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For someone planning a budget trip to Europe, staying in a hostel is great for saving and socializing more. Strategically located near major tourist attractions, the top backpacker hostels in Europe are havens for backpacker, budget, and solo travelers. Read more

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Young and restless? Want to travel in India on a budget? But, low on cash? Fret not! We have put together tips and tricks to help you travel inter-state and intra-state in the cheapest ways possible. We are sure these will save you a lot of time & money, and make your journey stress free! Read more

Fancy a plate of white sauce pasta, a bowl of sweet corn soup and a free jacuzzi - all at a height of 3000 metres. Add to it a climb through the charismatic grey-green mountains along with the thunderous Parvati river. Reach the top and find yourself in the abode of Shiva. Read more

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If you are a backpacker, Goa should be the last destination on your mind. It’s the party capital with loud music, spoiling clubs and utter cacophony and extravagance everywhere. What’s there to explore beyond the parties, the crazy fests and five star hotels? Nothing, we say!. Read more

A backpacker is a person who travels to different destinations with a limited budget. He visits a place for a longer duration as compared to that of a normal tourist. He goes out, enjoys, haves fun, bed-hops and hitchhikes. Read more

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