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      Just like the beautiful destinations we see in movies, Lavasa has marked itself as one of the extraordinarily mesmerizing place which is just a few hours drive away from Pune. This little man-made and well-planned hill station is an inspiration taken from Portofino. With lush-greenery, marvellous architecture and the year-round amazing climate makes this little town a perfect place to escape in the weekends if you’re close to Pune or Mumbai. Though this place is blessed with great weather at any time of the year, November is also the month when the sun shines bright and offers some warm days to relax by the waters and surreal mountains in the backdrop. If you’re planning a vacation to Lavasa in November, then keep this handy guide to enjoy your time away from the hustle-bustle and indulge into some of the most exciting things.

      Quick Glance At Lavasa In November 2019

      1. Weather 2. Places To Visit 3. Things To Do

      Weather In Lavasa In November

      Weather in Lavasa
      Image Source November is considered a dry month and the average minimum temperature remains between 23-degree Celsius and the maximum temperature reaches up to 33-degree Celsius. As the night sets in, the climate can be very warm and sticky. This month is best for the people who want to take a sunbathe under the blue sky. The Lavasa weather in November is perfect to enjoy a sunny day and chilly nights.

      6 Places To Visit In Lavasa In November

      Here are some of the best places to visit in Lavasa in November which will give you the vibe of a perfect vacation in the mountains.

      1. Panshet Dam

      Panshet Dam
      Image Source Also called as Tanajisagar Dam, this magnificent dam is located across the Ambi River which let the visitors enjoy the watersports like Kayaking, boating, water scooters. This is indeed one of the most attractive places to visit in Lavasa in November where they can indulge in some adventure and thrill. Boasting a relaxing atmosphere and a surreal surrounding, this place is perfect for a weekend escape. And for the adventure enthusiasts, there are activities like camping and trekking in the region. Location: Velhe Pune District, Maharashtra, India Entry Fee: INR 250 (For adults), INR 170 (Kid) During weekdays, INR 230 (Kids), INR 300 (For adults) During Weekends Timings: 10AM-6PM

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      2. Ghangad Fort

      Ghanagad Fort
      Image Source This majestic fort is located within the heart of Tamhini Ghat which is a favourite place for the locals as well the tourists. The Ghangad fort is the perfect escape for the trekkers who have just begun to explore this enthralling activity. In earlier times, this place was a prison and has witnessed wars between Marathas, Peshwas, and the British. This place is also known for camping spots where the campers can set up their tents and enjoy the magnificent view of Mother Nature. Entry Fee: INR 800 Per Person Location: Bhabarde - Ekole Road, District Pune, Ekole, Maharashtra 412108 Timings: Open 24 hours

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      3. Lakeshore Watersports

      Lakeside Sport
      Image Source Resting at the banks of the Warasgaon lake, this man-made hill station is known for an incredible variation of watersports. There is a wide option of water activities like Jetski and Kayaking over the crystal clear water. For the people who are just beginners and want to experience something fascinating, Jetski is the best option. Alongside this, there is an option for Kayaking for the brave hearts. Alongside this, there are Pedal Boats which is recommended for the couples to spend some time alone. Entry Fee: Every activity has a variable price. Location: Plot No 101, Town Hall, Portofino Street, Lavasa, Maharashtra 412112 Timings: 10AM-6PM

      4. Tikona Fort

      Tikona Fort
      Image Source Another place for the adventure junkies is the Tikona fort which is known for its rough trails and serene environment. Located at a height of 3,500 feet above sea level this place is perfect to capture the panoramic view of the greenery and the blue sky contrasting it. Tikona fort is locally known as the Vitandgad fort and holds a great significance since the Maratha period. And while walking to the peak, there are beautiful lakes and the ancient Trimbakeshwar Mahadev Temple which will make your journey more beautiful. Entry Fee: Tikona Fort Trek starts from INR 195 Per Person Location: 67 Kms away from Temghar-Lavasa road Timings: 8:30AM - 5 PM

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      5. Devkund Waterfall

      Devkund Waterfall
      Image Source Devkund Waterfall is a beautiful and hidden paradise for the people who love to immerse themselves amidst the beauty of nature. With layered frondescence and water gushing from the forest, this site cannot be missed out while in Lavasa. The water falls from a height of 220 ft. and the depth of the water is still not measured, hence it is always advised to stay close to the shallow water. Not just this, there are some exciting activities like camping, trekking, and other adventure activities. Entry Fee: INR 10 Per Person Location: Bhira, Raigad District, Maharashtra Timings: Post-monsoon is the best time to visit this place

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      6. Tamhini Ghat

      Tamhini Ghat
      Image Source Tamhini Ghat is another alluring place which is known for its surreal surroundings which are adorned by the lush greenery, cascading lakes and dense forests. This nature’s escape is the perfect place for a long drive. Resting at the crest of the Sahyadris, this place is known for its beautiful mountains in the backdrop and green valleys which adorns the place. Location: 69 kms away from Lavasa, located between Tamhini and Mulshi Lake

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      4 Things To Do In Lavasa In November

      Indulge in these amazing things to do in Lavasa in November and add a pinch of adventure and relaxation to your weekend vacation.

      1. Indoor Golf: Play It In A Different Way

      Indoor Golf
      Image Source While in Lavasa, this is one of the fascinating things to do here at this hill station. Play this outdoor game standing inside the four walls. Pitch & Putt Golf facility is the place where the sports enthusiasts can play a basic game of 1 hour or experience a virtual golf simulator for 2 hours.

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      2. Karvi Spa: Relax And Rejuvenate

      Image Source Take a break from the hustle-bustle and relax at the Karvi spa in Davsino Country Club. There are around 11 therapies which this spa boasts and offers rejuvenating spa massages while you can witness the beautiful views. This will indeed be a relaxing weekend for the travelers.

      3. Xthrill Adventure Academy: Feel The Thrill

      Image Source If activities like rappelling, rock climbing and paintball are in your forte, then Xthrill adventure academy is the place which calls for you. This place offers some of the exciting outdoor activities which will keep you entertained and make your vacation a memorable one.

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      4. Bamboosa: See The Craftsmen Working

      Bamboo Crafts
      Image Source Also after taking a toll of the scenic views of Lavasa, there is another fascinating and one of a kind place which the travelers will love. Bamboosa is a bamboo factory where one can witness the craftsmen working and creating artefacts like wall clock, lampshades and furniture which are made from the bamboo forests located here.

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      So are you ready to beat the winter chills in November and head to this newly emerged hill station near Pune? If yes, then get set your bags and take your for a long drive on a weekend holiday in Lavasa to enjoy the pristine views of the lush greenery and many other adventurous escapes which will definitely calm your senses and let you relax amidst nature.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Lavasa In November

      Q. Which month is best for Lavasa?

      A. September-November and March are the best months to visit Lavasa. In Lavasa in November, the hill station is in its full splendor.

      Q. Is there any entry fee for Lavasa?

      A. There is no entry fee at Lavasa.

      Q. Why is Lavasa famous?

      A. Lavasa is famous for boating and scenic views of the hills. People Also Read

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