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It’s hard to not fall in love with the vibrant culture of New Zealand. The most sought after destination for solo travelers and adventure junkies, this country make its visitors feel like being at a home away from home. Unlike other places, no matter how safe and traveler-friendly the streets of New Zealand may be, there are few New Zealand travel tips which one should keep in mind before planning a trip to this gorgeous country.

Top 12 New Zealand Travel Tips

If you’re planning a vacation in New Zealand any time soon, then don’t forget to scroll down and follow these New Zealand travel tips for a safe and enjoyable holiday experience.

  • Safety Rules
  • Local I-sites
  • Best Time To Visit
  • Accommodation
  • Budget Plan
  • Holiday Package
  • Basic Etiquettes
  • Miscellaneous Tips
  • Money Saving Hacks
  • Worry Less
  • Getting Around
  • Biking

1. Safety Rules

NZ Police

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When it comes to safety, New Zealand is considered much safer than other countries. But still this doesn’t mean that the general rules of safety are not applied. While you’re in the country, make sure to lock your bags and valuables, and avoid taking unknown routes. And the most important New Zealand travel advice for a safe travel experience is to learn briefly about the places which are better to be left unexplored.

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2. Local I-sites

City in New Zealand

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Every town and city has a local i-site which is indeed a saviour for the travelers. Quite easy to predict, this helps in effortless navigation for the first timers with its maps, brochures, and important information about the area you’re passing through. The Local I-sites are very useful, and works as New Zealand travel guide for the travelers.

3. Best Time To Visit

Winter in new zealand

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New Zealand is an island which is blessed with both gigantic mountains and pristine beaches. Thus, this destination has something for its travelers all throughout the year. The summer season is the best time to soak in the goodness of sun, sit besides the coastline, and much more whereas New Zealand in winter becomes a must-visit destination for skiing on Mount Ruapehu in the north, and Mount Cook or Mount Aoraki.

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4. Accommodation

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For its beautiful sightings, this island is one of the popular destinations among the travelers. And this makes it difficult to find an accommodation at the last moment. Thus, to avoid that last minute hiccups, it is advised to book an accommodation in advance.

5. Budget Plan

Budget planning

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Before heading to this secluded destination make sure you research well about the value of New Zealand’s currency, and your own home currency. There are chances that your currency might hold the stronger side but the prices might reach heights. This happens to be one of the major cons of visiting any international destination for the first time. Thus, if you’re planning to indulge in all the must experiences, then plan your budget accordingly to save more and travel more.

6. Holiday Package


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Planning a vacation to New Zealand soon? Search for all-inclusive holiday packages to avoid any kind of hassle during your trip. While getting that personalized package can be a hectic task, you can also customize your New Zealand package with one of the leading online portals.

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7. Basic Etiquettes


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The Maori culture is quite prevalent in New Zealand and while visiting as a tourist you must follow some etiquettes like taking the shoes off, not sitting on the place where you eat, and following the correct protocols during the powhiri ceremony. Apart from that, make sure you learn the basics of what to do and what not to do before visiting a new destination for the first time.

8. Miscellaneous Tips

Restaurant in New Zealand

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If you visit a restaurant in New Zealand, you get the leverage of tipping the servers only when the service is exceptionally good. And even if one wants to give out of courtesy, then 10% is a safe amount. Another thing which might disappoint the shopper’s is that there is no bargaining done in all over New Zealand. So make sure you have your cash and cards in place.

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9. Money Saving Hacks

Shop in New Zealand

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Before traveling to New Zealand, make sure to research for some alternatives to taste the local food, shop efficiently, and roam around the country in order to be able to save money wherever possible. Having these alternatives handy will let you save more, and plan your finances in a much better way!

10. Worry Less

Traveling in New Zealand

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Even though these travel tips are very important to keep in mind before you even plan a trip, always remember to expect less, and enjoy more at any new destination. This will not only help you in making the most of your vacation in New Zealand but will let you cherish tons of memories for a lifetime.

11. Getting Around

bus in new zealand

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Choosing the right mode of transport during your holiday can turn out to be really helpful in saving a few more dollars and a lot of time. Intercity buses are a great choice for getting around as they travel to almost every place around. And just in case you wish to hop to the South Island, a ferry is the best medium to reach.

12. Biking

cyclist in south island

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Are you one of those people who just love to rent a bike and ride along the roads and pathways in a foreign land? If yes, then well there are a few things you must keep in mind. Not just for safety but also for legal concerns, riding a cycle aka bike is not allowed on motorways, and on the busiest roads. Apart from this, wearing a helmet is absolutely mandatory and it’s utmost essential to be well versed with the local traffic rules.

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By keeping these travel tips for New Zealand handy, you can gear up to sip on the finest wines, explore the Maori culture, and have the best time on your next adventure without facing any last moment hassles on your vacation! 

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