting blend of its own herbs, spices, and secrets.

Seychelles islands are one of the places where you can expect a variety of tasty seafood, that too, fresh from the ocean. The tropical islands are flourishing with indigenous tropical fruits. And then there are piquant meat curries (a few of them extremely bizarre) to experiment with your taste buds.

Seychelles Food: What To Try

Covering all the flavors on the taste spectrum i.e. sweet, tangy, and spicy, here are a few Creole cuisines of Seychelles and local specials you must try on your exotic island holiday.

1. Grilled Fish

grilled fish

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Grilled Fish should be on the topmost priority while trying dishes from the Seychelles cuisine. Being an island country, the taste of the grilled fish here is unparalleled. The fish is so juicy and full of flavors. Pick your favorite fish from a vast variety of red snapper, jobfish, jackfish, and sailfish. There is nothing more you would want to go along with local chilled beer and the views of the ocean.

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2. Breadfruit Chips

bread fruit chips

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Looking for vegetarian food in Seychelles? Breadfruits chips are made for you. Breadfruits is a type of a tropical fruit which is abundantly available on the island. The Creole people consume the versatile fruit in various forms, one of which is the Breadfruit chips. The lightly salted fried chips are the staple munching snack of the island people. Grab a packet and munch on the snacky delight while you are sightseeing around on the island. Get a few packets to get for your homies too.

3. Octopus Curry

curry of octopus

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If you are into bizarre seafood, you can try the spicy Octopus Curry during your stay on the island. It is one of the most famous dishes in the list of Seychelles traditional food. The locals are in love with the dish and so are the tourists. Get past the mainstream chicken, fish, and mutton curry, and try something new to surprise your taste buds.

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4. Shark Chutney

Shark chutney

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Oh, yes! A chutney made with mashed shark meat. While we Indians have a variety of vegetarian chutneys, the Seychelles people have taken the chutney game up a notch. Creoles boil and mash shark meat and mix it with Bilimbi (a local fruit), lime, onion, and turmeric. You can easily find it at any Creole restaurant to savor along with your main dishes. Sometimes they substitute shark meat with dried fish.

5. Satini

salad in seychelles

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Creole cuisine is not all about seafood and bizarre meats. You can also enjoy a salubrious salad like Satini along with your meal. The traditional Satini is made with the finely grated ingredients like unripe fruits like raw papaya or golden apple and mixed with spices and onion. However, a word of caution since the salad is super high on the spiciness level because of the chilies in it. The non-vegetarian version is made with shark meat or fish. The salad is usually savored with main course dishes.

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6. Ladob

dessert in seychelles

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End your sumptuous Creole meal with Ladob, a delectable Seychelles dessert made with either bananas or sweet potato and coconut milk. The fruit is cooked in coconut milk and sugar and flavored with nutmeg, cinnamon, and fresh vanilla. The dessert is so creamy and soft that you will definitely ask for a second serving.

7. Caris Masala

caris masala

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If you are missing the flavors of Indian food in Seychelles, worry not because Creole Caris Masala has got you covered. A lot of Creole cuisine which includes curries is influenced by Indian flavors. Caris Masala is a Creole version of Indian vegetarian Seychelles curry made with an eclectic mix of veggies and a combination of spices like fenugreek, saffron, cumin, cloves, and coriander.

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8. Roussettes

curry made of bat meat

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If you ever see Rousettes on the menu in any local deli or a restaurant, you will be surprised to be informed that it means fruit bat curry. Rousettes is another bizarre Seychelles local food delicacy on the menu which you can try if you are feeling brave enough. The meat tastes like venison, however, there a several tiny bones you need to be careful while devouring the bat curry.

9. Local Alcoholic Beverages


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While you can enjoy the normal plain water with your food in Seychelles, there are a variety of local alcoholic beverages to savor along. Buka and Kalou are two of the famous local fermented alcohols. Kalou is a fermented wine made with the inflorescence of coconut trees and has a sweet and tart taste. Buka is basically a home-brewed rum made with sugarcane. The beer aficionados can sip on the locally brewed beer called SeyBrew beer.

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10. Fresh Fruits

tropical fruits

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Vegans, vegetarians, and health freaks are in for a treat in Seychelles since you will find a wide variety of tropical fruits growing on the island. You have got mango, avocado, papaya, star fruit, and indigenous breadfruit. Once you have tasted breadfruit, you will return to the island just for the fruit. The best part is fruits come cheap and are abundantly available. So, you are sorted for your breakfast menu.

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Where To Find The Authentic Seychelles Food?

  • There are quite a number of local Creole restaurants where you can find traditional Seychellois cuisine. Le Reduit restaurant, Mimi’s Cafe, and Mi mum Takeaway are some of the best local restaurants on the island where you can experience authentic Creole flavors.
  • If you are staying at a local guest house, you can expect to be served with traditional homemade dishes garnished with local flavors and love. Make sure the place you are staying at provides an option of home-cooked meals. Villa Cordia on Mahe Island and Oceane Self Catering on La Digue Island are the two places that serve home-cooked Creole meals.

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Next time when you are on a holiday in Seychelles, it is recommended that you try and experiment with the local Seychellois cuisine. The flavors of the Seychelles food are as unique as the unmatched beauty of the archipelago.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Seychelles Cuisine

What is Seychelles food culture?

The Seychelles food culture includes staple food like fish, seafood and shellfish dishes which is often served with rice.

What is the main ingredient in most dishes in Seychelles?

The Seychelles beef, the local name for the famous turtle meat is the main ingredient in most of the dishes in Seychelles.

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