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Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries located in South America. It is home to the most beautiful parks, beaches, and some natural wonders in the whole world. Costa Rica is famous for its flora and fauna and natural beauty. Every year, thousands of tourists come to Costa Rica to experience the beauty and nature’s gift to this small country. The blue lakes, the beautiful seashores, and the green forests and parks will surely lure you to come back to this beautiful country again and again.

Not only for the adults, but Costa Rica also has many things to offer to your family and kids as well. A trip to Costa Rica will be filled with adventure, actions, thrill, and enjoyment at the same time. Your kids will not only learn and see many new things about the beautiful nature, but they will also have a wonderful time with animals and marine life. If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica with your kids, there is a lot that you can do to make this trip a memorable one!

Best Time To Visit Costa Rica

Best Time To Visit Costa Rica

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Although the beauty of Costa Rica never fades no matter which season it is, it is usually advisable to visit Costa Rica in the dry seasons. If you are planning to visit this beautiful country, the best time is to visit from mid-December to April. This is also the peak season for the tourists and you have to plan your trip well in advance at about 3 months before to get the reservations in the best hotels.

The prices are at their lowest in between the months of May and November but since it’s a rainy season and rain stops only for a brief period of time, you won’t be able to enjoy your trip completely. The only thing you will be able to enjoy during the rainy season is the River Rafting as the rivers during this time are full. Best would be to plan 2-3 months before and be in a comfortable position after booking your spot in advance so that you can enjoy the trip in the best months suitable for your kids and family.

As far as the weather in Costa Rica is concerned, there are mainly two seasons, Dry and Rainy. Costa Rica experiences moderate to heavy rainfall during the rainy season and it is advisable not to make any plans for a visit to the country while it is experiencing rains. The temperature, on the other hand, is always moderate and ranges from 18 degrees to a maximum of 28 degrees all around the year.

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Ideal Duration For A Trip To Costa Rica With Kids

Ideal Duration For A Trip To Costa Rica With Kids

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It totally depends on your personal choice and what is your kid’s choice in terms of sight-seeing and other activities. However, you can plan your Costa Rica itinerary with a toddler starting from 4 days to around 2 weeks. If you are planning for a short trip your kid will still be able to enjoy the whole trip but some of the most beautiful places will be missed. Make plans a per your kid’s choice. If your kids like adventure and sports, take them to the places which offer these facilities first and prioritize things as per their likings. If your kid is fond of natural beauty, take them to hike, road trips, fishing, and lakes so that they can enjoy the beautiful view of mother nature.

Top Things To Do In Costa Rica

If you are with your kids on a trip to Costa Rica, here are the top three things you can do make your and your kid’s trip a memorable one.

1. Surfing


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Surfing can be one of the most amazing things to do with your kids especially if they are fond of sports and water adventures. If you are Surfing in the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. Take a trip to Playa Tamarindo which is a rocky beach with shallow waters, perfect for the beginners. This can be the best place to go surfing with your kids as the water is shallow and there is no risk at all. There is a 20-minute tutorial on the beach which includes safety, paddling and standing on the board and then you are all set to hit the waters. Put surfing on the top of your bucket list as I am sure you will be having the best time of your life along with your kids.

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2. Zip lining

Zip lining

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One of the most adventurous things which you can do with your kids is the zip lining. There is nothing like the excitement you feel zipping through the clouds several feet in the air. The experience is totally different altogether and must do ziplining if you are in Costa Rica with your kids. Monteverde, a cloud forest reserve found in the Central Highlands of Costa Rica is one of the best places to do ziplining. The ziplines range from 500 feet to 25000 feet in length and can be up to 300 feet in the air. Monteverde, along with Zip Lining, offers horse riding, hanging bridge, bungee jumping, and nature hikes. Ideally, you must spend at least 2 days in order to fully explore the offerings on Monteverde but you can still enjoy even if you are here just for a day.

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3. Water Rafting

Water Rafting

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Whitewater rafting is again an adventure sport which you can enjoy in Costa Rica especially if you have come here in the rainy season. Water hitting your boat with high velocity and your boat cutting the water and sailing through it is the best experience ever. The instructor who takes you to the rafting ensures your safety. It is absolutely safe to take your kids along with you in the water as they provide you with the life jackets and they are trained enough to keep you safe in water throughout the whole rafting journey. Canon de la Vieja is one of the best places for river rafting in Costa Rica. They take you to a 45-minutes of the intense journey which is full of splashes, turns, and dips which is thrilling and exciting.

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Best Places to Stay In Costa Rica

Some of the best hotels and resorts which you can choose to stay in Costa Rica if you are with your kids are given below. Explore them all and have a great experience.

1. Four Seasons Resort

Four Seasons Resort

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Four seasons resort is probably one of the best resorts in Costa Rica if you are planning a trip with your kids. Even if you are traveling to Costa Rica with a 2-year-old there is a baby-sitting facility available at $20 an hour. The kids club can be used free of charge in the resort which offers many amazing activities for your kids.

2. The Spring Resort and Spa

The Spring Resort and Spa

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This is a beautiful 47-room luxury resort spread across 165 acres of land and is surely a paradise for you if you are traveling to Costa Rica with your kids. There are endless pools and water activities which not only your kids would love but will lure you too. Your kids are absolutely are very safe here and even a toddler can be seen having fun alone.

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3. JW Marriott Guanacaste Resort and Spa

JW Marriott Guanacaste Resort and Spa

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JW Marriott is the most noise and one of the most kids friendly resort in Costa Rica. It is a heaven for the kids and they have a time of their lives while taking a stay in this resort. While parents enjoy the fitness classes and spas, kids are busy participating in the resort’s free kids club. They can also swim in the pools and enjoy video games and foosball.

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Tips For Visiting Costa Rica

  • No matter how safe the places are, you must always be with your kids wherever they go and take care of them always.
  • Try avoiding rainy seasons unless you are specifically going for the water rafting.
  • Book your vacation in advance as its a tourist season during the dry season.

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You can visit Costa Rica with a 2-year old kid too and the toddler too will enjoy the amazing trip. Costa Rica has a lot to offer to both adults and kids and if you are planning a trip with your kids, the above guide will surely prove helpful to you. Keeping the above things in mind, you will surely build some beautiful memories during your international trip with TravelTriangle!

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