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So, are you getting married soon? Have your friends been eating your head off demanding a happening Bachelor Party here in Boston? If you are someone who is new to the game of partying and clubbing, chances are that you wouldn’t be that well aware with the common places to host bachelor parties in Boston. Planning a Bachelor party is not a cakewalk; there are several aspects of hard work that goes into planning a successful party.
To make you feel prepared before that pre-wedding bash, here is an ultimate guide about Boston bachelorette party which will make your celebration an easy task.

Places To Throw Bachelorette Party In Boston

Now that we have more or less discussed the pro tips one need to keep into consideration, now is the time to go through the venues. When it comes to choosing the perfect venue for your Bachelor party, it is imperative you choose the best.

We have combined a list of the best one in Boston for you to look into.

1. Cheers


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Just as the name suggests, the environment of Cheers is everything about a laid back and relaxed manner. If you have been planning on throwing the last days of freedom of your single life in a place that represents you, Cheers can be a good option. Not only is the place relaxed, but it also does have a rowdy vibe to it which further accentuates the beauty of the place. The “Hi Norm” is the most popular drink in the place and it is best suggested to not go ham with it.

Location: Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Quincy Market Building, SW Cafe, Boston, MA 02109

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2. McGreevy’s Sports Bar

McGreevy’s Sports Bar

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Yet another one of the good spots for throwing your Bachelor party is the McGreevy’s Sports Bar. This is believed to be ideal for men who indulge and take interest in sports a lot. Located in Boylston Street, this place is basically stuffed with popular jocks from all around. This bar can get pretty loud and rowdy because of the crowd, so if that is not the kind of crowd you want to be in, it is better to skip on this one. It is fully loaded with three bars, two levels, and even a projector screen to view the sports on a big screen.

Location: 911 Boylston, St.Boston, MA

3. Limelight Stage And Studios

Limelight Stage And Studios

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This is an amazing spot for hosting Bachelor Parties in Boston, mainly because of the kind of crowd and Boston bachelor party activities it hosts. It has its own karaoke section there where you can belt out your favourite tunes without any guilt. The wide array of drinks also makes up for the amazing experience around. They even have the option for you to make a recording out of the songs and preserve them as memories of the amazing experience. If you have the means, simply just rent out the entire place and you won’t regret it.

Location: 204 Tremont St.Boston, MA 02116

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4. Charlesmark


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Next, on the list of the amazing Boston venues for Bachelor Parties include the Charlesmark. Located in Boylston Street as well, this specific establishment is believed to boast not just one but two different bar region. It is rather an amazing place to visit during the winter as well as the summer seasons. It has a patio which is great for outdoor parties too. The place also offers delectable Thai menu which further accentuates the beauty of the place.

Location: 655 Boylston, St.Boston, MA 02116

5. Tavern On The Water


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This is one of those high-end places that you can throw your amazing Bachelor party in. It is a floating restaurant located in St. Pier and offers delectable seafood options for you to try out. It even has the option that allows you to make your own drink and enjoy it with your favourite food as well.
Owing to the popularity of the place, it always remains booked so make sure that you make all the bookings priorly to avoid last minute hiked prices.

Location: 1, 8th St. Pier 6 Boston, MA 02129

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6. Howl At The Moon

Howl At The Moon

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Just as the name sounds to be interesting, the place is an amazing site as well. It is one of the most lively bars around the entire area of Boston that allows you to indulge in amazing activities around. Apart from the common norms of what one would simply expect in a bar, this one does have amazing piano shows and even novelty bucket drinks for you to delve into.

Location: 184 High St, Boston, MA 02110, USA

7. Seaport Elite Yacht Charter

Seaport Elite Yacht Charter

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Chartering a yacht for throwing your Boston bachelor party might tend to dig a hole in your pocket but the experience is nevertheless one of a kind. This is definitely yet another one of the “out of the box” venue apart from the normal clubs and bars.
Make sure to do the bookings beforehand because the place remains jam-packed all throughout the year. The interior and services of this place are extraordinary and you get everything that you pay for.

Location: 200 Seaport Boulevard, Commonwealth Pier, Boston, MA 02210, United States

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Things To Remember Before Planning

Before we jump straight right into discussing the amazing venues that you can throw your Bachelor Party at, there are some important aspects that every person needs to keep account of. Some of these include:

1. Setting The Date

Setting The Date

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This point or tip is especially useful for people who are getting married in the rush season where you know everything is going to be jam-packed. If you are throwing your own Bachelor party, it is easier to set a date yourself but if your best friend is doing the deed for you, it is quite important to intimate them about the date beforehand.

2. Select A Venue

Select A Venue

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Bachelor parties can be with two or even twenty people. Whatever the number be, it is important to keep everything under control by selecting a good venue. The venue is definitely the changing factor that makes all the difference. You just can’t choose a dingy bar in the last minute and throw a party there. Plan ahead.

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3. Send Out The Invites

Send Out The Invites

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And no, it doesn’t mean you have to send out official invites. Just even the random text message with the date and venue and the RSVP is more than enough. Get confirmed responses of who are going to attend and which ones are going to ditch. It helps cut down on your budget a lot unless you are going to end up booking the entire place for your party.

4. Avoid Planning Near The Wedding

Avoid Planning Near The Wedding

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If your wedding is on Monday, don’t be blunt-headed and throw your Bachelor party on Sunday before. This is not just going to mess up with your body, it will leave you exhausted and tired. This is definitely something you should avoid at any cost. Ensure to at least maintain a gap of a week or so in between the wedding and the party.

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Throwing a bachelor party in Boston takes quite some planning and expertise. If you want to execute it successfully, keep the mentioned tips in mind and book your place in one of these venues. Apart from that be on the safe side by customizing your US holiday with TravelTriangle and let them craft out the best deals while you enjoy with your gang!

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