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    • Honeymoon packages
    • Holiday packages
    • Real Traveler Stories


      Things To Do In Jim Corbett

      Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Came into existence as Hailey National Park in 1936, a... Read more

      Weekend getaway in Nainital

      On a long weekend, a reunion of families, and a picture-perfect combination of lakes and hill... Read more

      passing the rugged terrains in jim corbett


      Scenic nature and offbeat adventures often go hand-in-hand. Arvind and his fri... Read more

      heritage stay in nainital

      Traveling in summer vacations is not always our type of holidays since one can expect traffic... Read more

      savita trip to nainital

      For a corporate woman like me, travel goes hand in hand with happiness & rejuvenation. Ea... Read more

      The Royal Hotel in Nainital

      The beautiful hill station of Nainital is the perfect getaway from the scorching hot sun and t... Read more

      Perfect view of Nainital

      A trip to Nainital might not sound that exciting to you, thanks to the overdo... Read more

      cover - Deepakshi Friends trip to Uttrakhand

      When I’m old, I would like to look back at my life and say wow that was the life worth living... Read more

      known for its incredible landscapes

      Uttarakhand has long been known for its incredible landscapes. Nainital epitomizes this wi... Read more

      boating in Naini lake

      Everything that has been said about Nainital is no exaggeration at all. Famed for the beau... Read more

      naini lake nainital in monsoon rain

      Nainital, the jewel of Uttarakhand located in the Kumaon region of the state, is often cal... Read more

      sky in the cloud

      Nature never fails to fascinate us with its thrilling beauty. Your quest for walking over ... Read more

      Best Hotels Near Nainital

      Cover Image Credit: Booking.com

      Nainital is always a beautiful hill stati... Read more

      Picnic Spots Near Nainital

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      Best places to visit in Nainital

      Well known as ‘Lake city of India’ and is one of the most popular hill stations in North I... Read more

      Places to visit in Nainital in May

      A Himalayan town resort in the Kumaon region of India, Nainital is one of the most visited... Read more


      One of the most popular getaways and a tourist destination, Nainital is full of picturesqu... Read more

      resorts near nainital

      The city of Nainital is acknowledged as the Himalayan resort town of Uttarakhand and is lo... Read more

      camping in nainital cover

      Need a quick escape from the ever-rising pollution and chaos of your metropolitan? Then Read more

      Nainital Villas

      Built on the lines of Cumbrian Lake District of British, Nainital is one of the most popul... Read more


      Nainital is one of the best hill stations in India fenced with green hills, old cottages, ... Read more

      A well-known water conservation activist and Ramon Magsaysay a... Read more

      Naini Lake

      A beautiful emerald lake surrounded by green hills, quaint old... Read more

      Delhi To Nainital Trains

      Traveling by train is much more fulfilling and enjoyable than traveling by flight. Firstly... Read more