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    Costa Rica


    Every year approximately 1.5 million holidaymakers head to Costa Rica for its dense tropical ... Read more


    Imagine having an exotic wedding with your partner, taking vows for a lifetime with your part... Read more

    Famous Indian Restaurants In Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is one of the beautiful rain forested central American ... Read more

    Costa Rica is, perhaps, the paradise for everyone seeking for an ideal yet an adventurous vac... Read more

    Costa Rica cover

    Whatever the place be, being out with family in itself is an amazing experience. From fun-fil... Read more

    cover picture for zoo places in costa rica

    Situated on the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica is truly a gem for the nature... Read more

    costa rica airports cover

    Airports or air transportation is a very important aspect of the economic development of a... Read more

    costa rica day trips

    If you are looking for a place that has a little bit of everything, a place which would leave... Read more

    kids trip to costa rica

    Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries located in South America. It is home to the... Read more

    hotel- cover

    Don’t be mistaken by its small size as this tiny country packs a powerful punch of travel exp... Read more

    Hot Springs in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a rain forested country in Central America, popular for its beaches, coastli... Read more

    Shopping Cost Rica Cover

    Costa Rica amazes, enthrals, entices and mesmerises travellers from the world over who vis... Read more


    Sustainable tourism, rapid developing infrastructure and the part of the world's most biodive... Read more

    volcan arenal costa rica

    Costa Rica is a Central American tourist hotspot, filled with idyllic beaches, rainforests and... Read more

    Things to do in Costa Rica

    From national parks to active volcanoes, and from sleepy beach towns to coffee plantations... Read more

    Costa Rica In December

    Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia

    Serene, wild and marvellous, Costa Rica is ... Read more

    Costa Rica

    Being surrounded by beautiful tropical landscape and ocean, Costa Rica is situated in Central... Read more

    Explore The Lush Green Environment Of Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a country with rugged terrain, a scenic landscape and a beautiful coastline tha... Read more

    volcano poas

    Nature has got a lot of adventure on the plate for us, it depends on how much hunger do we ha... Read more

    Costa Rica Travel Tips

    A paradise for wildlife lovers and beach bums, Costa Rica welcomes travelers with open arm... Read more

    Jaco Beach

    Image Source: wikimedia commons

    Costa Rica is a perfect beach destination. It is l... Read more

    Best Canyoning In Costa Rica

    Being a well-known destination for canyoning, Costa Rica lets you scramble and rappel betw... Read more