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      A beauty as flawless as a wallpaper, a charm which is unmatched, and the cultural aesthetics that are so strong is Sri Lanka for us. Many people think of traveling to this stunning destination but rather chose some other destination because of budget constraints. Read more

      An aura full of charismatic charm, ethereal beaches, playful parade of elephants, historical places, incredible train rides, lush tea estates and mesmerizing landscapes, Sri Lanka is a country which should be in the bucket list of all the travelers. Read more

      Enchanting landscape, picturesque beaches, magnificent historical places, rugged mountains, and lush green valleys, the description of Sri Lanka is no less than that of a paradise. Visiting this ethereal country is definitely a dream for many of us. But some thinks of money while others are just too busy in their monotonous work life. Read more

      Drop-dead gorgeous land with serenity, wide topography, exotic wildlife, scenic beaches, and ethereal landscapes is the perfect definition for Sri Lanka. Emerging as one of the top-notch tourist destinations near India, it is a perfect escapade for those looking for a change in their mundane life and want to revitalize their mind and body.

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      A peaceful place hidden amidst the high mountains and rice fields, Thai Vi Temple is an offbeat temple which is not known to many tourists, hence it remains secluded. It is a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature, to feel tranquility and peace, and to seek the blessings of the God. Read more

      Tucked in the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka lies an enchanting seaside resort town called Hikkaduwa. Earlier a fishing village, it is now a famous tourist attraction, especially among young people. Read more

      “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” is truly one of the best statements that one could ever quote on travel. And when it comes to traveling solo, the experience cannot be described in words. Sri Lanka, often an underrated travel destination, is one of the best countries if you are planning a solo trip. Read more

      A long stretch of pristine white sandy beaches with hues of turquoise waters fringed with drool worthy coastline is a perfect definition of Jolly Buoy Island. Rich in exotic corals and marine life, Jolly Buoy Island in Andaman is located near Wandoor, a short drive of 30 km from Port Blair. Read more

      A paradise of the North-eastern region in India, Sikkim is tucked beautifully amidst the rugged mountains, lush green valleys and mesmerizing landscapes. The blissful aura of this place attracts millions of tourists every year.

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      Gangtok, a land of cascading waterfalls is one of the most fascinating places in the North-eastern region of India. A postcard-perfect setting with glistening waterfalls flowing down a rugged mountain amidst a picturesque landscape makes Gangtok a top-notch place to visit in North-east. Waterfalls in Gangtok makes it a bliss for tourists to visit this place in order to admire the untouched beauty of nature. The natural beauty of Gangtok will make travelers sweep off their feet and will lure them to visit this place again and again. The scenic charm of Gangtok is fascinating, strong enough to captivate and enchant anyone who visits this place for the first time.

      Gangtok is truly blessed to have natural charms such as cascading waterfalls, glistening rivers and lakes, rugged mountains, surreal valleys, and breathtaking landscape. It is a place where rivers meet mountains, a place where a soul meets body. Stroll through the list below to find the names of waterfalls in Gangtok that shouldn't be missed out on your next excursion to Gangtok.

      Mesmerizing Waterfalls In Gangtok

      Gangtok is famous for its scenic beauty and glistening waterfalls. Stroll through the list of best waterfalls in Gangtok and make your itinerary full of bliss and adventure.

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      Sikkim-Gangtok-Darjeeling Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

      Visit Sikkim and explore Yumthang valley, Tsomgo Lake, Gangtok, Nathula Pass, and Pelling. Experience peace and tranquility while exploring Buddhist monasteries, snow-capped mountains, and wildlife sanctuaries. Book packages inclusive of airport transfers, cab, resort, sightseeing, and meals.

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      Enchanting Waterfalls Near Gangtok

      Not just Gangtok but places near Gangtok are also blessed with picturesque waterfalls which will make one stunned at its beauty and charisma. Have a look at the list below:

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      We bet that this list of waterfalls in Gangtok and around the city must have left you astonished and you so want to plan a visit to Gangtok. Right? Do not hold further and pack your backpacks for a vacation to Gangtok that will leave you awestruck and will fulfill your fantasies of a perfect getaway to a heavenly beautiful place.

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      Book memorable holidays on TravelTriangle with 650+ verified travel agents for 65+ domestic and international destinations.

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