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Sustainable tourism, rapid developing infrastructure and the part of the world’s most biodiverse country, Costa Rica is regarded as one of the best places for tourist attraction. Do not miss any place that you can visit in Costa Rica in October for a fun getaway. From hiking, biking and zip-lining to finding peace on a yoga mat or enjoying on a surfboard, the place is far more huge in options than we can ever imagine. If travel experts were asked to suggest the best place, it would be undoubtedly Costa Rica.

The rich coast has not been gifted the name but it has worked hard for it. It is a treat for adventure lovers to visit the place as one would be simply amazed by the outdoor activities filled with thrill. You can hike through the rainforest keenly observing the greenery around. You can walk on the layers of water and enjoy the world-class surfing or you can simply enjoy the dawn gazing while reading your favorite book on the beach. You can take a sight of life in both rainforest as well as cloud forest, stewing volcanoes provide a heavenly view to the viewers and leave them amazed by the sight. Costa Rica has a pure atmosphere free from pollution. Recent research showed that people in Costa Rica live longer than people in any other part of the world.

Costa Rica Weather In October

If this is the question baffling you, then here we go. September and October are two of the rainiest seasons in Costa Rica. If you are going just for the sake of adventure then it is undoubtedly one of the best months to have a trip. Carribean coast is an exception, it remains dry during September and October. Scroll down and read about all the astounding places to visit in Costa Rica in October 2022.

Places To Visit In Costa Rica In October

Here are some of the best places you should check out if you are planning a tropical trip to Costa Rica in October to have the best time in the country.

  • Arenal Volcano And The Springs In San Jose
  • Manuel Antonio
  • Tortuguero National Park
  • Cahuita
  • Tamarindo

1. Arenal Volcano And The Springs In San Jose


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It would be nothing less than a disgrace to visit Costa Rica and miss the great sight of Arenal Volcano and the springs. It is one of the most famous attractions in all of America. Dive into the springs and calm your muscles, the spring is one of the best places to come and relax. The sky appears more beautiful at night from the spring which has different colors of lights thus makes the water more beautiful. Wrapped in the greenery with beautiful flowers whose aroma is extracted by the air and held in the atmosphere is a must-visit place. You will be provided with mouth-drooling food. Looking at Costa Rica’s weather in October, this is the best place to come and relax. You can enjoy the rain in the spring if you visit Costa Rica in early October.

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2. Manuel Antonio

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Regarded as one of the most beguiling locals in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio is a tiny village at oceanside which is blessed with various luxury resorts and villas to hideous hotels which are tucked in the beauty of nature. Renowned for its national park which takes great care of its species is also very famous for sportfishing. You can indulge in fun activities or just pass out on the clear white sand, reading your favorite book and watching the sunset with melodious song watching the warm blue water, the sky is colored with orange and is a sight worth watching. Entry fee is 16 US Dollars for adults, it is free for children under the age of 12 years. So take your little one to make the most out of the trip and enjoy to its fullest.

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3. Tortuguero National Park


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Imagine renting a canoe all by yourself and watching the layer of water being disturbed by the paddle. The area is blanketed in the greenery of the place. After completing your boat ride, you can also find the beautiful Sea Turtles of Tortuguero. It is a fact that the major attraction of the park is the turtles. Green sea turtles become extinct due to a large number of turtle hunting for their meat and for soup. They can easily prey when they are nested. It is home to turtles, therefore, it has been named as Tortuguero which means ‘land for turtles’.

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4. Cahuita

cahuita costa rica

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Are you going to Costa Rica in October? If, yes then you ought to visit Cahuita on your trip! Cahuita is a low-key beach town situated along the southern Caribbean coast. The warm sand and the serene beaches make this an ideal place for all the people who want to sneak in the arms of mother nature and get peace while enjoying the shores of the sea. You can also sneak into the forest which is even more secluded than the beaches in the town. It is not only a treat for nature lovers if you are a foodie, but you will also be flattered on the mouth-drooling Afro-Carribean cuisine. The grilled chicken is a must-have and will satisfy your taste buds. The dessert prepared with banana, strawberry, and chocolate is nothing less than heaven bursting inside your mouth. The quaint beaches provide a great opportunity for water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving.

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5. Tamarindo


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When the dusk starts taking over, Tamarindo starts getting filled with energy and life. After exploring all the eccentric places if you want some companions to dance with while you gulp down the last sip of your drink, there is no place better than Tamarindo. You can give a shot to the casino and try your luck if you are in a mood for gambling. You can simply watch a concert, there are many things that you can do if you are a nocturnal bird and want to enjoy the nightlife of Costa Rica. You can visit a Karaoke show or do clubbing. Tamarindo will never let you down while talking of nightlife.

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If you are having an adrenaline rush in the back of your throat after checking out these amazing places, hold on pals, there is a lot more to discover. Slip in the beauty of nature taking a break from your regular routine. Adventure lovers should not find any reasons to visit Costa Rica in October without any haste. Plan an international trip to Costa Rica with TravelTriangle for an exciting and burden-free trip.

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