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Costa Rica is, perhaps, the paradise for everyone seeking for an ideal yet an adventurous vacation. Beat the wide range of water sports, a great range of flora and fauna, gorgeous and white sand beaches, exquisite and lip-smacking food for the friendliest of the population, Costa Rica never fails to surprise its travelers with its exotic beauty and incredible hospitality.

In recent times, Costa Rica has been an attractive destination for those who love the sunshine, white sand beaches, Clear Blue waters and the plethora of water sports which it promises. Keeping aside all the adrenaline activities, Costa Rica also presents you some of the most delicious seafood delicacies which are a great attraction among the tourists and is a must try once you are here.

So, here’s the ultimate Costa Rica travel guide which will give you all the Costa Rica travel advice you will need.

Best Time To Visit Costa Rica

Best Time To Visit

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Although every month is like heaven in Costa Rica, yet the best time to have a vacation in Costa Rica is from the middle of December to April or the start of May, which is the beginning of the dry season. On an average, the peak season for tourism has a plethora of natural beauties which makes it the ideal time to explore the rainforests and relax on the white sand beaches. However, the peak season might become a bit expensive for you, and so, many budgeted travellers opt for the dry season to take a vacation in Costa Rica, when the things are way below the usual budget.

How To Reach

How To Reach

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One thing which bothers most of the travellers is that how safe is to travel to Costa Rica? Well, Costa Rica has a lot of travel options which are accessible from different parts of the world. Talking about the road, you can arrive in Costa Rica by taking the Inter American Highway Costa Rica.Apart from this, there are coastal services which depart from the port of San Carlos in Nicaragua. However, the most preferred route by the tourists is that of air and the most important is the International Airport of Costa Rica is Aeropuerto Internacional Juan Santamaría.

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The Ideal Duration Of Stay In Costa Rica

To get the best out of the country and explore all the natural resources and wildlife resources in Costa Rica, you should plan a vacation trip of about 10 to 15 days. However, if you are planning to make a short trip and want to get the most out of the country, a trip of one week would be required to have a beautiful experience.

Best Things To See In Costa Rica

While you’re in Costa Rica, make sure to try out your hands on these must things to do and enjoy a memorable time at the island.

1. Explore The Lush Green Environment Of Costa Rica

Explore The Lush Green Environment Of Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is, perhaps, one of the best places to have an eco-vacation. Covered with 6% of the world’s entire flora and fauna, Costa Rica is the world’s premium Ecotourism destination. Keeping this in mind, the Government of Costa Rica has also undertaken various measures and plans to develop and promote the wildlife reserves and natural beauty of the country. With 27% of the entire land mass of the country covered with greeneries, Costa Rica has put immense efforts to take their eco-tourism sector to the next level of expertise.

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2. Visit The Nicoya Peninsula

Visit The Nicoya Peninsula

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The Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica is unique because it has some of the lowest rates of mortality among middle-aged men and women in the entire world. The indigenous tribe of the Nicoya Peninsula is known as a the Chorotega tribe, and they survive on a staple diet of corns and Beans. These Chorotega tribe individuals and other population have lived for centuries in a closely knit inter-generational form of society.

3. Witness The Majestic Lava Of Costa Rica

Witness The Majestic Lava Of Costa Rica

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If you look at the Costa Rica map, you will realize that Costa Rica houses some of the most majestic volcanoes and lavas in Central America. Some of these volcanoes and lavas are still active, and among them, the Aregano volcano is the most famous. These volcanoes and lavas offer a great opportunity for the hiking enthusiasts, and you might also get the chance to track on a lava overflow of a 1968 eruption.

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Best Things To Do In Costa Rica

1. Experience The Sport Of Snorkeling

Experience The Sport Of Snorkelling

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The Caño Island biological reserve is one of the most famous places in Costa Rica for water sports such as Scuba Diving and snorkelling. You have to include this in your Costa Rica Travel Guide without any second thought. This biological reserve gives you the opportunity to swim in the blue waters of the majestic Pacific ocean where you can witness and explore some of the great marine lives. It also has various coral reefs, and there are 15 various species of coral reefs in the Caño Island biological reserve.

2. Experience The Ancient Cowboy Tradition

Experience The Ancient Cowboy Tradition

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As a tribute to the nearby cowboys of the Savannah region, Liberia has been the heart of the Sabanero culture. This region has become a famous destination for the tourists and travellers who want to experience the Cowboy culture and roam about in the nearby ranches.

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The Currency Of Costa Rica

The currency of Costa Rica is known as Costa Rican colon. However, the United States dollar is also quite frequent among the individuals in Costa Rica.

Visa for Costa Rica

If you are a US passport holder, you can live for one day from the exact date you have entered the Costa Rican borders without a visa. However, for the citizens of other countries, one will need a tourist visa to enter Costa Rica. You may apply for a crew visa or a business visa from the United States of America or Canada to serve as a tourist visa in Costa Rica.

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What To Pack?

Following are some of the Essentials which you should carry while on vacation to Costa Rica:

  • Trekking Shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito Repellents
  • Light Rainproof Jacket
  • Beach Towels
  • Light and Floral Shirts
  • A first aid kit

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Costa Rica is a paradise destination counted on every traveller’s bucket list. However, most of the Costa Rica tips and tricks have been mentioned above, one should be careful and try to avoid any hassle of tense situations to have a peaceful vacation in Costa Rica. And while you’re heading to Costa Rica, don’t miss out the other exotic landmarks of USA by planning a holiday with TravelTriangle!

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