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    Long weekends in 2022 cover image

    Taking a rejuvenating break is often required when life’s not all about fun! So, while you’re wondering what this new year has in store for you, planning your leaves and holidays will prove to be just the thing you need to do! Whether it’s about January’s fresh spirit in the freezing Kashmir or your mid-summer dream in the extravagant paradise of Pondicherry, long weekends in India in 2021 will surely be more than a mere get away from your daily routine.

    List Of Long Weekends In India 2022

    Confused about where to go and when? Well, we’ve got you covered for the entire year whether you believe it or not! So, scroll down to know where you can head to on those long, long weekends!

    1. Long Weekends In January 2022

    Long weekends in January 2021

    While there are so many places to visit in India for your weekend getaway, some of the best ones include all the experience that you simply cannot resist in January. Be it a hot cup of tea in the snowy land of Auli or savoring the tasty treats of Jaipur, you will simply end up craving for more on your holiday. Sounds enticing already, doesn’t it?

    Thursday, December 31 – Take a day off
    Friday, January 1 – New Year’s Day
    Saturday, January 2
    Sunday, January 3

    Thursday, January 14 – Makar Sankranti, Pongal
    Friday, January 15 – Take a day off
    Saturday, January 16
    Sunday, January 17

    Saturday, January 23
    Sunday, January 24
    Monday, January 25 – Take a day off
    Tuesday, January 26 – Republic Day

    2. Long Weekends In February 2021

    Long weekends in February 2021

    The fact that February is full of Valentine’s day feels and is ready to sweep you off your feet with some crazy outings and lunches, don’t forget to explore some of the famous places in this month. They will only add to the romance vibes in the air. Got any ideas? Well, Agra and its glorious Taj Mahal may just be the place for you!

    Saturday, February 13
    Sunday, February 14
    Monday, February 15 – Take a day off
    Tuesday, February 16 – Vasant Panchami (restricted holiday)

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    3. Long Weekends In March 2021

    Long weekends in March 2021

    From Wayanad’s soothing waterfalls and rivers to a thrilling Shikara ride in Kashmir, long weekends in India like this surely demands more of your attention and personal time. Feeling the autumn charms can be your thing in the scenic Ratnagiri or even Chikmagalur. Just making up your mind is essential and then, booking a trip won’t be that much of a hassle!

    Thursday, March 11 – Maha Shivratri
    Friday, March 12 – Take a day off
    Saturday, March 13
    Sunday, March 14

    Friday, March 26 – Take a day off
    Saturday, March 27
    Sunday, March 28
    Monday, March 29 – Holi

    4. Long Weekends In April 2021

    Long weekends in April 2021

    One of the best upcoming long weekend in India can be spent reviving your senses in the month of April with the stunning views of Dalhousie and Gangtok. Well, if you’re still confused about the extreme weather at these places, Pachmarhi might be exactly what you need with a somewhat moderate climate. Whichever fits the best in your April vacay plans, this weekend will surely feel like a blessing!

    Thursday, April 1 – Take a day off
    Friday, April 2 – Good Friday
    Saturday, April 3
    Sunday, April 4 – Easter Sunday

    Saturday, April 10
    Sunday, April 11
    Monday, April 12 – Take a day off
    Tuesday, April 13 – Ugadi (restricted holiday)
    Wednesday, April 14 – Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti (restricted holiday)

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    5. Long Weekends In May 2021

    Long weekends in May 2021

    When it’s the month of May, you must beat the heat! What else can be a better place to do just that than Spiti? A trip to the extravagantly beautiful town of Tawang is yet another option you can choose for your extraordinary weekend trip! Well, if this isn’t the kind of vacation you had in mind, then surely Alleppey’s houseboat cruises may help you decide.

    Thursday, May 13 – Eid ul-Fitr
    Friday, May 14 – Take a day off
    Saturday, May 15
    Sunday, May 16

    6. Long Weekends In June 2021

    Long weekends in June 2021

    Long weekends in India or no, June demands an outing of its own! Try something new this year with an exciting vacay in Kamshet’s Bhaja Caves or Mount Abu’s boat rides. Making up your mind may take some time and since you have it all, exploring the Rose garden in Ooty might not be such a bad idea after all. Are you ready to surprise your loved ones this month?

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    7. Long Weekends In July 2021

    Long weekends in July 2021

    Kudremukh or Kasol, what’s it going to be in the wet season in India? If you’re in mood for spending some quiet time near the Elephant waterfalls of Shillong, well, we wouldn’t be surprised! Taking some time off from your work might be just the right thing to do this month as there are two long weekends.

    Saturday, July 10
    Sunday, July 11
    Monday, July 12 – Rath Yatra (restricted holiday)

    Saturday, July 17
    Sunday, July 18
    Monday, July 19 – Take a day off
    Tuesday, July 20 – Bakrid (restricted holiday)

    8. Long Weekends In August 2021

    Long weekends in August 2021

    A beach person or not, Alibaug’s famous beaches will surely allure you from far off! Pahalgam’s wildlife treasure in the surrounding areas might be yet another reason to visit Jammu and Kashmir in August. If multiple canals and houseboats were what you had in mind, then surely a trip to Kumarakom will be a perfect outing for you! So, well, why not?

    Friday, August 27 – Take a day off
    Saturday, August 28
    Sunday, August 29
    Monday, August 30 – Janmashtami

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    9. Long Weekends In September 2021

    Long weekends in September 2021

    The onset of winters but you wish the season would come sooner! To have a winter vacay this month, it’s time to explore the famous gardens of Srinagar and experience absolute bliss in Kashmir valley. If you haven’t been to the lush tea plantations in India, we say now is the time to explore the charming town of Munnar. A world heritage site like that of Ziro valley is surely worth visiting this month.

    Friday, September 10 – Ganesh Chaturthi
    Saturday, September 11
    Sunday, September 12
    Monday, September 13 – Take a day off

    10. Long Weekends In October 2021

    Long weekends in October 2021

    The blue city of Jodhpur is calling you in October and what more could you possibly wish for than your next long weekend in India to plan this visit? Known as the ‘big pass’ the gorgeous town of Lachen in Sikkim will be your perfect weekend getaway in October. A peaceful time in the monasteries of Bir billing or soothing beaches of Pondicherry, what’s it going to be for you?

    Friday, October 15 – Dussehra
    Saturday, October 16
    Sunday, October 17
    Monday, October 18 – Take a day off
    Tuesday, October 19 – Eid e Milad

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    11. Long Weekends In November 2021

    Long weekends in November 2021

    Celebrating the beginning of the winter season with several festivals this month can be really overwhelming. So when it’s time to do it the ‘travel’ way, we say Udaipur surely has more in store for you than you think! You surely cannot go wrong with the renowned hills and temples of Hampi and while this keeps getting better, visiting Tarakarli or Sundarbans can lead to more than just memories!

    Wednesday, November 3 – Dhanteras
    Thursday, November 4 – Diwali
    Friday, November 5 – Take a day off
    Saturday, November 6
    Sunday, November 7

    Friday, November 19 – Guru Nanak Jayanti
    Saturday, November 20
    Sunday, November 21

    12. Long Weekends In December 2021

    Long weekends in December 2021

    An electrifying festival in Goa or the stunning Mysore Palace, which one will be your favourite spot this December? Christmas vibes can be felt all throughout the country but the best ones can surely be in the snowy Manali hills with your loved ones. Not in the mood for the beaches or mountains? Jodhpur’s glorious palaces might be just the thing for you this month!

    Friday, December 24 – Take a day off
    Saturday, December 25 – Christmas
    Sunday, December 26

    Friday, December 31 – Take the day off
    Saturday, January 1 – New Year’s
    Sunday, January 2

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    When a holiday is on the way, we bet you can’t resist choosing from the top places to explore this year! What are you waiting for? Get ready to make the best of this year with your loved ones or simply plan a solo trip for some soothing quiet time alone. Traveling to these places might just be exactly the thing you need in 2021! Happy Journey!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Long Weekends In India 2021

    What is the best time to visit India?

    The best time to visit India is from October to March. India experiences hot weather majorly. During these months, the weather is pleasant and it is the winter season. So, you can explore the country easily.

    Which is the best city in India to visit?

    Some of the best cities in India to visit are New Delhi, Mumbai, Panaji and more. You can visit these cities during long weekends in India.

    Is India a free country?

    Yes, India is a secular country.

    How large is the country of India?

    India is the seventh-largest country in the world.

    Which is the most beautiful place to visit in India?

    Some of the most beautiful places to visit in India are Kashmir, Ladakh, Jaipur, Kerala, Coorg, Sikkim and many more.

    Which city is most visited by foreigners in India?

    Agra, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai are mostly visited by foreigners in India.

    What is India famous for?

    India is best known for its vibrant culture, festivals and delicious food.

    What should I avoid in India?

    A. While visiting India, people should avoid drinking tap water, eating from the streetside, breaking the rules and more.

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