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Whatever the place be, being out with family in itself is an amazing experience. From fun-filled memories to beautiful picturesque locations, the possibilities are endless. So, when we tease the topic about family trips in Costa Rica, it is natural that you would be intrigued to know more about the same. Blessed with an amazing tropical climate and an even better landscape, visiting the country is nothing short of incredible. So, don’t waste time and plan your best family trip to Costa Rica as soon as possible!

About Costa Rica


Located in the heart of Central America, Costa Rica is an amazing tourist spot that attracts thousands of tourists the entire year around. The place is filled with tranquilizing beaches, dormant volcanoes and even a depth of rainforests around. If you are up for an adventure with your family, indulging in a family trip to Costa Rica can definitely be of an amazing learning experience.

This place has a little to offer to every single person, irrespective of their age or even preferences. From idyllic walks through the dense rainforests to amazing experiences around the vibrant local sightseeing spots, you get it all.

Best Time To Visit Costa Rica

best time to visit

If you are planning a family trip to Costa Rica, it is common knowledge that you would want to know what is the best season to visit the place in. Expats and the locals tend to have preferences saying that the best time to visit is during the dry season which includes the months from mid-December to April. Even the time frame between June and July is nice to visit if you want to witness the bursting green foliage of the dense rainforests following an outpour.

Visiting with your family, you would definitely not want to miss out on any of the fun. This is the primary reason why it is best to visit during June and July, mainly because the weather during that time is sunny. This makes is amazing for short walks through the rainforest and even for amazing activities, you can witness around.
That being said, this is also considered the peak season to visit because of the rush of tourists during that time. If you are on the lookout for affordable Costa Rica family vacations, the best advice is to book everything beforehand.

Ideal Duration For A Family Trip

Costa Rica is a close-knit place which means that you will have the major sightseeing places all around itself. So, if you are visiting with your family, it is best advised that you plan around a week or 10 days for the trip.
A week is more or less optimum for you to see almost everything around and even indulge in the local cuisine that many people tend to boast about.

Top Things To Do In Costa Rica

The best family trips to Costa Rica splurges you with ample amount of options for you to look into, be it in terms of places to visit or even the things to do. Let’s start with the top places that a family trip to Costa Rica definitely demands witnessing.

1. San Jose

San Jose

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San Jose is a place in Costa Rica that every tourist can never stop talking about. This enigmatic destination has a lot to offer in just a single visit. Visiting San Jose with your family should be the very first thing in your itinerary. If you are wondering what kind of places you can visit while in San Jose, the options are endless. From Museo Nacional de Costa Rica and Jade Museum to Coronado and Los Quetzales National Park, the options are abundant.

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2. Monteverde Cloud Reserve Forest

Monteverde Cloud Reserve Forest

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The second place in the list is one of the reasons why Costa Rica is known around the world for, the rainforest. Monteverde is a quaint town located around three hours away from the city of San Jose. Basking in some of the most breathtaking landscapes, Monteverde is definitely one of the highest ranked places to visit in Costa Rica. If you want to stay close to the reserve, La Casona is a good option.

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3. Montezuma


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Montezuma is a natural reserve that hones beautiful beaches and even more amazing experiences that you fall in love with. It is not an underrated place but doesn’t attract a heap of tourists like the other sightseeing spots. This is what makes it perfect to sport the amazing “off the track” beaten feel to it.

4. Dense Rainforest

Dense Rainforest

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Costa Rica allows you to explore the nature lover side of you. If you have wanted to visit a place completely aloof from the hustling of the city, a quick and solace filled walk through the dense rainforests around can be a mind blowing experience.

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5. Fountain Of Youth

Fountain Of Youth

Image Source

The Nicoya Peninsula is a must visit in Costa Rica. If you are wondering why it is because of the fact that it has the lowest middle age mortality risks. Indulging in the place definitely does sound like a must do, doesn’t it?

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6. Volcanoes


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Costa Rica is also home to a wide range of volcanoes. If you have always been inquisitive about them, visiting a few while there with your family does sound like an amazing option, right?

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Best Places To Stay In Costa Rica

Being honest, Costa Rica isn’t a cheap place if you don’t plan accordingly. If you are looking into the best places to reside while there with your family, we have some hotels and resorts you can look into.

1. Finca Rosa Blanca Country Inn

Finca Rosa Blanca Country Inn

Image Source

Living on a working farm for a week sounds fascinating, right? You can make it happen if you stay in the Finca Rosa Blanca Country Inn. You can hike through the hillsides and basically stay in the lap of nature while spending some quality time with your family.

2. Peace Lodge

Peace Lodge

Image Source

If you want to be surrounded by waterfalls and want to stay in a place that offers that, the Peace Lodge at the La Paz Waterfall is your best deal. Head here to relish a scrumptious meal while enjoying splendid views with your family.

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3. El Silencio Lodge

El Silencio Lodge

Image Source

Yet another amazing and exquisite option to stay in is the El Silencio Lodge that brings you a step closer to nature and you can even indulge in some self-care with the spa services they have. Head here for a comfortable bed, delectable food and spa for relaxing on your trip.


Before any further, let us talk ourselves through the few things that you definitely need to keep into consideration while in Costa Rica.

  • Avoid tipping the staff at the restaurants or hotels you stay in. Its considered rude.
  • Do not bathe nude at the beaches
  • Don’t delve into any unmarked path around the dense rainforests, you could get lost
  • Avoid visiting Costa Rica during Christmas and Easter holidays
  • Use the phrase “Pura Vida” there which means Pure Life
  • Bring your own sunscreen if you don’t want to be toasted alive
  • Indulge in the local cuisine and shop around in the local markets

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Visiting Costa Rica with kids and family is perfect. From indulgent dense rainforests to the tranquilizing beaches, the possibilities are endless. So, pack your bags, book your next trip to Costa Rica with TravelTriangle and have an enticing trip with your family.

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