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    February is the month of love and romance and is believed to be the most awaited month for the couples. That is because the valentine week falls in this month. Starting from rose day to Valentine’s Day, the whole week is full of romantic vibes and excitement. However, there is not much to love about the ongoing trudge of the daily boring routine with the same lethargic vibes.

    So, why not brighten the mood with a rejuvenating escape – after all, we have the whole world to travel around. So, make it a Valentine’s Day to remember by including these magnificent places to visit in February in the world this year!

    12 Places To Visit In World In February

    Choose your place wisely, as every place might not match up with your mood. Here is a well-researched list of best places to travel in February, 2019 which you may consider this Valentine’s!

    1. Mendoza - Argentina

    Mendoza Argentina

    Image Source

    Argentina summers are in full swing in the month February, thus, offering exciting vacations in the famous city. The places in Mendoza look more charming under the season’s clear blue skies and warn sunshine.
    Every bit of Mendoza is seductive, just as the region’s finest red wines are. You will find buzzy bars and restaurants, jumping out on the pavements.

    You will find world-class beef, grilled over the wood fire, and the ice cream laced with Malbec. You can also go for road trips to the Uco Valley, and stun yourselves with the beautiful view of the frosted Andes and brilliant green vines. In late February, Mendoza celebrates the Vindimia Festival, which highlights the beginning of grape harvesting season.

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    2. St. Petersburg - Russia

    St. Petersburg - Russia

    Image Source

    St. Petersburg in Russia is popularly known as the city of palaces and poets. It is a center of art and philosophy and the perfect place to have a snowy romance. St. Petersburg is at its most classical state in winters. The frozen canals and brooding, snow-draped streets add more to its beauty.

    A traditional bathhouse called ‘banya’ provides relief from the biting temperature of Russia and it is also a Russian style to have a soothing experience. While walking down on the streets of St. Petersburg, you can also find vintage-fashion stalls, vegan street foods, and art galleries. It is one of the great places to visit this winter.

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    3. Lapland - Finland


    Image Source

    Vacation in the month of February in Finnish Lapland is the most amazing thing that one can ever dream of, as it is one of the best places to visit in february in Europe. One can never miss a chance to hop on the world’s only sauna gondola – a wooden cable car that takes passengers to a steamy ride over the slopes of Yllas Ski Resort.
    For all the fitness freaks who can’t think of going on a vacation without their gym, this one is definitely your destination.

    In Finnish Lapland, you can work out by fat-biking across Yllas National Park’s stark-white scenery. This thick tread helps plucky cyclist pedal in deep snow.And when you walk around with your companion during night time, you also have a great chance spotting those elusive, swirling illuminations in the night sky. To have the best view of these auroras, you can visit Aurora Domes where igloo-like tents are fitted with a transparent wall. Just add a wood burner and champagne to this setting!

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    4. Ibiza - Spain


    Image Source

    February is the best time to visit Ibiza which is best known for almond trees, flush pink-white blossom, beach bars and last but not the least pavement cafes. And best for all the party animals as the tapas and drinks are cheap. A bargain is not the word too often used here.

    Apart from the club crowds, you also have many great deals to do here.
    During winter nights, the island restaurants actively participate in Gastro Jueves – the Gastro Thursdays where you will get the meals at half prices. Tempting! Isn’t it? Carnivals are celebrated in small towns and clubs through parties during this season.

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    5. Ibaraki - Japan

    Ibaraki Japan

    Image Source

    Japan, a place famously known as the land of rising sun. Apart from Mount Fuji and various tea places here, there is a beautiful place located in the North-east of Tokyo in Kanto Plain named Ibaraki. This place has one of the most beautiful parks of the world named Hitachi Seaside Park.

    It is a vast piece of land with a variety of flower in every spot. It is definitely a place that flora lovers can call it a paradise.

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    6. Cartagena - Colombia


    Image Source

    This Colombian seaside city is a feast for the human senses and a treat to the wanderer in you. It has corn-yellow colored colonial villas, palm-dotted plazas, citrus-kissed ceviche potent rum cocktails, which make it the perfect combo for a perfect vacation. The old Cartagena’s picturesque romance and warm locations have turned it into to the best romantic destination.

    Apart from this, you can also cling to the art and authenticity of this place.On the streets, you can find bright murals, vagabond musicians, Champeta dance clubs, and restaurants famous for their thin crust pizzas. You can even go ahead to the seaside and rent a boat for an hour. Then, you can sail to Rosario islands, where you can enjoy your mojito coconuts on peaceful, powder-soft beaches of Cartagena.

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    7. Szczecin - Poland

    Szczecin - Poland

    Image Source

    For all those who are nature lovers and are fond of trekking and camping, Poland is an ideal spot. Szczecin is one of the most amazing places to visit in Feb outside india for the admirers of nature. You will be amazed to see a bewildered and wide array of crooked trees near the town of Gryfino in Western Poland in Szczecin.

    The trees are slightly tilted in most weird structures. The Crooked Forest consists of around 400 pine trees which grow with a 90-degree bend from their root. Some say that it is due to the gravitational pull within the area. Imagine you and your friends sitting around a campfire in the midst of crooked trees.

    8. Surigao Del Sur - Philippines

    Surigao Del Sur

    Image Source

    The Philippines is gradually showcasing its beauty with beautiful islands located one after the other. But very few people know that this country offers more than what Google shows. Hidden behind the Rocky Mountains, is a small province of Philippines, Surigao del Sur. This place has a fairytale-like river, which will surely set your brain think twice of its existence.

    It is said to be an ‘Enchanted River’ as it looks like a cave. Due to the rocks inside it, it looks as there exists a cave beneath the river and you can dive into it to see its depth and caves. This attracts people to have a look at this wonder of nature.

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    9. Rangiroa - French Polynesia

    beautiful view

    Image Source

    Rangiroa, a place in French Polynesia has one of the most stunning natural features in the world. Do you love watching an aquarium? Well, then this is it. The place has a natural aquarium. Fascinating! Isn’t it? This entire stretch of naturally made aquarium in Rangiroa is beyond breathtaking not only within the bird’s eye view but to human eyes as well.

    Are you a diver? Then be sure to include this in your destination list to witness the world’s most wonderful natural aquarium.

    10. Rotorua - New Zealand


    Image Source

    How can anyone miss the chance to have a bath in hot springs? And when we talk about hot springs and geysers, don’t forget the place Rotorua. Located in New Zealand, Rotorua is known as one of the world’s most remarkable geothermal wonderlands. This place attracts travelers from all over the world to travel and enjoy its shooting geysers and bubbling mud pools.

    What else do you want in a chilly winter night! While relaxing, don’t forget to learn the fascinating culture of Maori within your side trips.

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    11. Huacachina - Peru


    Image Source

    If you are bored with the public gatherings and the crowd around you, you can plan a winter trip to Peru. The place will give you your own quality time and peace. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and rush to Huacachina. Located in Southwestern Peru, this place a small oasis, which is its most attractive feature and is surrounded by a small lake and enormous sand dunes.

    This oasis only has 96 residents. Not only this, the Peru city also offers you a good spot to watch the sunset and explore the town’s rustic shops. And if you are adventurous, then don’t forget to try sand-boarding!

    12. Tropea - Italy


    Image Source

    In Tropea, you will find the 12th century Norman Cathedral Franciscan monastery. This place is the best-kept secret of Italians where they all go for vacations. It is a perfect escape for getting a perfect view of the castle, and enjoy the swimming in the afternoon sun in its warm sand crystal clear water. How can you miss the dramatic coastal cliff view while you are sunbathing.

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    Spend the most amazing moments of your life this Valentine week in these places to visit in February in world. And why just valentine week? Make your February adventurous, breathtaking, and something worth remembering. Plan a trip to any of your favourite international destinations and pack your bags to blend yourself into the vibrant colors of world!

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