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    zostel kathmandu

    Nepal a multi-ethnic nation also known as the country of lakes is the topmost holiday dest... Read more

    street food momos cover

    Travel is all about the destination, its culture and tradition, the journey, and most importan... Read more

    people enjoying drink

    Kathmandu is the biggest and the most prominent city of Nepal. In the last decade, this area h... Read more


    Exploring Nepal, an intriguing country where Lord Buddha the ‘enlightened one’ was born, is n... Read more

    Interior of a restaurant in Kathmandu

    Nepal’s love for food is immense, and you can experience it right from the moment you step on the... Read more

    Cover - Souik's friends trip to Nepal

    Shrouded in mystery and magic, Nepal with an amazing landscape and snow-capped mountains h... Read more

    cover - Puneet Kathmandu Trip

    “Life is meant for great adventures with close friends.”

    What better plac... Read more

    Hotels in Kathmandu

    Encircled by the Himalayan mountains, Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu lures vacationers with it... Read more

    kathmandu paragliding

    The beauty of a bird’s eye view can never be compared to anybody e... Read more

    Museums In Kathmandu

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    Places To Visit In Kathmandu

    Looking for a spot to get an escape from your worries without burning hole in your pocket ... Read more

    Aerial View of Kathmandu

    Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

    From cultural jaunt to audacious rendezvous, there are... Read more

    Beautiful Places to Visit Near Kathmandu

    Kathmandu is and has been for many years the epicentre of Nepal’s beauty and cynosure of the ... Read more


    Cover Courtesy: Pixabay.com

    Glitte... Read more


    Nepal’s largest capital city Kathmandu provides its tourists with a plethora of historic s... Read more

    Airports in Kathmandu

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    Shopping In Kathmandu

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    Kathmandu Homestays

    Kathmandu is a city filled with the glory of the ancient temples a... Read more