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    culinary delicacies delight for all

    Paris is an exciting and vibrant city, so is its heritage and culture. Other than the grand palaces, museums, and galleries, Paris also offers a fine platter of culinary delicacies and gourmet delights for all. And this time, we are not talking about swanky fine dining places, but the amazing Paris street food spread that promises an eclectic blend of colors, flavors, and tastes.

    From munchies and quick bites to desserts, here come our recommendations of best street food Paris has to offer to all. Happy munching!

    Treat your taste buds with the best street foods in Paris

    1. Crepes

    made from flour with varieties of stuffing

    If you are holidaying in Paris, and have not tried Crepes yet, do it the right away. It is the most widely available Paris street food, that is made from flour with varieties of stuffing. From Nutella, marmalade to ham, cheese or egg, one can opt for any type of crepe filling, as per their liking. Almost all the best street food markets in Paris has crepe kiosks and this authentic French delicacy is a favorite among locals as well as tourists.

    Best places to eat crepe: Riverside promenade by Seine, Creperie Genia, and Creperie Josselin Paris.

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    2. Baguette Sandwich

    sandwich is made of baguette bread

    Also known as Banhi mi, this is a Vietnamese local food, available in different streets of Paris. This typical sandwich is made of baguette bread. This is a must-have street food Paris and one can customize the nature of stuffing, choice of sauce and spread, according to your taste. The filling in between can be of crab, meat, shrimp, artichoke hearts mixed with tomato, cheddar cheese, green onions, and various types of mayonnaise spread.

    Best places to eat baguette sandwich: Frenchie, Chez Aline, Mekong and Grenouilles Paris

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    3. Burgers and French Fries

    a cheap street food Paris offers to all its tourists

    It will be absolutely okay if we describe burger and French fries as a staple food of local people as well as a cheap street food Paris offers to all its tourists. Right from homemade hamburgers to delicious juicy meat burgers, there is no dearth of varieties and combinations. And when judiciously accompanied by a huge portion of authentic French fries, it becomes all the more palatable, tasty and delicious. Along with small to large stalls serving burgers; there are numerous food trucks, stationed at various corners of the city, which serve most succulent burgers made from baker made bread, hand cut fries, and real cheddar.

    Best places to eat burgers and French fries: Big Fernand, Le Camion Gourmand, and Le Camion qui fume.

    4. Fish and Chips

    best and cheap street food

    Next, on the list of best street food Paris is fish and chips. Quite a filling meal, this variety of street food usually comes with fries and sides which comprises of sauces and spreads. Deep fried fish, crispy fries and a choice of spicy or tangy sauce tantalize your taste buds with every bite. Sometimes, this platter is served with sautéed vegetables on the side or on a bed of lettuce.

    Best places to eat fish and chips: Sunken chip, Malin’s Fish and Chips and Johana’s Fish and Chips.

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    5. Assorted Cheese

    a signature street delicacy in Paris

    Locally called fromage assorti, this is a signature street delicacy in Paris and tried by almost all food connoisseurs who pay a visit to the city of love. Order a cheese platter and try the exotic varieties of goat cheese, blue cheese, ripe cheese, Camembert, Munster, Reblochon, and Époisses etc. You can enjoy this surreal experience in any of the best street food markets in Paris. To enhance your culinary experience, try this with a good variety rose wine or red wine.

    Best places to eat assorted cheese: Marie Quatrehomme, Laurent Dubosis, Danard and La Crèmerie.

    6. Gelato

    A popular ice cream of Italian origin

    Now its time for those who have a sweet tooth. Gelato! A popular ice cream of Italian origin, made from ice, very little or no sugar and egg and exotic flavors. So, if you are tired during sightseeing and wish to refresh your mind and body with something classic and sweet, there is nothing that can surpass gelato. From hazelnut, black Currant, raspberry to salted caramel and praline gelato: everything you can find in Paris street food list.

    Best places to eat gelato: Pozetto, Amorino and Gelato del Marchese

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    7. Souvlakis

    exotic delicacy is served hot

    Another famous Paris street food and a must have is Souvlakis. This Greek fast food is prepared with pieces of meat and vegetables, grilled on a skewer. Accompanied by fried potatoes and pita bread, this exotic delicacy is served hot, with the skewer. Souvlakis is available across all the food hawkers and are deeply loved by locals and tourists alike.

    Best places to eat souvlakis: Filakia, Evi Evane and La Crete

    8. Tacos

    the most common street food

    Are you one of those who loves munching, while you are on the go? Then tacos cannot go missing from your list of Paris street food low budget meals. Originally a Mexican dish, this is a corn or wheat tortilla, folded around a filling of veggies, meat, tofu, shrimp or seafood. Paris features tacos as one of the most common street food. From classic chicken and beef tacos to exotic fish tacos, the list has everything for every foodie.

    Best places to eat tacos: El Nopal, Luz Verde and Candelaria

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    9. Kebab

    nothing that can meet the charm of kebabs

    Be it a mid-day snack or an appetizer for the evening, Kebab is a must feature on the list for Indian street food in Paris. If you are searching for an option to satiate your hunger cravings post-sunset, there is nothing that can meet the charm of kebabs. From baked kebab to charcoal grilled kebab, there are lots of varieties, one can indulge in.

    Best places to eat kebab: Urfa Durum, Our Kebab and Grille

    10. Pad Thai

    who crave for spicy delicacies

    If you love Thai cuisine, there is nothing to worry about. There are ample options of Thai street food Paris offers to all and Pad Thai is one of the popular ones among them. This dish is made from rice noodles, stir-fried and tossed in varieties of zesty and tangy sauce. Though best combined with meat and curry, this terrific Thai street food is an absolute delight for those who crave for spicy delicacies.

    Best places to eat pad Thai: Ethai, Tuk Tuk Thai, and Thai Street Food

    Next time when you’re holidaying in Paris, ditch the swanky fine dining restaurants and check out these sumptuous Paris street food joints. It’s not only easy on pocket but also lets you taste the local flavours of the capital.

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